The FIFA World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar between the 20th of November and the 18th of December. For the first time since its inauguration in 1930, the FIFA World Cup Betting 2022 will take place in the winter instead of the summer. While it’s the 22nd World Cup competition, it is the first tournament to occur in an Arab country and the second to be held in Asia after the 2002 World Cup, which took place in South Korea and Japan. In category you will find a lot of FIFA World Cup stats, predictions, event info and betting strategies.

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    The 2022 FIFA World Cup will also be the first event to take place late during the year as a result of the extreme summer weather conditions in Qatar. France is the reigning champion from the previous World Cup competition. France managed to defeat Croatia in the final with a victory of 4-2, lifting their second World Cup trophy.

    The top 32 national teams from across the world will be hoping to secure a spot in the final and possibly bring the trophy home. After winning the European Championships, Italy didn’t qualify for the FIFA World Cup, making it the first time in a row and the third time in its history.

    While Italy will not compete in this World Cup, top teams from across the world qualified for the tournament, including Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Spain, England, Croatia, Netherlands and Senegal.

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    These teams have the qualities to reach the knockout stages and even proceed to the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. While some of them are the champions in their continents and other international, others come into the competition with top-notch performances.

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    FIFA World Cup Stats 2022 Most Titles

    FIFA World Cup Stats: Most World Cup Titles

    With a total of five victories, Brazil has been the most successful nation when it comes to the FIFA World Cup competition. Brazil has won five titles, each from 2002, 1994, 1970, 1962, and 1958. Brazil’s national team will be coming into this competition in the best form, thanks to its excellent performances in previous international games (read this – most successfull crypto bookmakers 2024).

    In the previous ten matches, Brazil has seven wins, three draws and zero defeats. It’s the second-best team after Argentina that has eight wins, two draws and zero defeats in its previous ten international games. Other teams of FIFA World Cup stats 2022 of titles that are coming to the Qatar with zero defeats are Netherlands and Germany. 

    most world cup final appearances

    The Netherlands has seven wins and three draws in the previous ten matches, while Germany has six wins and four draws. These teams will be trying their best to prevent Brazil from lifting the 6th World Cup title.

    In terms of players, Brazil’s Pele has won the most World Cup titles. He is the only player in the world to have won the trophy three times, in 1958, 1962 and 1970. He also played for the Brazilian team in 1966. A total of 445 players have been involved in the winning teams, and only 20 of them have won the title twice, while Pele has won it three times.

    While Lionel Messi has been the most man of the match in the World Cup tournaments, he hasn’t won the trophy. He is among the players who are looking forward to lifting the trophy for the first time after being recognised as one of the greatest players of World Cup statistics all time category. The player is desperate to change this situation at the 22nd edition in Qatar.

    World Cup Countries and Most Appearances

    World Cup Countries and World Cup Most Appearances

    Brazil isn’t only the most successful national team in the World Cup but also boasts the most appearances. With a total of five World Cup tournament victories, Brazil has 21 appearances. It is the only team to have competed in all World Cup competitions without any need for playoffs. Also, Brazil is the only team that has won the World Cup title on four different continents.

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    World Cup countries statistics books show that Germany is the second, with 19 appearances and four World Cup titles. The German national team has only missed out on two tournaments. Germany is also the only nation in Europe that has won the FIFA World Cup competition in America. 

    Italy is the third, with 18 appearances and four FIFA World Cup trophies. While it holds the FIFA World Cup record for many consecutive games without defeat, it’ll not participate in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

    Argentina is the fourth, with 17 appearances and two titles. The South American country has most World Cup final appearances, including the first one in 1930 which it lost 4-2 to Uruguay. Its recent final was the FIFA World Cup 2014, which it also lost to Germany by 1-0. 

    fifa world cup record

    Since 1994, Mexico has competed in this tournament consecutively, making it one of the six nations to do that. Along with Brazil, Mexico has managed to play in the knockout stages of the previous World Cup competitions. It has 16 appearances, but it’s yet to win the title.

    Other teams that have more than ten appearances are England, France, Spain, Uruguay, and Belgium, each with 15, 15, 15, 13, and 13 appearances, respectively. Aside from Italy, these teams have qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022 edition.

    Stats for FIFA most World Cup Wins

    Stats World Cup: Most World Cup Wins

    The Brazil football team has the most FIFA World Cup wins. It has lifted the trophy a record five times. Nicknamed La Selecao, Brazil is also the most successful team in the FIFA World Cup in terms of games played. In total, Brazil has played 109 games, won 73 and scored 229 goals.

    Hot on Brazil’s heels in the most World Cup wins are Italy and Germany, lifting the trophy four times each. While Italy won it in 2006, 1982, 1938 and 1934, Germany was the champion in 2014, 1990, 1974 and 1954. Both Italy and Germany have finished among the top three twelve times, which include four second-place finishes.

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    The other national teams to win the World Cup more than once are Uruguay, France and Argentina, lifting the title two times each. While Uruguay triumphed in 1950 and 1930, Argentina was victorious in 1986 and 1978. The current champions, France, lifted the title in 2018 and 1998.

    The Netherlands has managed to reach the FIFA World Cup tournament final three times, in 2010, 1978 and 1974, but they’re yet to add their name to the list of winners in this stats world cup section.

    FIFA top World Cup scores Statistics

    World Cup Statistics: Top World Cup Scores

    Football is all about scores, and the World Cup tournament is no different. Across the previous tournaments, a total of 2,548 goals have been scored by more than 1,300 players. However, just 13 players have scored a minimum of 10 goals in FIFA World Cup statistics history.

    Miroslav Klose, one of the celebrated German strikers, holds the record for most World Cup scores in history, scoring 16 times in 24 games across four competitions, 2014, 2010, 2006 and 2002.

    klose goals in WC

    Ronaldo is second on the list, with 15 goals in 19 games, while Gerd Muller is third, with 14 goals in 13 games. Other top scorers include Just Fontaine -13 goals in 6 games and Pele -12 goals in 14 games.

    Current players in World Cup’s top goal scorers are Cristiano Ronaldo -7 goals in 17 games, Luis Suarez – 7goals in 13 games, Lionel Messi World Cup stats – 6 in 19 games, Neymar -6 in 10 games and Harry Kane -6 goals in 6 games.

    All these players will be looking forward to increasing their respective number of goals at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

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    How to Use Stats for FIFA World Cup Betting

    As the most loved and watched soccer competition on earth, it’s no surprise that FIFA World Cup betting is so widespread. FIFA World Cup stats have proven to be an important tool for most successful sports bettors. Experienced sports bettors use FIFA 2022 stats to analyse games and teams before they can place their bets. 

    fifa 2022 stats to analyse games

    For example, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Germany, France, and the Netherlands have performed excellently not only in their previous World Cup fixtures but also in the past 10 international games.

    As a result, they are among the favourites to win the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. EURO 2020 finalists England also have their spot among the favourites. As you can see, FIFA World Cup stats are very important in terms of placing bets and making FIFA betting tips.

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