FIBA World Cup Predictions: Germany – Latvia (06-09-2023)

Two teams – Germany and Lithuania – are in the play-offs of the FIBA World Cup 2023 without defeat.

While Lithuania’s biggest win was against the USA, the Germans have beaten Australia, Finland, Japan, and Georgia, and their most recent victory against Slovenia was 100:71. The Germans have scored 100, 100 and 101 points in their last three games.

🏀 Germany – Latvia: Germany to score over 89 points @ 1.85

Without a doubt, the Latvian team deserves the best words of praise, as it had one of the toughest paths to the quarter-finals.

While many teams had time to warm up in the first rounds, Latvia defeated France in the second game FIBA WC 2023, and in the third game against Canada was down by just one point after two periods.

They made it through to the play-offs with a crucial victory over Spain and then defeated Brazil in the deciding match.

FIBA World Cup Predictions: Germany – Latvia

Germany is considered the clear favourite in this game, but in this World Cup the Latvians have been the favourites in only one out of five matches and have won four times.

The Latvians are certainly not to be underestimated, but Germany and Canada are the strongest opponents they will play against. Germany has been in great form since the friendlies and has the potential to play in the final of the 2023 FIBA World Cup.

First, Latvia have never been good in defence and like to play fast. Three-pointers in the first seconds of an attack, fast offence – the game in which Latvians feel most comfortable. If they have a chance, they will take it.


Germany also like the fast pace and have a lot of talent on offence. It is worth noting that they have still played without Franz Wagner since the second FIBA World Cup game.

Germany scored 100 points against Slovenia in their last game, but only 11 in the first period. In the second half, they scored 62 points and kept on scoring, even when they were crushing Slovenia.

We saw the same thing in the last game against Georgia, where 57 points were scored in the second half. Germany can attack from everywhere – they have great scorers, they have a talented front line and Dennis Schroder is proving to be one of the best players in the Championship. The 90-point threshold is not one that a talented Germany cannot reach.

This FIBA World Cup 2023 prediction is for guidance only and we are not responsible for your bets.

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