Betting On Yellow/Red Cards And The Influence of Referees. Part I

  • 12 Jan 2018
    2 min. read
betting on yellow/red cards

This time SmartBettingGuide shares some thoughts and advices on football betting. To be more precise – betting on yellow/red cards.

As in every other sport, football betting events can have some more options excluding wins, draws, losses and goals. This should not come as a surprise since football is the king of sports.

There are many games and events. This provides us a chance to bet on such things as a number of corners or to bet on yellow/red cards shown.

On another hand, to see red cards is not that usual, therefore the question by bookies is “will there be a red card?”

Anyway, this type of betting usually does not get a lot of attention due to variation which may be not taken into account do to sports-specific reasons. Those reasons are easy to understand and it may give you a huge advantage.


Some players tend to foul harder, some foul softer. Some players get many yellow cards through the season while others only a few. This is the reason why you should know teams and tendencies of certain players, before the start of betting on yellow/red cards.

This is really crucial because knowledge both sides (defensive and offensive) are important for the final result:

  • Players who tend to drive to the goal may get more attention from defense and be fouled hard.
  • Other players who are more passive will usually try to avoid foul-like situations.
  • There is a third type – players who love to make physical and psychological challenges. These players may push opponent in non-threatening situations, do some garbage talk. This psychological pressure may end up in a foul. As well physical fights can become fouls, despite the fact that the situation would not require to foul anyone.


Every team is different same as different is the playing style. It should be taken into an account whether the team is active on offense or defense. When two teams of very different level meet, you can often see that the weaker one has to concentrate of good defense (and this usually results in fouls and cards).

If both teams like to attack, there may be less fouls. The style of some teams depends on their culture. As we know England and Scotland teams use physical strength a lot. Meanwhile countries from the south (like Spain, Italy, Portugal) rely on their technique.

You have to understand importance of game tempo and formation which as well affects the number of fouls and yellow cards.


One of the most important usually forgotten factors is refereeing. No one else, but referees make decisions which have the biggest effect for the final outcome of our betting. Despite the football world is trying to make referee job perfect and consider every situation according to one gamebook, there is a human factor.

A referee is a living human person. Referees make mistakes and those mistakes may be the reason you lose or win. Just like players, referees have their own different styles, therefore judge physical contact differently.

In order to overcome that, you have to follow not only teams and players, but referees as well. You have to study stats of the referees. If you do that, you notice that some referees tend to show more yellow cards than others.

Of course, other afore mentioned factors have effect, but you cannot miss out on a chance to evaluate refs. When you are betting on yellow/red cards, you have to analyze referees same as you analyze teams.

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