German Bundesliga Betting 2024

The 2024 German football league kicked off in August, and this article will focus on German Bundesliga betting.

Even the fact that Bayern is becoming national champions every year doesn’t deter viewers from watching this league, which is one of the most watched worldwide. Plenty of goals are to be scored, great fans, and a high level of football.




German Bundesliga is one of Europe’s biggest football championships, and there is rarely any intrigue about the champion. Bayern is always expected to be knocked off, but in the end, the Munich club enjoys the title again.

Last season, Borussia Dortmund had the perfect opportunity to end Bayern Munich’s dominance. Still, it failed to take advantage of the opportunity in their last match, drawing at home and Bayern becoming German champions for the 11th time in a row.

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Bundesliga Betting Offers

Bundesliga is one of Europe’s five strongest domestic championships, so it’s no wonder that football betting sites have an extensive offer.

In addition to betting on the winner or the advantage in the German football championship, you can also choose other bets, such as how many corners will be taken, who will score a goal, or whether a red card will be shown.

You can even bet on different combined bets depending on your chosen betting company.

Below, we have highlighted four different bets that are getting much attention. These are relatively simple bets, making them so popular – some players devote a lot of time and analysis to them.

In contrast, others speculate and thus create a more exciting match experience. We’ve looked at the outcomes of the primary selections and how last year’s stats can influence this year’s Bundesliga bets.


Match Winner

No wonder the winner of the match is the most frequently selected betting option. It is the most popular bet in football, as the odds are often very solid, and there is no need to go for an extra edge or try to make an accumulator.

At the same time, on the other hand, many people like to bet on favourites and make small combinations from small odds.

Last season in the Bundesliga, five teams suffered fewer than ten defeats, but there were plenty of them.

Even Bayern lost five times, while Borussia, who scored the same number of points as Bayern with 71, could have been German champions with seven defeats. The defeats of the leaders show that anyone can beat anyone in the league.

It is essential to consider how teams play at home in this league. The strongest teams in the league play very well at home.

For example, last season, seven teams lost four or fewer times at home, while fourth-placed Union Berlin didn’t lose once at home – but drew even six times. Borussia and Bayern lost once, and RB Leipzig twice.


Even the weaker teams in the league struggled for home wins, with eight teams winning 5-6 times. However, the figures are entirely different from home, with nine teams winning only four times or less. Four teams won twice or less.

The best teams in the league also lost away – Bayern lost four times, and Borussia, RB Leipzig, Freiburg, and Bayer lost six times each.

In this league, the match’s winner is based not only on home or away but also on the stage of the season. There are a lot of surprises at the beginning of the season when the league leaders go down, but at the end of the season, the motivation is quite different.

For example, RB Leipzig, who finished third last year, ended the season with seven wins from eight matches. The team, which was in great form, even won away against Bayern with odds of 5.25.

In the middle of the table, the rest of the teams have been playing for nothing, which is reflected in the results – Werder Bremen have not won a single game in their last five matches and have drawn once.


⚽ What is Bundesliga?

The Bundesliga is Germany’s top-tier professional football (soccer) league, featuring 18 teams competing in a highly competitive and popular football competition. It is known for its passionate fan base and the development of talented football players.

⚽ How many Bundesliga games in a season?

In a typical Bundesliga season, each of the 18 teams plays 34 games. They face each of the other 17 teams twice, once at home and once away, making a total of 34 matches per team.

⚽ Which Bundesliga team should i support?

It’s a personal choice, but if you’re looking for a historically successful team with a solid international fan base, consider supporting FC Bayern Munich. On the other hand, if you prefer an exciting, high-scoring team with a passionate fan culture, Borussia Dortmund could be a great option.

⚽ When does Bundesliga end?

The final round of the 2023-2024 Bundesliga season is scheduled for 18th of May, 2024.

⚽ Why does Bundesliga have 18 teams?

The Bundesliga has 18 teams to balance creating a competitive league and managing logistical concerns such as scheduling and travel for both teams and fans. This number has been a stable and prosperous format for the league since its inception in 1963.


Apart from the match winner and handicap, another popular bet is over/under. Germany is not short of goals, so it is often 3 or 3.5 rather than 2.5.

For example, Hoffenheim-Borussia matches are priced at 2.01 for more than 3.5 goals and 1.80 for less. RB Leipzig – Bayern is a 3.5 goal option with similar odds.

A bet on more than 2.5 goals per match often has odds as low as 1.70. In the long term, such odds are low, as many goals are needed. However, if we look at last year’s statistics, out of 289 matches played, 189 ended with more than 2.5 goals.

If all matches were bet at €10 for more than 2.5 and the average odds were 1.65, €318.5 would be returned, and €2,890 would be bet.

Not surprisingly, Bayern scored the most goals – 92, an average of 2.7 per game. Of Bayern’s 17 home games, 11 ended with more than 2.5 goals per game, but interestingly, nine finished with more than 3.5.

This means a bet of 2.5 is not worth the odds because if there are goals, it will likely be at least four instead of three.

Correct Score

Betting on the exact result is more like a lottery, but punters are fascinated by the high odds, so it’s certainly possible to try to guess the outcome of a particular match from time to time. Right away, we want to point out that you should not bet on a 0:0 result in the German league.

Scoreless draws are not common in other leagues, but they do happen, whereas last season, there were only 15 matches in Germany with such a result. In total, 74 games ended in a draw; as you can see, there were many more with goals.

For example, there have been 1:1 results in 37 matches. Such a Bundesliga prediction usually carries odds of 6.50 – 8. And if €10 was wagered on each game last season, the total bet would have been €2,890, and the return would have been €2,405 at odds of 6.50. To be in the plus, you need an average odds of at least 8.00.

It is worth noting that both teams score goals in almost every match here. There are a lot of draws where teams score, and it is expected to see results like 3:1, 4:1, or 4:2. The only other thing is that the Bundesliga betting odds of both teams scoring are as low as 1.40 to 1.70.


Bundesliga Winner

Bundesliga outright betting is long-term. These are attractive bets, as a single match does not determine them. However, betting on the German champion is only worth it if you have chosen to bet on Bayern for all 11 years.

At the moment, Bayern are getting odds of just 1.20 to become champions, and the past year has already shown just how close that bet was to not working out.

The last time Borussia won the German title was 12 years ago; this year, the odds for them are 14.50. Theoretically, if the odds had been the same all these years, there would still be a minimum plus. However, paying attention to such bets on which team will finish higher is better.

For example, Borussia finishing higher than RB Leipzig is given odds of 1,95. For Borussia to finish ahead of Bayer, odds of 2,01 are given. Berlin Union will finish above Freiburg with a coefficient of 1,80. These are bets that can take time, analysis, and investment.


Current Form of Bundesliga Teams

In this Bundesliga season, the teams have played five games each, but a few of the following teams are already worth noting. 

Bayern: It’s no surprise that Munich has been one of the top teams since the start of the season. Four wins in five matches – 4-0, 3-1, 1-2, and 7-0.

One 2-2 draw against Bayer, who have the same 13 points. Interestingly, four of the five saw more than 3.5 goals. Bayern, who had a difficult season last year, should look more confident this year.

Bayer Leverkusen: A team with a relatively poor start to last season, has started the year with great confidence.

In the first match, they already won 3:2 at home against RB Leipzig, and then went on to three more convincing victories, 3:0, 5:1, and 4:1. There is no shortage of goals in these matches, so it is worth paying attention not only to the wins but also to the total number of goals.


Mainz: Mainz finished ninth last season but had a tragic end, losing four of their last five games but managing to draw the last one and preventing Borussia from becoming champions.

However, that streak has carried over into this year, as the season started with four defeats and one draw. The Bundesliga team is currently on a run of 10 consecutive unbeaten games.

Bundesliga Injuries and Summer Transfers

If the most prominent player who left the Bundesliga in the summer was Jude Bellingham, who moved to Real Madrid, the biggest star who will play in Germany this year is Harry Kane.

Bayern paid London Tottenham €100 million for the England striker. Bayern also bought 26-year-old South Korean defender Min-Jae Kim from Napoli for €50 million.

RB Leipzig sold Joško Gvardiol, Dominik Szoboszlai, and Christopher Nkuku for €220 million in the summer. The German club did not spend all the money, but it added two French league players, paying €38.50 million for 23-year-old Lois Openda and €30 million for Castello Lukeba.

After a solid season, Union Berlin doesn’t have as much money as the big clubs, and the most expensive summer signing was 29-year-old Robin Gosens from Inter for €13 million.


Bayer, who solidly started the season, also spent a little money in the summer, buying 24-year-old Nathan Tella from Southampton for €23.3 million, Granit Xhaka from Arsenal for €15 million, and 22-year-old striker Victor Boniface from Union SG for €20.5 million.

When you want to bet on Bundesliga match, you should not only pay attention to the names of the teams and the players they have in their line-up, but also to the injured players.

Minimal injuries can be found in almost every team, but here we have highlighted a few players who won’t be able to help their home team for a longer period this season:

  • Gabriel Marusic for Bayern – won’t play until at least December.
  • Mehdi Loune Eintracht – will not play until March 2024.
  • Andreas Hanche-Olsen Mainz 05 – will not play until March 2024.
  • Willi Orban RB Leipzig – will not play until the end of November
  • El Chadaille Bitshiabu RB Leipzig – will not play until November.

Best Bundesliga odds – 22bet betting site

For Bundesliga bettors, we recommend paying attention to the 22bet betting site. An online bookmaker since 2017, you will no doubt find a wide range of Bundesliga bets and many other activities.


Various bonuses, casino games, convenient and fast navigation, and a great mobile version of the site. The main Bundesliga bets you will find at 22bet:

  • Both teams to score at least one goal/Both teams to score at least two goals;
  • Asian Handicap;
  • Over/Under – an extensive range of choices, from over 1.5 goals with very low odds to over 7.5 goals with odds of 17. 
  • Exact result bets;
  • Separate betting groups for the first and second legs – how many goals, who will win, who will score, and more.
  • Statistics bets – how many shots on target, how many corners will be taken, exactly how many goals will be scored.

22bet also has a live betting category, where you can bet on the Bundesliga and other football leagues. Notable features include:

  • A solid e-sports category.
  • The most popular payment methods.
  • The quality and speed of the customer service specialists.
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