How to Find the Best Tipster

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If you are looking to make money from gambling, then finding a tipster to give you advice may be the best way to do it.

If you go this way then remember that you will have to pay your tipster a subscription fee, so you need to be making enough money to cover that cost and make you a profit. Its very hard to find good and free guaranteed sports picks.

However, despite this, if you can find the right betting tipster and always get good quality sport prediction then they are going to bring you consistent results that go in your favour, and your betting profit is going to increase considerably.

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Look for an Expert

If you want help in the form of tips then it doesn’t have to be a sport you like or one that you already bet on. By using a tipster you are taking away the fact that you need to watch the sport, or that you need to have any knowledge of it at all.

The tipster does the hard work for you, all you need to do is understand the bets and know how to place them.

Tipsters cover a multitude of sports and betting markets, you will see them covering things like NHL ice hockey, goal scoring in German football, total points lines on the NFL and tennis game betting. If you are looking for the very best betting tipster to follow, it doesn’t matter what sport they bet on.

The one thing to avoid is finding an all-around sports tipster. It is not possible for someone to have a high level of knowledge about a number of different sports, or about a large number of leagues from around the world, these are the people you should avoid.

Generally speaking, you want an expert who focuses on one type of betting, because their knowledge of that is second to none. If you interesting to find best sports picks on football betting check our article about best football tipsters 2024 .

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ROI% is the Most Important Stat to Focus on

When comparing tipsters from different sports it can be very difficult to work out who is best. However, there is one thing on your side here, and that is the ROI% figures.

These can be used to compare the tipsters against each other on a level playing field. Don’t be fooled by claims of big points being won, or huge odds, these only tell half of the story.

The ROI% is how much percentage profit you make based on the stakes, the better the percentage, the better the tipster. For example, someone who has won £200 profit from £400 stake is an exceptional tipster.

If another betting tipster lands a big £400 win, but they have had to stake £1500 in bets to get that win, although the headline figure of £400 profit looks good, their ROI% is far lower, because you have had to stake more to win that amount of money.

You will regularly see claims of big wins, and points profit from tipsters. These may be good and may be true, but to confirm that you have to dive deeper into the stats and look at the ROI% numbers they are producing.

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Three Things to Look for in the Best Tipping Service

  • Professional service that will answer questions
  • Clear bet selections and stakes
  • Fully accessible profit and loss figures updated regularly

Something that is very important when looking at a tipping service is how open they are to answering questions from their members. Are they happy to answer requests and explain anything you are struggling to understand?

Those that do are generally the kind of services that stick around for the long run, while those that don’t are often the kind that are looking to make a quick buck before moving on.

It is very important to have clear tips and stakes from your tipster too. This cannot be stressed enough, and it is vital that you understand the bet so that you can put it on correctly. It is also worth adding here, that bets should make sense.

If for example, a tipster betting tells you that something is their bet of the day, that should be the one with the largest stake on it, not something else.

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The last thing to look for is a fully accessible profit and loss sheet. This is something that a tipster should keep, and something that should be updated on a regular basis.

Whether it is shared freely all of the time or sent out at the end of each month, it should be shown to the members with info about what has happened.

For the first few months, you are with a service it is always a good idea to keep your own profit and loss sheet based on the bets you place, and see how they compare to the official figures.

How Easy is it to Place Bets on the Tips?

This is something that those who follow tipsters who bet on minority sports may have struggled with in the past, but something a lot of people may not think about.

Are you able to freely place the bets that are given to you by your betting tipster, and are you able to get the same prices quoted to ensure your profit and loss is the same as the official one?

If a tipster is betting on a minority sport or betting market then it is likely that not every bookmaker will offer this, so you will need an account with someone that does.

Then there is the problem of getting the right price, if this is only available with one bookmaker then it may not be the bookmaker that you have your account with.

Every time you are taking a smaller price, you are giving yourself a smaller profit on the winners, which will make your figures different from the official ones.

If the tips are only available with one bookmaker, then this is bad news for the members. If the tipster is successful and winning on a regular basis then it will only be a matter of time before the bookmaker begins to shorten the prices quickly and close accounts, preventing you from getting on.

When looking for a tipster, make sure they offer bets that are available with multiple companies, to make backing them an easy task.

If you wanna find more information about sports betting, check out our betting guide page.

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