Tour de France Betting 2024

The Tour de France is the premier event when it comes to cycling, and the 2024 edition is just around the corner. The big names all congregate and fans come out in their thousands to line the streets of the Tour de France route in what is a real celebration of the sport (read this – betting sites with bonuses).

Just like many other sports, as it has grown in popularity, so has betting on the sport and the Tour de France is certainly the biggest betting event on the cycling calendar, as well as being the biggest event for those taking part. This year Tour de France dates is July 1-24.


🚴‍♂️ Can you make a profit in cycling bets?

Yes, there are many cycling events that you can bet on to make a profit. You need a high level of cycling knowledge to do this, as well as having a system in place for staking bets and protecting your bankroll.

🚴‍♂️ Can female compete in Tour de France?

No, as things stand right now, the Tour de France is strictly open to men only.

🚴‍♂️ How much money do you win for Tour de France stage?

Prize money is available for many aspects of the Tour de France including for stage wins. As it stands in 2022, a stage winner will receive €11,000 plus they could receive more for winning intermediate sprints during the stage.

🚴‍♂️ How many days does the Tour de France last?

The Tour de France lasts for 23 days in total, with racing taking place on most of the days. This is what makes the event so difficult to win, and why those taking part are so highly respected within the sporting world.

🚴‍♂️ Where to watch online Tour de France?

The Tour de France has many excellent broadcasting partners around the world which show live coverage of the race and many of these broadcast online so you can watch it there.

🚴‍♂️ How to bet on Tour de France?

Betting on the Tour de France is simple and easy to do. You first need to choose how to bet, do you want to bet on the overall winner, sprint winner, mountain winner or a stage win? There are many betting options available with the bookmakers.

🚴‍♂️ What is a good stage betting strategy in Tour de France?

The best strategy to employ for each stage is to look at how the stage is set, and who it will favour. Each one is very different, a stage that appeals to one rider may be the opposite for someone else, and a day later, we could see something completely different again. Knowing the strengths of each rider and what suits them is the most important factor here.

🚴‍♂️ What is cycling most popular betting markets?

With events taking a number of days to complete, individual stage betting is often the most popular way to bet as people can tune in and watch one day and bet on that specific part of the event.

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Although each rider has their own goals, cycling is very much a team sport and everyone will be pulling together in that team to give one man, or sometimes two, the best chance of winning. Each team is likely to have a sprinter that will aim to win the sprint races, and they will also have an endurance rider who will be aiming to win the overall event.

The bigger teams will usually have a second endurance rider that is also given the chance by his teammates to do well. The rest are all there to set the pace, support their teammate in any way and do all they can to deliver him to the front at exactly the right moment.

tour de france winner tdf betting odds

Team Emirates had been expecting to have Tadej Pogacar leading them (Tour de France winner odds about 1.70). His biggest danger may be and also Tour de France favourites for the title are the team Jumbo-Visma riders Primoz Roglic and Jonas Vingegard (3.75 and 8.50 odds).

Daniel Martinez, who represents the Ineos Grenadiers team, also has some chances, but not many according to the betting companies, giving juicy 26 odds. The 25-year-old is having a pretty good season. He finished in the top 10 in Paris-Nice stage 4. He also feels great in the mountains, finishing second in stage 7 of the Paris-Nice race.

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Betting on Cycling

Cycling has really increased in popularity over the past decade, with more and more people enjoying the sport and that includes getting out there and being a spectator. When a sport sees a surge of interest like this, it is often followed by people looking to bet on the sport. Betting on cycling can be a fun and easy way to add excitement to your viewing experience, and if you know what you’re doing, it can even be profitable.

betting odds on tour de france bet

If you have never placed a cycling bet before and you are looking for a way in then the good news is that this is a really accessible sport, that is easy to get involved with.

Outright and Tour de France Stage Betting

The majority of cycling betting markets are very simple, and the most common way is to either back outright for someone to win the whole event, or to win an individual stage on a particular day.

Those that have limited knowledge of the sport would probably be better sticking with the outright betting on who will win the event, to begin with as this will include all of the big names. For example, in this instance, you are not really interested in who will win the individual stages, but you have a rider who you are wanting to win the whole event.

This way of tdf betting also appeals because it gives you an interest on every day of the competition, you can watch your rider perform and hope he is close to the leaders at the finish.

favorites tour de france dates gambling odds

The other way to bet is to look at the individual stages. However, you do need a little more knowledge of the sport to have any success on these, and it is key that you understand what type of Tour de France stage betting it is and who it will suit.

For example, on the Tour de France, we have a mixture of stages which are flat that provide a sprint finish and those that have huge uphill climbs and produce a gruelling finish where the riders are strung out. In the first example, you need to be looking for a sprinter.

These will remain close to the pace and wait until the very end for their time to strike, in the hope that their final big burst can take them over the line in front.

The second is all about the climbers, those who have endurance and those who relish the test this brings. Backing an endurance rider on the first example and a sprinter on the second example, even if they are top riders, will not produce you any winners.

TDF Betting Stage Knowledge

For those who are looking to place bets on the upcoming TDF betting, understanding each stage cannot be underestimated and if you don’t have this then you are going to have a bad run of losing bets. It is vital to understand who the stage suits, but also to understand who will be attacking and trying to win the stage.

The Tour de France is a long event, with a huge effort required just to get to the end, let alone to actually win it. There will be stages throughout the event where Tour de France teams don’t attack, and instead, they sit back and are happy to finish in the middle of the pack and not lose too much time. Look out for this, and you should be able to work things out based on which riders are going to be suited by the stage and who won’t be.

bet on the tour de france winner

If you are looking to back someone at a big price to win a stage then perhaps the best strategy is to look for a support rider who likes to be out in front. Their job will be to make the pace and set things up for those behind them, but from time to time if these riders are going well they will be allowed to stretch on to try and win the stage for themselves, and usually, they are not for catching.

Tour De France Betting Tips

Before making your Tour de France bet, you must know the best Tour de France betting tips. Choosing a Tour de France bookmaker isn’t as straightforward since there are some shady bookmakers, Tour de France also listed on their sites.

At, we do in-depth research on the different Tour de France betting sites to find the most trustworthy one for betting Tour de France. We want you to be able to betting on Tour de France and know your winnings are secure and that you’re getting the best Tour de France betting odds.

Here are tips for when you bet on Tour de France, so you know the favourites Tour de France cyclists and TDF betting odds. We look at the cyclists’ nationality, training regimes, stats and the betting odds on Tour de France. We also review the Tour de France bookmakers.

tour de of france live betting sites

Rider Nationality

While a rider’s nationality doesn’t necessarily give them a better chance to win, we can look at the history of wins that country has under their belt. The Tour de France favourites have historically been France, with 36 wins since the race started in 1903.

They’re followed by Belgium, with 18 wins, and Spain, with 12 wins. However, UK’s Chris Froome won the race in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and has high Tour de France winner betting odds. Australia is another rising competitor, with Richie Porte being a favourite.

Training Regimes

Tour de France gambling depends on the bettor knowing that this is ultimately a team competition. We’ve talked about climbers and sprinters, and when you bet on Tour de France winner, you should understand their role. 

Their training starts the previous year in November/December when they build their aerobic base. In February/March, the riders start training more intensely to see what level of speed they can realistically sustain. In April, they start their race-specific training to ensure they’re in the best possible shape for the race and their role in it. 

betting on the bookmaker tour de france

Look at the Stats

While the race’s distance and the route are different each year, the average distance covered from the year 2000 to 2021 is 3,491km. To bet Tour de France and know the best betting odds Tour de France, you should also look at the statistics of previous winners.

The average height of the race’s winner is around 1.77m, with their average weight being 68.4kg. The rider who’s currently the closest to joining the ranks of riders who won the race five times is Chris Froome, having won it four times to date. That’s one of the reasons why his TDF odds are so high, and he’s a favourite for Tour of France betting platforms.

Recent Form

Now that the course has been made public, the 2022 edition of this race opens up a new Tour de France betting preview. Tour de France gambling has already started taking off, with the betting on the Tour de France and the Tour de France odds fluctuating as the riders prepare.

The Tour de France live betting opens on the same day the race starts, on July 1st, and continues until July 24th. The race is 3,328km and starts in Copenhagen and ends in Paris.

bookmakers live betting tour de france

Live Markets

There are many live betting Tour de France opportunities, with bet on the Tour de France becoming more dynamic and involved as bettors watch the race. As the race progresses, the odds will fluctuate to mirror the actual events of the race. A good example is the Green Jersey odds, as it changes depending on the points the riders accumulate and who jostle for the lead as each stage finishes.

Tour De France Bookmakers

There are multiple online Tour de France bookmakers available for bettors to use, but not all of them are equally trustworthy and reliable. To make sure you wager at a top betting site, look at our recommended bookmakers, as we’ve evaluated them to ensure the best offerings.

When reviewing a bookmaker Tour de France, we first look to see if they’re licensed and a trustworthy site to bet at. It should use data encryption software and offer reliable payment methods. Further, we expect the best odds and live betting from their platform.

tour de france bookmaker green jersey odds

To ensure the best betting for Tour de France, we believe the platform should be user-friendly and offer different bet types and fast withdrawal speeds. We identified the best bookmaker and ensured that they’re not only secure, trustworthy and accessible but that they also offer an attractive welcome bonus to get you started.

Tour de France Live Stream: Where to Watch Online?

In the UK, Eurosport hold the rights and they will show every game on their TV channel. They have their own live streaming service which is called the Eurosport Player, and games will also be broadcast on here. Those watching from the US can watch on the beIN Network, which will broadcast Tour de France live stream on their TV channel as well as online.

For those wanting to catch the action from outside of these two territories, then the best bet is to find a good VPN service and connect to either the UK or US server. Once connected, simply head on over to Eurosport or beIN and you’ll be able to watch as normal.

Bookmakers Tour de France also streams some of the action live on their websites, and this is open to anyone, regardless of where in the world you are. Simply head on over to one of the big bookies s and look for the ‘live streaming’ link – it’s usually located near the top of the homepage.

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