Heinz Bet Explained

A Heinz wager is one of the numerous system bets that sports betting companies provide their customers with when betting on multiple events. Also known as Heinz 57, this type of betting got its title after the Heinz Food Company in America issued a popular marketing slogan, “57 types”, which coincided with the total number of wagers that the Heinz bet features.

Generally, when you place a Heinz bet, you’re simply betting 57 bets on six different picks. To learn more about this type of betting, be sure to go through the following Heinz bet explained sections.

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Heinz Bet Explained: What is a Heinz Bet?

As already mentioned, the Heinz in betting is a six selection bet that consists of 57 bets: six-fold accumulators, six five-folds, fifteen four-folds, 20 trebles, and 15 doubles. The 57 bet type features a full cover wager that combines each permutation of the six choices into a single bet.


📈 How does a Heinz bet work?

If you make Heinz bets this means you are betting on 57 bets and six different selections – six-fold accumulators, six five-folds, fifteen four-folds, 20 trebles, and 15 doubles.

📈 What is a Heinz bet in horse racing?

Heinz betting in horse racing means that you need to make seven picks of horses across seven different horse racing competitions.

📈 Is a Heinz a good bet?

❌ A Heinz bet is very risky and exciting way to bet on a multiple which can generate very high returns. But normally betting on multiple bets is not a very good strategy in the long term.

📈 What is a Heinz bet in football?

Placing Heinz bets in football is the same as placing these bets in horse racing – you need to pick a total of seven picks offered across seven football games.

📈 How many bets in a Heinz?

A Heinz bet total has 57 bets.

📈 What is a Super Heinz bet meaning?

A super Heinz is same bet as standart Heinz bet, you need to make seven picks too, but difference is that in super Heinz after your at least two picks win, you can already get payout and don’t wait when will finish other games.

Each choice comes with the same effect on returns, and that means the order in which they are included in the bet slip is inconsequential.

Since it would take lots of time and be prone to errors when the returns are worked out by hand, it is advisable to use a suitable betting Heinz calculator tool once you understand all the ins and outs of this wager type.

how many bets in a heinz

Trying with different results can help in understanding how losing runners affect the returns. One thing to keep in mind is that the Heinz bet example doesn’t include singles bets in its composition. 

That means the bettor must have a successful wager in at least two of the six events selected in order to get a return from the bet. A Heinz is almost similar to a Lucky 63 since both wagers consist of six selections (read this – horse racing betting offers). The only thing that makes Heinz 57 bet explained different is that Lucky 63 includes singles.

How to Calculate Heinz in Betting Winnings?

Do you want to know if you have or haven’t won? Use a Heinz bet calculator. You can also calculate it by yourself as follows:

For your six-fold, five-fold, four-fold, trebles and doubles, simply multiply the decimal odds for your selections together and multiply the outcome by the unit stake (read this – fold betting explained).

If you are using fractional odds, you should convert them into decimals by dividing the top number using the bottom and adding one to the result.

how does a heinz bet work

How Does Heinz Bet Each Way Work?

As a serious punter, you can always take advantage of Heinz betting for each way bet. A one-pound heinz bet each way costs 114 pounds. If some or all of the picks are at slightly longer prices to emerge the winners of their competitions, or they aren’t necessarily the favourites to do so, a sure bet is to go with super Heinz bet each way. 

This makes sure that you are in a perfect position to see a significant profit if all of the picks make the frame. On the other hand, you will also be able to collect the win-only trebles and doubles should you manage to have either two or three winners in the wager.

A minimum of two correct wagers will guarantee you a return on the wager. But it will not be necessarily a profitable return. If the number of correct wagers increases, the number of successful accas will also increase, and the returns will start to become more and more profitable.

is a heinz a good bet

What is the Difference Between Super Heinz Bet and Heinz Betting?

Before you can start placing wagers on the Heinz bet market, it is important to understand the different types available. The main types that you will find out there include Super Heinz bet example and Heinz.

Essentially, the difference between these two types of bets is that a Heinz features six picks while the Super variety involves seven. Since you already know what a Heinz bet is, it is a perfect time to understand what is bets in a super Heinz.

what is a heinz bet in football

The Super Heinz wager is a complex example of the full cover bet. As you can guess from its name, a Super Heinz bet is a larger complement of the Heinz wager. While it only includes one more selection, the total number of wagers is doubled. As you already know, the regular Heinz wager derived its title from one of the world-renowned companies known as Heinz. 

When the company was campaigning, it promised the masses 57 different variations. And since the regular Heinz bet is made up of 57 wagers, it stood to a reason that the title of this bet should be that of the company.

Super Heinz Bet  Explained: Super Heinz Bet Types

There is nothing to stop you from placing different types of Super Heinz bets. These bets are categorised depending on the variety of sports events that you want to bet on. The most popular types of Heinz bets are:

Super Heinz Bets on Horse Racing

Many punters love the Super Heinz bet on horse racing. The main reason for this is that placing this bet involves a simple process. All that you need to do in order to place your wager is to make seven picks of horses across seven different horse racing competitions.

what is a super betting heinz bet

Bettors, therefore, need to pick what they want to support throughout seven different races. Once all of these selections have been included in your bet slip, be sure to check the box that reads the Super Heinz. After this, you’ll have to enter your stake.

Super Heinz Bets on Football

When it comes to football, the wagering system works effortlessly. To place your Super Heinz football bet, you need to go with a total of seven picks offered across seven football games and refer to the betting slip.

Once you have entered your stake, it is advisable to work out potential results that can occur. If most of the selections start to win, then the amount of cash returned will increase. The odds of successful picks will massively influence profitability.

super heinz football bet each way calculator

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced gambler; we are sure that this guide has been useful as it has provided you with almost everything that you need to know about the Heinz bets.

To get started on the right track, be sure to choose a recommended betting site that offers competitive odds on the Heinz market. And the best part is that the recommended list provides only the best options.

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