College Basketball Betting Strategies

In many countries, watching and betting on college sports would seem a little strange but in the USA, this is seen as the second tier of competition, and thousands turn up each week to cheer on their teams. Get big sports betting bonus (up to 7 BTC) from Crypto bookies.

college basketball sports betting strategies and systems

One college sport that grabs a lot of attention is college basketball. So in this article you will find college basketball betting strategies. It is here where we find the next stars of the game, those that dominate in college will often go on to be NBA stars in the future. This makes it a great league for NBA fans to watch, you can catch a glimpse of what may happen next in the sport.

Many people who watch college basketball also bet on it, college sports betting is different from betting on the NBA as less is known about the teams involved (read this – NBA player props betting). However, if you do have the right knowledge then this is a big advantage to you and the chances of making a profit go up by quite a lot.


🐎 Is college sports betting legal?

✅ College sports betting is legal, but certain kinds of in-game prop bets incolving college games are banned.

🐎 Can you bet on college sports in USA?

✅ In certain states USA residents can legally bet using the internet, these states are Delaware, Iowa, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.

🐎 How do college sports make money?

College sports making money from TV and marketing rights. For example, last year University of Texas made $223 million earnings. So College sports bring in millions of dollars for universities each year.

🐎 Best college basketball bets?

Best college basketball betting markets are handicap and totals. More information you can find in basketball strategy guide.

🐎 Is NCAA Basketball Cancelled 2021?

Due to challenges by the pandemic, the Division I men’s basketball committee has decided to relocate the 13 sites previously chosen to host preliminary rounds.

Here we are going to look at some key points that you should consider when you are betting on college basketball. Get these college basketball betting strategy right and your chances of winning will certainly increase.

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Knowledge is Power in College Sports

There is no doubt that player and team knowledge is key in college sports, if you have this then you have power and maybe you will find your winning college basketball betting system. What you need to remember here is that we are talking about college sports and not the NBA.

Many of the people betting on these games won’t have intimate knowledge of the starting players on some teams, never mind those on the bench. The sports betting companies will have good knowledge and their study college basketball betting systems, but there is only so much their odds compilers can do together on college sports, as it really is a minefield.

The more knowledge you have, the more chance you have of being on a level playing field with your bookmaker and ahead of other players. You will be able to compare teams better if you know the players on the court and if there are things such as injuries occurring, you can factor that in and see who gets an advantage from it, and by how much.

college basketball betting strategy tips guide system

To highlight this, here is an example.

Casual NBA fans will know the main starters for most teams in the league. Big NBA fans will know pretty much every starter and many bench players. The die-hard fans who go in-depth will know every player in the league, as will bookmakers.

When it comes to NCAA college basketball, the chances are that casual fans won’t know starters on teams away from the big guns, and there will be many teams out there where they can’t name a single player.

best college basketball bets

Big fans will have a better knowledge of the starters for most teams, but not all, while they will struggle with bench players. Only the die-hard fans will have any clue about the bench players, these will know starters at every team, or very close to that, and it is unlikely that the bookies will have die-hard college basketball fans as their odds compilers.

The more you know with college basketball, the more you can use to your advantage over other players and the bookies, knowledge is power.

Why Becoming a Conference or Region Specialist is Vital

Anyone who looks at the number of different teams, divisions and conferences that are in play when we talk about college basketball will see that there is far too many for people to look at them all. If you are in the USA, it is easy to focus on those who play close by to you, while if you are outside of the states, you can choose an area you are familiar with and stick to that.

Narrowing down the games and teams you are looking at is incredibly important, fail to do this and you will end up swamping yourself with information. If you look at all leagues, you will have a basic knowledge of them all, narrow it down and you can have specialist level knowledge on just one division or conference.

is college sports betting legal

From a simple workload, watching games, looking at squads, working out who you like and don’t like from one conference is certainly manageable. You can go in-depth here without having too much work on your shoulders. However, add multiple divisions here and even the basic work will become too much, and you will start forgetting things and getting confused.

Betting on both NBA conferences is manageable, but for college sports of all types, including basketball, you really should consider focusing on just one small area.

Understanding College Schedules

When you bet on any sport of any time you should always look at the schedule and work out who gets an advantage and who has things tough. This is even more important when it comes to college schedules.

Games are played across many different days, but teams can play twice in three days, and sometimes back to back. If there is travelling involved with this, things become a whole lot tougher for that team.

can you bet betting on college sports

For this reason, you need to be looking at the schedules when you are betting on games and working out where the problems lie for specific teams. This is something that you may have done before with the NBA, especially in terms of moving from coast to coast or playing back to back, so this is something that should be familiar for gamblers.

There is no big science in this college basketball betting guide, just look at the two or three days prior to the game and see what two teams are doing. If one is off and they have previously played at home so there is no travel involved, they are going to have a nice rest before the game. If the other played the night before, and they have to travel to the game then that could present an opportunity for you to place a bet on the team that has had a rest.

More articles about basketball betting, you can find in basketball betting strategy page.

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