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There are many ways you can bet on the NHL, and a lot of people often look for a way to get a small bet on a single to give them an interest in a game they are watching live. One great way you can do this is by placing a bet that is relatively new to ice hockey betting system, but something that has been used in other sports for many years. This is goalscorer betting, and like other sports that use this a lot such as soccer and the NFL, there are three main ways in which you can do this.

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First and Last Goal Scorer Betting

This is a type of betting that many people will be familiar with, even though it has not been available to ice hockey fans for too long. Anyone betting on soccer games will have placed first goalscorer bets before, and this kind of betting works exactly the same as first touchdown scorer betting in the NFL or first try scorer in rugby.

There are two options to go with when you are betting on this market, and both are priced up exactly the same. The first option and most common is to back your chosen player to be the first goal scorer in the game. This is easy to follow, and you know if you have backed a winner as soon as the first goal is scored in the game.

The second option you have is to back the last goal scorer in the game. This works in exactly the same way, although obviously, it pays out on the last goal scorer instead of the first, but this is slightly harder to follow. If a goal is scored by your player in the game then at that moment in time, you have a winner in your hands. However, with time left in the game anything could happen, so you are then in a position where you are cheering on no more goals in the game. If that happens you win, but obviously, if another goal is scored later than yours then that goal will become the last goal in the game, knocking your bet down to being a loser.

Generally speaking, you should get good odds on a first or last goalscorer bet, as trying to find a winner on this market is difficult. With 20 out skaters on each team to take into account, there are many different players who you could back here and that is what helps the prices be so big. If you are looking for a way to place a bet on an ice hockey game in the NHL and you want a decent price on your interest, this is certainly one of the better markets you can choose to do that.

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Anytime Goal Scorer Betting

After bookmakers saw first goalscorer betting become so popular with punters, they added the last goalscorer market for people to place bets on. Then when that became popular they wanted to find another way to bet on goals in the game, and this is where the anytime goalscorer market was added.

The market is as simple as it sounds, you are placing a bet on a player to score at any time in the 60 minutes of the game. Overtime and penalties do not count here, this is a market for regulation only. If you are looking for an interest throughout the entire game then this market offers you this better than the first goalscorer market.

If for example, there is a goal scored in the first minute of a game then your first goalscorer bet is down right at the start. At least with the anytime goalscorer bet, you get an interest for either the full 60 minutes of play or until your player has scored a goal to give you a winning bet. This is why many casual punters prefer this market because they have something that will keep them interested throughout the whole match.

The one downside to this market is that the odds are much lower than on the first and last goalscorer markets. This is because you have a far greater chance of winning by placing this bet. Generally speaking, there are a few goals scored in hockey games, and the more goals that are scored, the more chance you have of backing a winning goal scorer. With so many goals in the games, the top players who spend the most time on the ice are priced up accordingly.

Whereas when backing a favourite to score the first goal in a game you may get odds of anywhere between 6 and 8/1 for them to do so, when it comes to the anytime goalscorer market, they are generally around even money.

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Goal Scorer Betting Strategies

If you are looking to place goal scorer bets then there are two main ways which you can go about this. If you are backing one of the favourites to score then the best way to do this is to back them to score first or last, as the odds on offer for them to score at any time are pretty low.

However, the anytime goalscorer market does come into play if you are looking at backing an outsider. For example, an outsider may be priced up at 16/1 on the first and last goalscorer market. As they are a bigger priced selection, they are bigger on the anytime goalscorer market, usually between 3 and 4/1 on that market. That makes them an option to back anytime, as the price is still respectable, and this also offers you an interest throughout the entire game instead of just until the first goal is scored.

The price will determine what market you want to use, along with what you want from your betting. This way of betting does offer great options and flexibility though for punters, which is why so many people use it successfully.

If you want find more information about betting tips hockey and  NHL, visit ice hockey betting guide page.

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