Football Transfer Betting

During the regular football season, you can find a variety of football betting offers. Unfortunately, the regular season doesn’t last very long. However, even in the off-season, you can place bets – this is football transfer betting.

Apart from the tournaments and games that take place in the regular football season, the transfer window that is always before the competitions is the most exciting time. Known as the pre-season transfer window, it is the time where different teams from both major and minor leagues battle for top players from across the world.

During this time of the year, many deals, as well as sponsorships, are struck. And on top of that, there have been times when club managers spend massive amounts of cash on promising players.


⚽ What is a football player transfer?

A football transfer when a football player moves from one club to another. It is important to note that the club to which the player transfers must pay a transfer fee. The amount of the transfer fee depends on the player’s  quality of his play and the length of the current contract.

⚽ What is a free football player transfer?

A football player can change from one football club to another without a transfer fee if his contract with the club expires or has already expired.

⚽ What is the football transfer window?

The football transfer window is a certain period of time when football players can move from one football club to another.

⚽ What was the most expensive transfer in football history?

The most expensive football transfer was in 2017. Footballer Neymar moved from Barcelona FC to Paris Saint-Germain, and this transfer was worth £198m.

⚽ Which betting companies have the best odds and offers for transfer bets?

We have made a list of the TOP 3 companies. These companies offer the best odds on football transfer bets.

For betting fans, the end of the football season is always a frustrating time. That is because there are no events to place bets on. All European football and many other regions leagues take place during summer, and it might be Euros or world cup year. Still, suppose you love to follow the biggest leagues such as EPL, Bundesliga, and Italian, among others. In that case, you probably do not feel as excited to be placing bets on less popular competitions.

The transfer window then provides the best options to place your bets at many English betting companies. You can place bets on transfers at many leading sportsbooks in the United Kingdom. And this article will provide you with all the details that you need to know. So keep reading to discover more.

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What is Football Transfer Betting?

Transfer news is exciting and crucial for football clubs, fans and players. Football clubs will always enter the transfer market, hoping to add high-quality players to their respective squads. It does not matter whether it’s a £100 million deal or a free transfer; placing wagers on such moves and events is now well-covered by sportsbooks.

Football transfer betting odds

Betting fans can place wagers on a range of outcomes, including the likes of:

  • Which specific players will sign for a given club
  • Whether the latest football transfer record will be broken
  • Whether a specific player will move during the transfer window
  • The total amount of cash that football club will spend

Sportsbooks across the United Kingdom are increasingly providing punters who are looking to place these types of bets, with competitive changing odds based on media chat, rumours, offers being made, and club statements, among other sources. Most sportsbooks suspend betting markets a few hours to the end of the transfer window.

When is the Football Transfer Window?

A football transfer window primarily determines when different clubs will complete all the moves. While some deals can take place outside the transfer window, players that have signed for their next clubs cannot start playing until the window is opened officially. That does not apply only to free agents. Across Europe, when the leagues have been completed as scheduled, you must keep these dates in mind if you want to participate in football transfer betting.

LeagueSummer Transfer WindowsWinter Transfer Windows
Dutch Eredivisie11th June to 2nd September3rd January to 31st January
English Premier League17th May to 9th August1st January to 31st January
German Bundesliga1st July to 2nd September1st January to 2nd February
Italian Serie A1st July to 2nd September2nd January to 31st January
Spanish La Liga1st July to 2nd September1st January to 2nd February
French Ligue 11st July to 2nd September1st January to 2nd February
Scottish Premiership9th June to 1st September1st January to 1st February

Betting on Transfers: Odds, top Bookies

The football transfer betting market is currently massively popular for punters who are looking for a unique sports betting experience. It is most important to follow player’s transfer rumours and stories. Then checking out the odds of a player’s next club. This will increase the chance of placing rewarding bets.

When you are betting on player transfers, you can take advantage of some competitive football transfer betting odds when you are looking at the potential outcomes. Unlike the game-day markets, the odds that different bookies offer varies massively. Even if the transfer is 50/50 to occur, the returns will be worth the risk. Below you will find some of the leading bookmakers that offer the best football transfer odds and offers.

Best football transfer sites

Betfair: This is one of the leading sportsbooks in the UK. Betfair offers a good opportunity to place bets on football transfers not only in Europe but also across the world. The sportsbook offers different types of promotions during the transfer window as well as the best odds. You can also take advantage of the exchange services that this sportsbook offers. On top of that, Betfair offers useful information that you can use to place more informed bets.

William Hill: If you want to enjoy the best football specials and odds, then you should look no further than William Hill sportsbook. William Hill offers some rewarding promotions and bonuses ranging from welcome deals for new players to ongoing sportsbook promotions for existing gamblers. The bookmaker has a dedicated transfer specials betting section, known as the transfer hub. Here you will find useful information that can help you make some rewarding wagers.

Unibet: Placing bets on football transfers across Europe has never been easier with Unibet than any other sportsbook in the United Kingdom. Similar to other top bookies, Unibet offers some attractive odds and promotions across the football transfer window. A wide range of markets is also available, providing punters with many options.

Most Expensive Football Transfers of All Time

In a world where investment groups, celebrities and billionaires collide, there are just a few transfer tales that will last for decades and even centuries. From more famous players to less popular ones, the world of transfers is full of dramas, surprises and lots of money. Here are top football transfers of all time.

PlayerFrom Which ClubYearFee
NeymarBarcelona to PSG2017£198m
Kylian MbappeAS Monaco to PSG2018£116m
Philippe CoutinhoLiverpool to Barcelona2018£105m

These are the list of latest and most expensive transfers in the world of football. However, you should expect more expensive ones than these in the future. And if you are a punter, you should try out some of the best sites that offer top-notch player transfer betting services and sign up with one of them to get started.

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