NBA Playoffs Odds 2024

The NBA playoffs odds have become a focal point of discussion in recent seasons, showcasing the league's high level of competitiveness. This is evident in the fact that the championship has been claimed by a different team each of the last five years – the Raptors, Lakers, Bucks, Warriors, and Nuggets.

Previously, at the onset of the season, it was common to have 1-2 clear favorites expected to reach the finals.

However, the current narrative revolves around the anticipation of which teams will secure a spot in the playoffs and, more intriguingly, which teams have the best chance of emerging victorious in their respective conferences.

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Of course, some teams are almost guaranteed a place in the playoffs:

  • There are 19.00 (18/1; 1800) odds that the Celtics will not make the playoffs,
  • There are 14.00 (13/1; 1300) odds that the 76ers will not make the playoffs
  • 18.00 (17/1; 1700) odds are given on the champion Nuggets not making the top eight
  • 8.60 (7.6; 760) odds against the Timberwolves being in the top eight

Several teams are close to making the playoffs, barring any changes during the rest of the season.

The situation is much more enjoyable for teams that are not only fighting for a spot in the top eight but also trying to avoid the playoffs:

  • The Mavericks are given odds of 1.37 (0.37; -270) to make the playoffs.
  • The Suns are given odds of 9.20 (8.2/1; 820) to miss the playoffs.
  • The Raptors are given odds of 2.85 (1.85; 185) to make the playoffs.

In the Eastern Conference, the Celtics and the Bucks are the main competitors for a spot in the NBA Finals. The 76ers are also a standout, but then the teams are at a slightly lower level, and at the same time, several clubs have a chance of making the top eight.


Eastern Conference

There are three clear outsiders in the Eastern Conference – the Pistons, Wizards, and Hornets. The odds for these teams to play in the playoffs on the basketball betting sites are 19.00 (18/1; 1800), 19.00 (18/1; 1800) and 13.00 (12/1; 1200) respectively.

Chicago Bulls playoffs odds are 6.00 (5/1; 500)

Although Chicago Bulls has some solid names in DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine, Alex Caruso, and Nikola Vucevic, they cannot get any wins.

So far, they have seven victories and 14 losses. The playoffs are also being pushed further away by trade talk – the team is talking about trading one or more of its stars.

The Nets are currently in ninth place and are given odds of 2.75 (1.75/1; 175) to play in the top eight. Last season, Brooklyn made the playoffs but got there thanks to the wins collected by Kevin Durant for the Nets before the trade.

This season, the Nets rely solely on youth, similar to the Magic, and there is a chance to make the play-ins. The Nets can be seen in the play-ins, where the need for experienced players can come into play.

Atlanta Hawks playoffs odds are 1.74 (0.74/1; -135)

Currently in tenth place, Atlanta showed its play-in advantage last season.

Indiana Pacers

Teams score more points in almost all Pacers games than the combined total. The Pacers are currently in eighth place with ten wins and eight losses, and this season, we have seen games with scores like 144:129, 132:142, 136:113, 131:132, and 152:111.

The Pacers had a solid showing in the NBA Mid-Season Tournament, where they won their group and will play the Celtics in the quarter-finals.

Indiana Pacers playoffs odds are 1.76 (0.76/1; -132)

This Tyrese Haliburton-led team is given odds of 1.76 (0.76/1; -132) to play in the playoffs. The team has solid players in Myles Turner, Buddy Hield, Obi Toppin, Bennedict Mathurin, and Bruce Brown. Several players boast years of experience, but the team's core comprises rookies.

If this fast and efficient basketball works, the Pacers can collect wins. Finishing sixth in the regular season and avoiding the play-ins will not be easy, so the Pacers will likely have to try to break into the top eight by playing extra games. This is the reason why we see the following odds.

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πŸ€ How do NBA playoffs work?

The NBA playoffs feature 16 teams, with eight from each conference competing in a best-of-seven series. Teams advance through the rounds by winning their series, ultimately culminating in the Eastern and Western Conference champions facing off in the NBA Finals to determine the league champion.

πŸ€ How much NBA players make in playoffs?

NBA players do not receive additional pay specifically for participating in the playoffs; their salaries are based on the regular season. However, playoff success can impact player earnings indirectly through bonuses, endorsements, and potential salary increases in future contracts.

πŸ€ What are Sacramento Kings playoff odds 2023-24?

Sacramento Kings are given odds of 1.28 (0.28/1; -357) to be in the playoffs.

πŸ€ What are Chicago Bulls chances of making the playoffs?

Bookmakers evaluate Bulls chances of making the playoffs at 6.00 (5/1; 500)

πŸ€ When are the NBA playoffs 2023-24?

NBA playoffs 2023-24 start on 20th of April.

Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic made more than one NBA fan raise an eyebrow at the start of the season. Last season, the youth-laden club had 34 wins and 48 losses. The Magic drafted forward Anthony Black with the sixth pick and forward Jett Howard with the 11th pick in the rookie draft.

Orlando Magic playoffs odds are 1.39 (0.39/1; -256)

When it looked like Orlando would continue to focus on rebuilding the team, the talented youngsters have shown they can already achieve wins this season. The Magic have 14 wins in 20 games and broke a 9-game losing streak against the Nets.

Paolo Banchero, last season's NBA Rookie of the Year with 19.5 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 4.9 assists per game, and Franz Wagner, the FIBA World Champion with 20.7 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game, have been the team's brightest colors.

The Magic, currently in second place in the Eastern Conference, have a solid chance of making the playoffs, which is also the belief of the bookmakers, who are giving odds of just 1.39 (0.39/1; -256) for Orlando to finish in the top 8.


Western Conference

The Warriors are in 11th place with nine wins and 11 losses, just outside the play-ins. However, the odds of Steph Curry leading the team in the playoffs are 1.33 (0.33/1; -303).

The players on the team with a lot of experience know what it means to play in the most important games so that the Warriors can make it to the top 8 through the play-ins.

Golden State Warriors playoffs odds are 1.33 (0.33/1; -303)

Additionally, Draymond Green has been suspended for five games, and Curry has missed a few due to injury. Andrew Wiggins is currently out, so the Warriors have not been at full strength yet. We can expect the odds to be even lower in the future.

To see Domantas Sabonis and the Kings in the NBA Playoffs, the odds are currently 1.28 (0.28/1; -357). Last season, they were one of the best teams in the regular season, so these low odds are not surprising – the Kings should be in the top 8 without any extra play-in games.


If we have the Pistons, Wizards, and Hornets in the East, we have the Spurs, Trail Blazers, Jazz, and Grizzlies in the West. The Grizzlies are one of the biggest surprises, with just five wins in 19 games.

Yes, the team is playing without Ja Morant, but last year, they showed solid play without the point guard. Steven Adams suffered an injury and will not play this season, and newcomer Marcus Smart cannot help the team now.

All of this has added up to an abysmal start for the team, and the Grizzlies will play in the playoffs, currently at odds of 8.00 (7/1; 700).

However, this club should not be entirely written off, as it is still possible to go 10-11, and the Grizzlies should already have Ja Morant in the play-ins, which would be a completely different game.

To keep its chances, Memphis would need to overtake the Rockets, who are at 3.35 (2.35/1; 235) odds to make the playoffs, the Pelicans, the Warriors as mentioned earlier, or the Clippers, who are at 1.55 (0.55/1; -182) odds.

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