NBA Championship Odds 2024

NBA Championship odds are highly dynamic in the current contentious landscape of the league. The NBA is very competitive now – it's hard to pick one team with the best chance of becoming a champion or playing in the NBA Finals.

Even the current NBA champions, the Denver Nuggets, will have a tough road ahead to defend their championship rings from last season.

Led by Nikola Jokic, the Nuggets are priced at 5.00 (4/1; 400) to win the NBA championship for the second consecutive year, with only the Boston Celtics above them at 4.60 (3.6/1; 360).

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General overview

The Eastern Conference has two teams – the Celtics and the Bucks. Giannis Antetokounmpo was joined by Damian Lillard over the summer, which should be a big boost in the playoffs.

One of the league's most cold-blooded players will be a big boost for a team that struggled offensively in the series against the Heat last season.

Milwaukee Bucks odds to win NBA rings are 5.20 (4.2/1; 420)

In the East, you can't forget about the 76ers. Still, Joel Embiid's team is struggling in the playoffs – last season's MVP Embiid has never played in the NBA Finals, and this season, the team's chances of reaching the Finals by basketball bookmakers are valued at odds of 7.20 (6.2/1; 620), and to win the NBA tittle odds are 15.00 (14/1; 1400).

In the West, the competition is much higher. The Nuggets will have to beat teams like the Suns, Lakers, Clippers, Mavericks, and Kings to reach the finals. Each has weaknesses and strengths, so it will depend significantly on which teams meet in the playoffs.


Eastern Conference

Although the season is still in full swing, it is already evident that few teams have a chance to reach the NBA Finals. For example, the Orlando Magic are currently in second place in the East, but they have odds as high as 50.00 (49/1; 4900) to win the Eastern Conference. To become NBA champions Orlando Magic odds are 140.00 (139/1; 13900).

The reason for these odds is that the Magic are a youth-based team – usually, even if they have a solid regular season, they hit a wall in the playoffs, where they face much more experienced teams.

In terms of experience, the Miami Heat is one to watch. Last season, this team even reached the NBA Finals, although it made it to the playoffs through the play-ins.

In the first round, they knocked out the Bucks, the first team in the Eastern Conference.

Miami Heat odds to play in the Finals are 17.00 (16/1; 1600)

Considering that last season was no fluke – the Heat played in the Finals in 2019, and the Celtics defeated the team in the Eastern Conference Finals of 2022 – the odds are pretty good.

The Cavaliers have more chances than the Heat. Cleveland Cavaliers odds to play in the Finals are 15.00 (14/1; 1400) and 30.00 (29/1; 2900) for them to be champions.

The Cavaliers have had injury problems so far and a challenging start to the season. Also, last season showed that the playoffs will be challenging for this club. With home advantage, they lost to the Knicks, whose success in the Eastern Conference is priced at 25.00 (24/1; 2400).


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Boston Celtics

The team's management has made changes after last season's loss to the Heat in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Boston. Marcus Smart, a long-time player and Celtics icon, left the club.

Kristaps Porzingis was the first to arrive, but before the start of the season, even more optimism was injected into the team with the arrival of Jrue Holiday after several trades.

The Celtics' moves can only be appreciated with the highest marks. As it happens, Smart has been replaced by the equally good Holiday, who has much more potential on offense.

These players were added to the retained leaders Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, 37-year-old Al Horford, Derrick White, and a solid-looking Payton Pritchard, playing his third year in the league.

Boston Celtics odds to win the Eastern Conference are 2.50 (1.5/1; 150) and to become the NBA winner – 4.60 (3.6/1; 360)

These numbers are understandable as the Celtics are close to reaching the NBA Finals for the first time in years, and they put up a solid performance against the Warriors in 2022. In the Eastern Conference, the Bucks and possibly the Heat could challenge the Celtics.

Injuries are the Celtics' most significant challenge. This team can do a lot if Porzingis and Horford make the playoffs healthy.

πŸ€ Who is favored to win the NBA championship 2023-24?

Boston Celtics are the favorites to win NBA championship. The odds for Celtics to win Championship are 4.60.

πŸ€ What are Denver Nuggets odds to win NBA championship?

Denver Nuggets odds for NBA title are at 5.00 (4/1; 400).

πŸ€ What are the odds for Lakers to win Championship?

Odds for Los Angeles Lakers to win 2023-24 Championship are 19.00 (18/1; 1800).

πŸ€ When are the NBA Finals?

The NBA Finals will begin on June 6 and may end on June 24 with Game 7.

πŸ€ How much is NBA Championship trophy worth?

The NBA Championship Trophy, known as the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, is valued at approximately $13,500. Crafted from sterling silver with a 24-karat gold overlay, its worth exceeds material value, symbolizing the pinnacle of achievement in the NBA.

πŸ€ What are the odds on winning NBA Championship for Clippers?

The odds on winning NBA Championship for Clippers are 22.00 (21/1; 2100).

Western Conference

The Nuggets, who reached the Finals last season and became NBA champions, have been a great example of what it can look like to grow into a championship team. The Nuggets assembled most of their roster from their draft picks, with only supporting players acquired.

However, defending the rings has been difficult lately – we have had five different champions in 5 years.

Denver Nuggets odds to play in the finals are 3.20 (2.2/1; 220)

The Western Conference is full of teams loaded with top-level players. The Clippers have added James Harden to Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Russell Westbrook. The Suns added Bradley Beal to Devin Booker and last season's Kevin Durant.

Not to be underestimated are the Lakers, who, with LeBron James, D'Angelo Russell, and Anthony Davis, showed last season that they can fight in the playoffs. However, the odds for the Los Angeles teams are high.

The Los Angeles Clippers odds are at 13.00 (12/1; 1200) to make the Finals and 22.00 (21/1; 2100) to be champions; the Los Angeles Lakers odds are at 10.00 (9/1; 900) to make the Finals and 19.00 (18/1; 1800) to be champions.


And remember the Warriors, who had a pretty tough season last year. They were without Andrew Wiggins for most of it, who only joined them in the playoffs.

It took them seven games in the first round against the Kings, and in the second round, they fell somewhat unexpectedly to the Lakers, who took advantage of the Warriors' weak front line.

Steph Curry odds to return to the NBA Finals are 8.60 (7.6/1; 760), and Golden State Warriors odds of becoming the NBA champions again are 16.00 (15/1; 1500).

Phoenix Suns

The Suns traded Deandre Ayton in the summer for Jusuf Nurkic, who is a better fit for the team. However, a much bigger move was bringing Bradley Beal from the Wizards.

The point guard has spent his whole career in Washington, and it was a significant intrigue to see how he would look in his new team. With Booker and Durant, this trio potentially has the most talented offense in the league.

However, Beal has only played three games so far, and the Suns are fifth in the West with 12 wins and eight losses. However, the team still has the second-lowest odds in the Western Conference.

Phoenix Suns odds to return to the finals are 4.30 (3.3/1; 330)

The most important thing is that the Suns make the playoffs and that all players are healthy. Then the Suns could reach the finals even without home-court advantage.

Last season, the team lost to the Nuggets, but with Nurkic representing the Suns better than Ayton against Jokic this year, the chances of beating the champs would be much better.

Odds for the Suns to become the champions are at 8.00 (7/1; 700), the fourth lowest among all NBA teams. Not only the management but also the betting companies believe in the team's potential.

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