How to Choose a Tipster

  • 24 Feb 2018
    3 min. read tipsters

Every person who has at least some betting experience, knows who is a tipster (professional who make betting suggestions) and how useful they can be even for someone who does not know a thing about sports.

However these days there are many tipsters, so it gets complicated to choose one. And we do not even mention that there are many conman who may pretend to be good tipsters or even have some fixed bets.

To make things simpler, so you could choose a good specialist, SmartBettingGuide decided to give you some tips about tipsters – how to choose them and what aspects of using tipsters you should consider.

  1. Real stats. There are many people on social networks who call themselves true professionals and try to make themselves look like a winning tipster. However, actually this is rarely true. Screenshots or excel spreadsheets is not a proof of winnings. Try avoiding tipsters who sell their services on social networks. Instead visit specialized platforms and pick from verified accounts who have been doing this job successfully for a really long time.
  2. Have reasonable expectations. Many think tipsters can you make really rich while you just on a couch. Conmen who pretend to be real tipsters made it look like that is the case but reality is different. A tipster that has ROI (Return on Investment) above 10%, is a very good tipster. Therefore if you do not have a bankroll big enough, you may get lesser return than you would want to. Not many people consider that from your returns you should subtract tipster subscription fees. As well consider that you might get lesser return than tipster’s stats show you. This happens due to constantly changing odds and while you may get a good bet suggestion, you may still submit that bet when the odds have dropped. In some cases you might not have an account at certain bookmaker website, therefore odds may be different if you look for the same event at other bookies.
  3. Choose accordingly to the sport and league. At first this may sound strange but such things like a chosen league really matters. For example, if you like to bet on NBA basketball and want to buy NBA tipster’s services, consider if you will be able to place your bets in time. NBA games start at unusual time in Europe or many other continents. If your tipster is from the USA, there is a chance you might get a bet suggestion at night, when you are sleeping. You should get suggestions at a convenient time.
  4. Take attention to tipster’s country and average time of tips. This follows the 3rd tip we spoke about. Depending of the tipster’s country, you might get tips at various times. You will not get much benefit if tips are sent to you when you cannot place bets.
  5. Yes, the tipster will make betting suggestions, but you also have to put in enough work. You need to understand betting (like differences between usual and Asian handicaps), manage your bankroll, quickly place bets and trust your tipster. If you are a passionate sports fan, you might disagree with tipster’s opinion. Making bets different than suggested might lead you to worse results. You are buying services, therefore you should trust the provider.
  6. Be ready to lose. Things are not that easy as they seem. Long winning streaks end and then might start a losing streak. This is absolutely normal since you cannot always win. Even the best tipsters may have a bad run. Actually, this is the reason why tipsters are being rated according to long time statistics (years), not a few months. There will be losses, so you should stay cool, manage your bankroll well and wait for the better.

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