How to Bet on F1 Racing?

As one of the most loved and watched sports in the world, F1 racing is a massive hit for sports gamblers worldwide (read this – crypto gambling 2024 ). With many markets to pick from, tons of events to place bets on and numerous types of wagers to work with, the opportunities and possibilities to make huge amounts of money are almost endless.

With these many choices and the betting flexibility that Formula One provides, it can be confusing, leaving you not sure where to start as a sports bettor. If you are looking to know how to wager on Formula One racing, then this guide has got you covered.


🏎️ How to bet on Formula 1?

Betting on F1 is very simple, you just need to wait for the start of the F1 season and the races, open an account with a trusted company, choose your bonus and wait for the races. Here you can find the best F1 betting companies.

🏎️ Where to bet on F1 safe?

It is important to open an account with a bookmaker that has a betting licence, has good player reviews and provides excellent F1 betting offers and odds. Betfair and 888sport meet these requirements.

🏎️ What is F1 qualifying betting?

F1 qualifying races take place before each race to help drivers secure their starting positions for the main F1 race on Sunday. Betting companies offer F1 qualifying bets, with the most popular bets being on who will take pole position or finish in the Top 3.

🏎️ What is best Formula 1 live betting sites?

The best live Formula 1 betting sites are those that not only offer a wide range of F1 betting markets, but also live F1 streaming. For this, we recommend you try WIlliam Hill bookmaker.

🏎️ Can you bet on Formula 1 in US?

Yes, F1 betting USA is possible, because more and more states legalise online sports betting.

The guide will help answer to how to bet on F1 racing question and you understand everything that you need to know, including strategies, best betting markets and live betting, among other important things. Keep reading this F1 betting guide if you want to get better with betting on Formula 1.

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F1 Betting Strategy: How to Bet on F1 Racing Profitable?

Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport. In this competition, cars speed up to 220mph, an element that makes it exciting to watch and place wagers on. On top of that, Formula One is a glamorous sport. It occurs in some of the most luxurious locations across the world, including the likes of Monte Carlo and Monza. 

how to bet on formula 1 f1

All these things make F1 a perfect sport to bet on. The best part about betting on F1 races is that there are some proven F1 betting strategies that you can utilise to increase your chances of winning. These Formula 1 betting tips are:

Choose Your Gambling Venue Wisely

It does not matter how well you understand the game, the odds, or how lucky you are; you will not have the best bet Formula 1 experience if you don’t pick your gambling venue wisely. You need to pick not only a safe but also a fair gaming venue. Currently, the best and most popular place for placing bets on Formula One and other sports is betting companies

In line with this, you need to look for a online sportsbook that provides a safe gambling environment, competitive F1 live odds and enables you to track all the races without a glitch. After finding a legit, fair and licensed website that supports fast withdrawals as well as numerous bet F1 market choices and amazing odds, you can sign up with it and place as many wagers as you want.

Understand All the Betting Types Available

When placing wagers on Formula One, there’re four main types of bets that you need to keep in mind. These are outright betting, long-term betting, qualifying betting and live F1 betting. Each of these bets offers unique options and betting experiences. You should be able to know how each of these bets works and the benefits that they can provide in terms of Formula 1 betting lines.

If you want to boost your winning odds, it is important to understand what is happening in the world of Formula One. Following the news and the latest trends on cars, drivers, and events can help you make more promising as well as better decisions, especially in F1 betting live markets.

live formula 1 f1 betting usa lines

F1 is grouped into single races, but all of them are interconnected. Technical errors, fastest cars, team direction, team progress and the form of drivers are some of the main things that you need to be aware of when placing wages on Formula One.

Take Advantage of Betting Offers

All leading bookies that offer F1 betting have many bonuses and promotions that you can take advantage of. These bonuses and promotions range from welcome deals and packages to ongoing promotions and VIP rewards (read this – betting sites with bonuses).

As a serious bettor, you can always take advantage of these promotions when you are betting on F1 races. Many sites offer bonuses and promotions that are designed to enhance the betting experience of all Formula One fans and bettors.

Best Formula 1 Betting Markets

You never know the type of prediction that you are going to have about any upcoming F1 event or what your research will uncover. If you are lucky enough to find some helpful information that can help you choose the winner of the race, that is great.

f1 betting strategy guide live odds strategies

But what will happen if you can draw your Formula one betting tips and conclusions that mightn’t relate to the winner of the race or the entire tournament? The good news is that when you wager online, you aren’t limited to the same range of wager choices that you get at a local betting site. 

You will find lots of unique types of bets that provide you with the ultimate in wagering flexibility. The numerous bets provide you with the opportunity to bet on a lot more than the winner of the race. That means almost any prediction that you come up with can be something that you can depend on to increase your chances of winning.

With that in mind, here are the most popular types of bets available at online gambling sites that offer Formula 1 betting markets.

To-Win Bets: This is a type of bet where you wager on a given driver to emerge the winner of the race. To-win bets simply require you to choose the driver that you think will win. Keep in mind that your bet will only win if the driver of your choice finishes the race in the first place.

can you bet on formula 1

Podium Finish: A podium finish wager is the most interesting type of wager that you will find in the F1 betting world. With a podium finish bet, you simply pick a driver that you think will perform excellently. You will only bet when your driver gets a space on the podium.

Futures Bets: These are simply bets on which driver or team will be the winner of the tournament at the end of the racing season. In F1, you can place a bet on whom you think will win the contractor’s championship or the driver’s championship.

F1 Live Betting Guide

Many betting sites provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of F1 live betting, where making quick decisions is important. The difference between in-play betting on Formula One and other sports is that you are continuously reassessing your decisions on the race. Commentators are also valuable when viewing F1 events

Listening to the experts will also allow you to monitor timings across the race. Some sites also combine live betting and streaming, providing you with the opportunity to watch events in real-time, helping you to make the most informed decisions.

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