Booking Points In Football Betting

These days, you can bet on anything when it comes to the beautiful game of football. It is possible to back goals, goalscorers, and results and also add value to your bets with some additional niche football betting markets.

Placing bets on total number of booking points is one of those. You can add real value to your bets with this more niche market, as it is profitable on its own. For new gamblers, booking points betting can prove to be a more complex and rather daunting market. 

If you want to get started with this profitable football betting market, then this article has got you covered. It covers everything that you want to know about booking points in football betting, including how it works, what it is, each card value, and other card betting markets that you can also try out. So what is booking points football betting?


⚽ What is booking points in betting?

In this instance, cards are given points, so a yellow card is worth 10 points while a red card is worth 25. Here you bet on a number of points, and the total points in the game is what all of the cards add up to. This is a little more complicated than the first way to bet but great for those who want to bet on cards in a slightly different way.

⚽ What is average booking points per game in EPL?

In the Premier League last five seasons average yellow cards shown per game was 3.24 and red cards were shown in every 8.33 matches. So if you count in booking points the average will be 35 points.

⚽ How many points is a yellow card?

Yellow card is worth 10 booking points, if a player gets a second yellow card and red card, the total will be 35 booking points, not 45 points, because second yellow card booking points are not counted.

⚽ Do bookings in betting counts on football substitutes and managers?

❌ No, many bookmakers do not count, they only count players who are on the football field.

⚽ What is team booking points?

If you are betting on team booking points, you need to count the total number of cards shown for both teams.

Total booking points in betting are simply exclusive to football, and it is kind of a wagering market of some sort. As a punter, you place a bet on the number of cards that will be in a given football game. Each card features specific points, and it is possible to wager on the total number of bookings points during a football game or half of the match.

For each booking in football match, sportsbooks will provide points. The number of points provided varies depending on the booking given. Betting on booking points is mainly backing the correct number of points that each team will score in a single match. This usually comes in under/over format.

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How Booking Points in Football Betting Works?

Now that you understand what booking points football betting is, it is a perfect time to understand how the actual wager works. Just like many things in sports gambling, different betting companies will treat the specific bet in their own unique way.

total team booking points in football betting

Despite that, there’re certain elements football booking in betting that all websites will treat in the same way, like awarding of points, even if the process and the number of points vary from one company to another. 

Many bookies treat football booking points bet markets as under/over. After finding the correct wager on your sportsbook of choice, you will see several options along the lines of over 40 points, exactly 40 points, and under 40 booking points.

how many points is a yellow card

While this is a self-explanatory wager, you need to decide whether the referees are more likely to brandish their cards enough time to take the number of card booking points earned across the game about the provided mark. A sportsbook can also decide to set the cutoff points at 40 while others might have it lower or higher.

The nature of points provided is such that a wager on exactly 40 points is one, meaning that you think there will be about four yellow cards given by a referee in a single match. If a referee issues a red card, either as two yellows or a straight red, you will be on an uneven digit, making it possible for the 40 points to be the total for the entire game. Two red cards would result in 50 points, taking the bettors into the over bracket.

yellow card handicap booking points bet

Due to this, placing a bet on exactly 40 points isn’t the most informed decision that you can make. When it comes to what the 40 point bracket can cover, an under 40 points bet will accommodate these combinations:

  • One red card and one yellow card
  • Two yellow cards and one red card
  • Three yellow cards

You can go under these things, but they represent that maximum that would be accepted in every category to accommodate the under 40 booking points wager. Anything that is over means that an over 40 points wager would be a loser.

total number of booking points

On the other hand, an over 40 points bet would win. As already mentioned in this article, an exactly 40 points bet would require four yellow cards to be used across the 90 minutes of the football game.

Booking Points Explained: Each Card Value in Football Betting Booking Points

As you already know, a football game includes red and yellow cards, so bookies award several booking points to each and giving 20 booking points totals. In most cases, the points are provided as follows:

  • One yellow card – 10 booking points
  • Two yellow cards and later a red card for the same player – 35 booking points
  • One red card – 25 booking points
total number of bookings in card betting

Many players do not understand the reason why the second yellow card and a red card are worth thirty-five points and not forty-five points. It is because the second yellow card bookings points is not counted even if the red card is appealed or reversed later. And that means a single-player cannot get over thirty-five booking points.

In football, substitutes and managers can also get red and yellow cards. As a new punter, you would easily think that booking points yellow card counts as well. However, many bookies do not count that. They only count when someone is playing on the field.

Other Card Betting Markets

In football, there are numerous betting options that you can choose from. So when you decide to place a bet on any football game, do not be surprised to find other card betting markets that you can wager on. The most popular card markets that many bookies offer are:

  • Total team cards
  • Total cards
  • The first card (no yellow or red, no bet)
  • Card handicap markets
  • Team to get the last or the first card
  • Red card given
  • Specific football player to get a card during the game
  • Specific team to get a red card
10 20 25 40 card booking points

Each sportsbook is unique and offers various markets in all these categories. But to enjoy the best betting experience, you should be sure to choose the best bookmaker for placing bets on football cards.

Go for bookies that offer a massive array of markets for red and yellow cards. The bookies should also be secure and should provide you with competitive odds for these markets as well as generous promotions to take advantage of. 

Quick payouts, lots of payment options, top-notch support services, and mobile compatibility should also be among the factors to keep in mind. To make your selection process a straightforward one, you should choose a site that experts recommend.

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