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Finding the very best football tipsters or soccer prediction site can be a tough job, but it is vitally important that you put the work in and find someone who you can trust and of course someone who can make you money. You will need to be wary of scams, false figures and claims that cannot be backed up. If you put the work in, you will find a great tipster because there are many of those available on the internet. However, without doing research and just picking the first that takes your eye is likely to end in disappointment, so make sure you don’t fall into this trap.

What is a Football Tipster?

A football tipster is someone who does the hard work for you in terms of picking out selections that you should be backing. There are some free tipsters available, but the majority will require payment for their tips. They will do the research on the upcoming games, and tell you where to put your money.

The best football tipsters usually focus on one specific country or league, as this is where their expert knowledge lies. If you find a tipster giving out tips from all over the different leagues in Europe then it is likely they don’t have the expert in-depth knowledge that you are looking for. If you see a tipster focusing on just one league or one country, then these are likely to have enough knowledge of that particular league or country to make you a profit.

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How to Choose a Good Tipster?

Regardless of anything you read from tipsters, there is one very important stat that you must know and must be happy with before you decide to go with a tipster. This is their ROI%, the most important stat in betting. This stat works out how profitable they are compared to how much money you have spent. Don’t expect huge ROI% figures for football tipsters, as the margins on football betting and the odds on offer are generally quite low. However, this is something you must see from the tipster and something that should go a long way to helping you make a decision. Good football tipster you can find on platform, its all best football tipsters in one place and you dont need find any other football prediction sites, also every day you can find free soccer prediction.

Its very important to choose not only good tipster, but good bookmaker to make your bets. Check out 2019 the best betting companies page. If you like betting with cryptocurrency check crypto bookies page.

Using ROI When Choosing a Tipster

For example, a tipster who spends £100 and wins you £120 back gives you a profit of £20 and an ROI% of 20%. A tipster who spends £1000 and wins you back £1100 gives you a larger profit of £100, but their ROI% is only 10%. This means you have to stake more of your money to win less back in terms of percentage profit, which makes betting using the second tipster far riskier.

The first tipster is the one you should choose because they are giving you better value for money. When they eventually get to giving you £1000 in bets, if they stay on the same profit course, you will win £200 profit, which is double the other tipster. However, on the bare facts, Tipster A has only won £20 profit, while Tipster B has won £100 profit. If Tipster B highlights that and screams about making £100 profit, it will get them new customers, but those who dive deep into the facts will realise which is the best service, and which they should be using.

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Ask For Recorded Profit and Loss

Before you purchase something you will always have a look and make sure it is the right item for you. The same goes when you are looking at tipsters, so don’t be scared to ask for profit and loss figures, and be sure to ask for them over a long period as tipsters can go through good and bad periods. If a tipster does not record profit and loss, or they are unwilling to give it to you then this is usually a sign that you should steer well clear of them. The reputable tipsters all know how important their figures are and will always have them on hand for you to take a look at.

What to Avoid with Football Tipsters

Generally speaking, like many other things, if something looks too good to be true then it probably is. If you see a tipster promoting a big win and then they go quiet for a couple of weeks, it is likely because they are having a lot of losers, but don’t want you to know.

If you see a tipster talking about how many points profit they have made, then don’t be fooled by this and always look at the ROI%. If they are giving you £100 in profit, how much do you have to spend to get that? ROI% will tell you this, and allow you to compare tipsters on a level playing field.

It is always worth avoiding those that seem to place random bets too, or those that bet on every single day. When you are looking for an expert tipster, you want someone with in-depth knowledge of one league, not someone who bets on games from around the world on a daily basis, these tipsters do not have the knowledge you need.

Avoid Scams with Fixed Matches

Football is usually above board, and the two teams competing in a game against each other are both usually trying to win the game. However, in the past, there has been occasions where match-fixing has taken place, although these are few and far between.

Some tipsters play on this, and tell punters they have inside information on a game that will be fixed, and that they are going to sell that information for money. This is a classic tipster scam and one that you should stay well clear of. We very rarely see fixed football games, but if there is one then it is highly unlikely that an internet football tipster will have information on that to sell to punters. This is just an opportunity to try and market and sell something different, to try and get some new members on board, so make sure you are not one of the people who get involved with it. If you will find best football prediction site, its like to find gold, be ready to gamble and dont share with other, because best football tipsters can drop very fast odds on events that you willing to bet.

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