Low Odds Betting Strategy

    If you’ve spent even a little bit of time looking up sports betting strategy or guides to online betting, you’ve probably come across the notion that low odds betting strategy are the best way of making profits in the long run.

    How so, you might be wondering? And how does one make use of this principle? Keep reading to find out more. If you want to find bookmaker with big betting limits and bonuses, check best crypto sportsbooks in .

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    What are Low Odds in Betting

    Contrary to the usual meaning of low odds, in the world of betting this term is used to signify something that has a high chance of coming true. The “low” part just means that you won’t get a big return for betting on this sort of outcome. To avoid any confusion, the term “short” is often used in place of “low”.

    Essentially, the idea is to make relatively “safe bet”. That means relatively small returns compared to your stake, but with an increases chance of actually winning the bet. Bets with odds of between 1.20 and 1.40, with some punters going up to 1.60 odds, are generally considered short odds betting or low odds.

    safe bet flat stakes betting units meaning

    Now, professional punters love this approach. The reasoning is simple. Pros rely mostly on statistics when determining how to bet, and statistics favour small profits over a large number of individual bets. Most of the betting strategies confirm this notion.

    That said, there are some advantages and disadvantages to low odds betting. Let’s start with the pros:

    ✅ As said, you are statistically more likely to see positive returns over a long period.

    ✅ Not having “all your eggs in a single basket”. Low odds generally means that you’re making a lot of separate bets. A bonus is that, if one of your bets happens to lose, it’s no big deal. The idea is to win more than you lose, not win all the time.

    ✅ Easier to find opportunities. A glance at the odds can often be enough.

    sure arbitrage bets low risk betting system

    Now, let’s look at some cons of low odds betting:

    ⭕ Losses hurt more. If you lose one bet, it might take 2 or 3 winning bets just to even out, if we assume all of these were low odds.

    ⭕ Requires more time. If you’re making a lot of small odds bets, you have less time to devote to research and figure out if every single bet is a valuable one.

    With all that in mind, you should have a clear picture if low odds betting is for you or not. If the answer is yes, let’s take a look at some low odds betting strategies and tips.

    Low Odds Betting Strategy: which bets to take and why?

    Now, there is no real specific step-by-step guide to low odds betting. Just keep your odds short, bet big on low odds and make a lot of bets – and that’s it. However, there are some pointers we can give you to make low odds betting system and strategy more viable.

    First of all, don’t automatically assume you can take all low-odds bets just because they are theoretically likely to succeed. As we said, a single loss can set your bankroll back substantially, so you need to make sure that the probability of the outcome you’re backing is high as well. Ideally, you want it to be higher than the odds imply – which is what value betting is all about.

    how betting odds work mma bet banks

    Secondly, there is such a thing as too low odds. Backing a bet with 1.08 is technically extremely low odds, true. But at this point, you should be asking: what am I even risking my money for? Some bets are not worth taking, even if they’re almost sure to win.

    The concept of value betting on small odds tips and strategy comes up again: if the odds offered by the bookie do not accurately reflect probabilities, that’s a terrible bet to make no matter how safe it may seem. You have to understand live value betting not only so you can take advantage of it, but also to avoid bad betting offers.

    Best Staking Plan for Low Odds Betting

    Since you’ll be making a lot of separate bets, it might be a good idea to use a pre-determined low odds staking plan – to how much you put up as a stake and when.

    The most common staking plan low odds is to just use flat stakes, or betting units. The concept is incredibly easy – just use the same stake for every bet. However, this approach has some benefits. For starters, it will be much easier to track your bankroll. Secondly, balancing your budget to account for the win-to-loss ratio will be substantially easier. That way, you won’t end up in a situation where a single loss robs you of all your winnings.

    what does odds mean in betting

    That being said, people who prefer the strategy of betting low odds often follow this principle: “stake high, win low”. The idea is to offset the low profits by having a big bet banks stake. For instance, a £100 stake on a 1.20 odds bet will net you £20 – which is fairly okay, all things considered.

    The risks of betting big on small odds, on the other hand, should be obvious. So some punters employ this betting on low odds strategy: each time you win a bet, use the winnings as a stake for the next one. In our previous example, you would use the £120 as a stake for the next wager. Were you to bet on another 1.20 bet, the returns would be £144. Rinse, repeat, and your profits grow exponentially and you will not find better staking plans for low odds.

    Low Odds Betting Tips

    Now we’ll go through some other pieces of low odds betting tips that didn’t fit anywhere above:

    ✔️ Avoid derbies or other high-profile matches. These games, for example in EPL, are much more likely to see surprise upsets, which is what you want to avoid if you’re backing favourites.

    ✔️ Keep an eye out for other variables which might impact the favourites’ chances, such as:

      • Low motivation
      • Key players missing.
      • Away games

    betting on low odds strategy staking plan

    ✔️ Pick the best online betting sites with the lowest margins you can find. Look at it this way: a difference in odds between 2.50 and 2.55 is not too substantial. It amounts to around a 3.5% difference in profits if you were to make that bet. However, let’s apply the same to betting on low odds. Between 1.20 and 1.25, the difference in profits is a staggering 20%. As such, the right choice of a sportsbook is more important than ever.

    Low Odds Betting Challenge

    The low odds betting challenge is something that many punters face. Betting low odds system is something that many people believe they can have success with. However, this is complex because you need a lot of consecutive winners to make a good profit, and there is also the question of when to continue pushing forward and when to stop. 

    sports betting low odds strategy system tips

    Many people betting low odds strategy as a way of building up a betting bank, but unless you are betting in big amounts, the returns are small, and the process is long. However, there are of course some people that have success with sports betting low odds.

    Best low odds betting tips to pick out selections at low odds and keep finding them. When using this strategy, you need to bet a lot, but sometimes patience is the key, and you don’t have to keep quickly betting on games to build your bank. As with any type of betting low odds tips, when you are looking for low odds selections, you still need to be selective in your approach, and not rushing the process. 

    betting on small short odds

    Betting on small odds and small profit betting strategy can be a great tool, but you need to ensure you approach this in the right manner because even though the odds are small, there is still risk attached. 

    Low Risk Football Betting Strategy

    When people talk about a low risk football betting strategy, there are two possible elements of football betting that they are talking about. The first is betting using short odds football betting. 

    This can cover teams that are very strong favourites in the game, or it could be something such as over 0.5 goals, under 3.5 goals, handicaps and other markets. This offers you the chance to take a low risk betting system approach to football betting, with the ability to wager on something that has a high probability of happening within a game. 

    small 2 odds rollover betting strategy tips

    These selections will not offer big odds, but if you can combine them together then gradually, if you get this right, you will give yourself a chance to improve your betting bank.

    The other option for this is sure arbitrage bets, which is the process of placing a bet with your bookmaker and then betting in the opposite way but with odds in your favour to give you a guaranteed profit and profitable betting strategy, regardless of the game outcome. 

    However, you use a low betting odds strategy, the idea is to take as much of the risk out of the situation as possible. Of course, regular betting is risky, but this strategy uses markets, odds and bet types to keep things as small odds sure wins simple and low risk as possible. 

    Low Odds Accumulator Tips

    Betting on low odds and betting using low odds accumulator bet type are two of the most popular ways that people bet. What many do is also combine them, so they pick out selections that have low sure odds and put them together in an accumulator. 

    most profitable compound small profit betting strategy

    This gives you the chance to bet on low odds but potentially win a big amount of money in this compound betting strategy, as you are betting on short odds and putting the selections together in an acca bet. 

    If you are doing small odds betting strategy, then one of the biggest small odds betting tips to give is to ensure that the risk and reward are balanced here. If you are betting with low odds, you want to limit the risk, because that is the whole point of finding these selections. Therefore, your accumulators should give you a nice return, but not too big so that you are adding in a lot of risk to the bet.


    📈 What are low odds?

    If you betting on low odds you will not get a big return compared to your stake from your outcome. Bets with odds of between 1.20 and 1.40 are generally considered low odds.

    📈 What is most profitable betting strategy?

    It’s hard to say which most profitable betting strategy is, but in all strategies punters should create a betting spreadsheet, have a staking plan, have discipline to control your money and not bet bigger when 5% bet of your sports betting bank. Here you can find all betting strategies in one place.

    📈 How betting odds work?

    There are 3 types of odds – American, Fractional and Decimal. In every bookmakers you can change odds expression to whatever you prefer just by changing the configuration.

    📈 How betting odds work MMA?

    MMA is very popular in United States so you can find betting on MMA Vegas odds or American Odds types. This is the most used odd type in USA.

    📈 What does odds mean in betting?

    Odds in betting its very important and before betting you need to understands what does odds mean in betting. Because odds can tell you how likely event will happen and how much money you will win.

    📈 Can I trust low odds sure tips?

    ❌ No, because low odds don’t automatically guarantee you a win. So to make a winning strategy on low odds you need to carefully select events with 1.20 – 1.40 odds.

    📈 What is betting units meaning?

    Everyone who making wagers in sports betting has different sized bankrolls and amounts of bets. So “Unit” in sports bettting is measurement of the size of someone’s bet. This a way to show profit or loss in unisersal terms.

    📈 What is 2 odds rollover in betting?

    2 odds rollover betting when you try to double your stake and withdraw your money and continue the rollover with your winnings.

    📈 Is 2 odds betting strategy working?

    Yes, 2 odds betting strategy working for those who like betting with small amounts of money and want to build bigger bankrolls.

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