Euro 2021 Predictions and Groups Review

Euro 2021 is just around the corner and it is time to look at the tournament and make some 2021 Euro predictions about what will happen. We have six groups in total to look at, which we will do so in detail below. Click here if you want to know best crypto betting sites 2024 .

uefa euro 2021 predictions group a b

On top of that, we look at who we think will win Euro 2021 football tournament, who they will play in the final and a look at the top scorer betting market to try and predict who will win the Golden Boot. Here you can find our newest Euro 2021 semi finals predictions.

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Euro 2021 Group A Prediction

Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales

This is a very intriguing group to kick things off. Italy national team are favourites to win the group and rightfully so because if a team from group A Euro 2021 is to go far and potentially win the tournament then it is likely to be Italy.

⚽ When will Euro 2021 start?

Euro 2021 starting on June 11 and ends in July 11.

⚽ Which Euro 2021 teams are favorites to win?

Euro 2021 favorite teams are England, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal.

⚽ Which UEFA Euro 2021 group is strongest?

Euro 2021 strongest group or the group of death is group G, where will meet Portugal, France, Germany and Hungary teams.

⚽ Which player will be top scorer in Euro 2021?

Favorites to be top scorer in tournament is Harry Kane, Kyliam Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku.

⚽ Who will be the finalist in Euro 2021?

We predict that finalist of Euro 2021 will be England and France.

⚽ Who will be best young player of Euro 2021 tournament?

Favorites to be best young player of tournament is Jadon Sancho (England), Matthijs de Light (Netherlands), Phil Foden (England).

However, behind them, all three teams will fancy their chances of qualifying and giving the bigger nations something to think about in the knockout phase. Wales national football team went to the semi-finals of Euro 2016, but such is the strength of this group, it would be no surprise to see them finish bottom and not make the knockout phase at all.

The second spot looks to be between Switzerland and Turkey national football team, with both teams more than capable of causing problems on their day. What Turkey have is an excellent defensive record and great team spirit which is key in a tournament like this.

That may be enough for them to get the better of Switzerland national football team in their all-important clash, so they can take the top spot behind Italy.

Prediction Winners: Italy Runners Up: Turkey

Euro 2021 Group B Prediction

Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia

Belgium are the big team in Group B and they are a team who many believe can finally land the Euros and win this tournament. So this is easy Euro prediction 2021 in this UEFA Euro 2021 groups for Belgium team. Because anything other than winning this group will be seen as a disappointment and we agree with that, we fully expect Belgium national football team to win this group and win all three of their games in it to really stamp their authority on the tournament at an early stage.

belgium italy switzerland turkey national football team

Behind them, the second and third spots in this group are likely to be fought out by Denmark and Russia, with a slight preference going to the first-named. Denmark football team have shown solid ability against some of the bigger European nations and that is going to help them here.

Russia football team have done the same, including when playing well in their World Cup in 2018, though that has all come on home soil, which has helped them. They do get to play some games in St Petersburg this time around, but it is not the same as hosting.

In terms of quality, Denmark have a slight edge for us, so we predict Euro 2021 Group B that they will take the runners up spot. Russia have enough to qualify by coming third, and lastly, Finland national team will be the team propping up the table.

Prediction Winners: Belgium Runners Up: Denmark

Euro 2021 Group C Prediction

Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia

The Netherlands national team are certainly the standout team in Group C and should have far too much in hand for the three teams that oppose them. Although they may lack the quality of some of the other teams in this competition as we move into the knockout phase, getting through the group stage should be something they can do with relative ease.

netherlands wales denmark finland national football team

The race behind them is fascinating. Can Ukraine football team compete well, will Austria football team show up or can North Macedonia cause a shock as the newcomers. The latter could well be possible and if you want to find something of value from this group then it may be for North Macedonia football team to finish in second place behind the Netherlands.

They have shown their ability by qualifying for the finals, and on top of that have recorded a recent win against Germany, which was an excellent result for them and would have been a real confidence booster for the players.

Ukraine and Austria will both be looking to qualify from this group but may require one of the third-placed slots to do so.

Prediction Winners: Netherlands Runners Up: North Macedonia

Euro 2021 Group D Prediction

England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic

In terms of groups that put together bigger nations, this is certainly the second-best behind Group F which we will get to shortly. Here we have England and Croatia in the same group, two teams who met in the World Cup semi-final back in 2018.

Add in Scotland, who have a huge rivalry with England and the Czech Republic who can be dangerous at times and this should be a great group to watch. We think England will come out on top and beat Croatia team to the top spot, despite losing that World Cup semi-final and this I because of the path these teams are on.

At that time, Croatia were slowly fading away, while England were a little young and were still improving. Now, England have more experience, players in their prime and even more youngsters who are being allowed to shine. It is easy to see why England are amongst the tournament favourites, and we think they can start things well by winning this group.

Croatia are the clear second best, and they are expected to beat both Scotland and Czech Republic to finish second behind England. The final spot will be determined by the Czech Republic national team, who on their day will have a little too much class for Scotland and can prevail. However, this is an unpredictable team we are talking about, so Scotland may fancy their chances of causing them problems if the Czechs are not on their game.

Prediction Winners: England Runners Up: Croatia

Euro 2021 Group E Prediction

Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia

Spain national football team are the standout team in Group E and look to have a great chance of going through the group stage by winning all three of their games. This isn’t perhaps the vintage Spanish team we have seen over the past couple of decades, but they should be more than good enough to come out of this group on top.

poland sweden hungary portugal national football team

In behind Spain, an intriguing battle looks set to take place. Slovakia football team cannot be discounted easily, and have the ability to cause a shock, though Poland national team and Sweden national football team are likely to be the two teams who are fighting out for this.

There is little to choose between them, but with Robert Lewandowski in attack for Poland, that swings the balance in their favour. Assuming that Spain wins this group as we expect, the game between Sweden and Poland could well be one of the biggest from any group, with second place on the line and we think Poland will take it.

Prediction Winners: Spain Runners Up: Poland

Euro 2021 Group F Prediction

Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany

Group F Euro 2021 is certainly the group of death, and although the three big teams are likely to get enough points to make it through into the knockout phase, what order they finish in is tough to work out. Of the three big nations here, we give a slight edge to France, who have a team that is at the peak of their form right now and come here after success at the 2018 World Cup. If you want success betting asian handicaps, you need to know best asian bookies 2024 .

Portugal national team have also had recent success, winning Euro 2016 and beating France in the final, but many of their better players are coming towards the end of their careers. They are good enough to take this country far, but perhaps not good enough to beat the elite.

Germany national football team are in transition right now, they have had huge success not too long ago, but are currently bedding in many new and young players into their national team line up. They will no doubt come good again but may need another year or two before they start to show that.

That leaves us with France taking the group as winners and progressing. We are going to pick Portugal to finish behind France as group runners up and Germany to finish in third place. All three are expected to qualify for the knockout round, with this being a very tough tournament for Hungary national football team, who couldn’t have faced a tougher task than the one they have.

Prediction Winners: France Runners Up: Portugal

Euro 2021 results

European Championship

Euro 2021 fixtures

European Championship

Outright Winner Prediction

There are many teams heading into this tournament that will fancy their chances of success and five or six teams have genuine claims to the title if things go their way. However, there are two that really stand out to us, and the reason for this outright betting is because the star players in these teams are all in their prime and they have a lot of European experience, both with clubs and internationally.

france germany spain croatia national football team

These teams are England and France, with our vote for the winner of Euro 2021 going to France. We saw them dominate the 2018 World cup and come out on top, that was after being losing finalists in the 2016 European Championships.

Despite already tasting success, France national football team still have a number of players together from those two teams, and these players are still in the prime of their careers. Combine that with the experience and winning feeling that these players will have had over the years and it gives France a big advantage over many of the other teams in this tournament.

They are rightfully amongst the favourites, and France are our pick to win Euro 2021. Best Euro 2021 outright odds you can find in Unibet bookmaker. Their giving to France 6.5 odds to win the Euros.

Top Scorer Prediction

One of the fascinating betting markets to look at for many people ahead of a big tournament is the top scorer betting market, also known as the Golden Boot winner. Here you need to look for two things, the first is a player who will attack and have a lot of opportunities to score. The second is a player who will be in a team that is expected to go a long way, so will play in a lot of games at the tournament.

north macedonia ukraine austria slovakia football team

With those two in mind, our selection to be the top scorer at Euro 2021 is Harry Kane of England. We fancy England’s chances to go well and play a lot of games here, so Kane should get the chances he needs to score goals. Euro 2021 top scorer odds market you can find in Betfair bookmaker (6.50 euro odds winner for H.Kane).

On top of that, Kane is right in the prime of his career, so he comes here at a good time. He is also an out and out goalscorer, he doesn’t drift out wide too much or drop deep, Kane leads the line for England and is always found in and around the penalty area when his team are attacking.

Something else to consider is who takes penalties for the team, and Harry Kane is the penalty taker for England, so if they get any penalties and he is on the field, he will have a great chance to add to his goal tally.

Many top goal-scoring stars will be on show here, but we have chosen Harry Kane of England to be the Euro 2021 top scorer.

Who will make it to the Final?

We fancy France to make it to the UEFA Euro final 2021 and win the tournament, but who will they have to play and beat in the final? We think that team will be England, led by the goals of Harry Kane and with many others who can contribute.

predict uefa euro cup final 2021 football

England showed their skill at the 2018 World Cup when they went to the semi-finals before being beaten by Croatia. That was the first big tournament for many of the England squad, and they will have taken a lot from that experience which will really help them out here.

Like France, they have a good mix of players in their prime and those who are young and coming through, rather than having ageing players as key members of the team like some other countries have.

With that in mind, we are choosing England to go very well and although France are the team who we think will win, we are selecting a France v England in Euro Cup final 2021. If you want bet on Euros finalists, for this France/England final match you will get 23.00 odds at 1xBit.

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