Australian Rules Football League Betting Guide

Australia is one of the most unique countries in the world. Its uniqueness can be found all over the country from its people to their pastimes. One of these unique pastimes locals enjoy is Australian Rules Football. Aussie Rules Football is an enigma to people outside of Australia. While the NFL and American football resemble rugby in various ways, Aussie Rules Football doesn’t look like any other sport. Although you can find elements of other games such as soccer, American football bets, rugby, and even basketball, Aussie Rules Football is something very special. 

afl line sports betting odds market system

Aussie Rules Football is the most popular sport Downunder and a favourite for sports punters. On the surface, the game looks extremely complex. If you are not familiar with Australian Rules Football, you may shy away from AFL Premiership betting.

A little bit of information and logging some hours watching matches will give you the knowledge needed to starting Aussie rules football betting. If you want make AFL football betting with cryptocurrencies – check best cryptocurency betting sites rating.

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What is Australian Rules Football?

Australian Rules Football is played at a frenetic pace. The game offers few opportunities for players to stop and catch their breath. The physical fitness of Aussie Rules players is incredibly high and like ice hockey players, they are considered some of the fittest in the world. 

The game is played with an elliptical-shaped ball similar to the one used in rugby. However, unlike rugby, players must bounce the ball once every 15 metres. Passes can be completed by a player spiking the ball with their hand (similar to volleyball) or simply by kicking it to a teammate.


🏉 What is line betting AFL is it same as handicap betting?

✅ Yes it same, line betting AFL is the market to make both betting outcomes equal. The bookmakers giving both team a handicap, know as a line.

🏉 How does AFL line betting work?

Bookmaker gives handicap line to make both teams equal. For example bookies gives 6 points handicap for better team, so you can wager that this team will win by more than 6 points. If a bookie give +6 points handicap line, then your bet will win if your team loses by 5 points or less or wins the game.

🏉 Where to find best AFL finals odds?

Best AFL odds for finals gives crypto bookmakers.

🏉 Who is favourite to win AFL grand final?

Favorite to win AFL Grand Final is Richmond Tigers – WilliamHill gives 4.33 odds.

🏉 What is winning AFL betting system?

If you betting on odds over than 1.85, you need be right 54% of your bets to have winning AFL betting system. How to do that, read our betting guide.

🏉 AFL finals betting is different by regular season betting?

In AFL regular season teams playing 22 matches in 23 round. Top 8 teams qualify for the Final Series. Difference between betting in regular season and finals is that finals games are more serious. Teams concentrate way more because Grand Final is a single-elimination tournament and one loss will send teams home.

🏉 What size is an Aussie Rules pitch?

Australian rules football playing surface is oval in shape – 135m to 185m long and 110m to 155m wide.

🏉 What is AFL best bets?

If you want make profitable AFL bets, you need to find bets from these AFL betting markets – overall points, over/under. These markets is best due to the high australian football scoring nature.


🏉 How to bet on AFL online betting site?

Find best betting companies which have AFL betting markets, open account, choose teams and odds and have fun, but make sure its not summer in Australia, because AFL league is not running during this time.

🏉 What is difference between AFL and rugby?

Australian Football and rugby is completely different. AFL is played on a large oval, players moving ball by kicking, catching, running and hand-passing to get within range of kicking the ball between two large uprights. Rugby main element is throwing ball and this is completely prohibited in AFL. In rugby players running forward to touch down the ball in the end zone.

Points are scored by kicking the ball through the goal for six points or behind the posts for one point. The ball can be kicked at any height to score. The variety in passes and scoring allows games to be open and fast-paced. Games can be high scoring due to the way in which points are tallied. 

Australian Rules Football betting is extremely addictive, because pace of the game makes it nearly impossible to take your eyes off of it. 

What are the Differences Between American Football and Soccer?

American football is a stop-start game in which players line up against each other. On average each play in the NFL latest fewer that 15 seconds making games feel tedious. Teams also run set plays against each other almost like old-fashioned pitched battles in war.

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Australian Rules Football is far wider open with players scattered across an oval pitch rather than a rectangular one. The Australian game allows for each team to have 18 players on the field at a time. That makes for 36 total players on the pitch. American football, like soccer, calls for each team to have 11 players. 

American football allows the quarterback to throw the ball vertically down the field while Aussie Rules players can only move the ball vertically by spiking and kicking it. In addition, players must dribble the ball every few steps, which is more akin to basketball. While players can use their hands in Aussie Rules Football, only goalkeepers in soccer can use their hands. The gameplay and rules of Aussie football makes it incredibly different than any other popular sport. 

grand final afl aussie rules betting tips

AFL Betting Tips and Markets

The Australian Football League is the top tier of professional Aussie Rules Football in the world. The AFL has 18 teams and can trace its history back to 1897. Five of Australia’s six states possess teams making up the division. 

AFL winnerAFL OddsBookmaker
Richmond Tigers5
Brisbane Lions7.50
West Coast Eagles9.00
Geelong Cats6.5

The season consists of 23 rounds with teams playing 22 matches. Each club is given one round off as a bye. The AFL’s top eight teams qualify for the AFL Finals rules series. Like the NFL or FA Cup, the teams then compete in a single-elimination tournament to crown the Grand Final winner. If you want find best AFL Grand Final betting odds, you need to check best online sports betting site for 2024 .

how does afl line betting work

AFL betting promotions a host of betting markets. One of the most popular is the overall points market. The overall points AFL markets, or over/under, is a popular AFL betting market due to the high australian rules football scoring nature of the league. Fans can also bet on AFL futures betting and winners of the Grand Final before the campaign kicks off. The AFL season begins in March and runs through September. It encompasses the Australian winter which takes place during summer in the northern hemisphere. Of course, there is the outright winner australian football betting market that fans can wager on. 

One of the most popular AFL betting strategies for bettors looking to make profits is AFL sports betting on an underdog team that scores a lot of behinds. If you can find a team that scores points from behinds, it means they are capable of causing an upset. 

what is line betting afl finals odds

AFL Favourites to Win

Richmond Tigers are a perennial AFL Premiership favourites to win the AFL’s Grand Final each year. The club won the 2017, 2019, 2020 editions of the Grand Finals. Their success has been recent and the 2021 season sees them as one of the favourites to become premiers once more. Richmond have won 13 Grand Finals since being founded in 1885.

Another AFL finals favourites to win the premiers title in 2020 are Collingwood. The Magpies were runners-up in 2018 having been beaten by West Coast Eagles. Collingwood are 15-times premiers but have not won the Grand Finals since 2010. They are one of the best-supported clubs in the AFL. 

afl football betting grand final odds sites

Joining Richmond Tigers and Collingwood as favourites to win the league are 2018 premiers, the West Coast Eagles. The Perth-based team are four-time Grand Final winners. Greater Western Sydney are an outsider to win the AFL premiers title this season. The club has never won the Grand Final and are one of the AFL’s newer teams. The Greater Western Sydney Giants have only been in the AFL since 2012. In 2019, the Giants played in their first-ever Grand Final and lost to Richmond, 114-25.

Australian Rules Football is an incredibly fast-paced sport that is beloved by people Downunder. The popularity of the sport continues to grow around the world and sports betting on AFL matches is at an all-time high. Whether you fancy bet AFL on match winner AFL betting markets or total points, wagering on AFL matches can be lucrative and a whole lot of fun.

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AFL Grand Final Betting Tips

As the AFL is one of the top-viewed sporting leagues in Australia, it is naturally popular with bettors to bet on AFL Grand final. Looking for value in market is popular among AFL fans and it doesn’t get much bigger than the AFL Grand Final.

Best australian rules online betting bookmakers tend to be on the ball when it comes to publishing odds so keep your eyes peeled for early AFL Grand final odds. At this stage, you may be able to spot some value selections. When the event has yet to start, these markets are known as ‘futures’. 

afl grand finals tips bets rules

There are lots of AFL Grand final betting markets you can focus your efforts on but the most popular is undoubtedly the outright winner market (AFL Grand final favourites betting). As the season draws closer, you will likely notice a great selection of markets becoming available for betting AFL Grand final. It may be worth waiting until closer to the season starts for more information and a more informed selection.

Main AFL finals tips of betting is dont forget to compare betting odds AFL Grand final across multiple sportsbooks in order to get the best value for your bet. This is particularly important if you are staking a larger sum as is typical with season-long outright bets. A small difference in AFL finals odds will be amplified the larger your wager on that selection so this is a consideration worth making. Also look in bookmakers for some AFL Grand final betting promotions, its also adds some value to your AFL Grand final bets and some money to your bankroll.

AFL Line Betting Explained

What does line mean in betting AFL? AFL Line bet is backing selections that are handicapped by the bookie. You can back sides to win by a minimum margin when they are handicapped as such. For example, if a side is handicapped by 4.5 points and you back that selection, you are essentially saying that you think that team will win by five points or more. These handicaps are usually expressed as -4.5 (or +4.5 for the inverse). Line betting is a good way to create value in matches where you want to back the clear favourite and as such, outright AFL football odds don’t represent value.

betting afl line bet grand final favourites

Line bets can sometimes be confused with margin bets as they share certain similarities. The key difference between these two markets is that the bookmaker does not handicap selections in margin bets. Instead, line betting essentially moves the goalposts intending to balance the contest and present a more interesting (and potentially valuable) online betting AFL market. 

Best Online Australian Rules Betting Site


This online casino and sportsbook have quickly established a name for themselves after opening its virtual doors in 2020. 888Starz boasts a user-friendly platform with a rich reward system.

One of the most notable features of 888Starz is the ability to make deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin. Crypto sportsbooks are becoming increasingly popular and having the choice to use Bitcoin as a payment method is a welcome addition.

betting odds afl grand final bets 888starz

There are upwards of 60 language options and plenty of customisation options to make your account feel like your own. The platform is easy to navigate and finding the Australian rules betting market of your choice is a breeze. 

888Starz is mobile-optimised for convenient use wherever you may be as long as you have a stable internet connection. You can access the 888Starz sportsbook using IOS or Android through smartphones and tablets. 


If you’re looking for a large selection of markets that you may not find on other similar sportsbooks, 1xBit is worth some consideration. This sportsbook offers less common betting markets that you won’t always see on more established platforms. 2021 AFL Premiership odds on these selections also tend to compare favourably.

1xBit accepts cryptocurrency as a deposit method which gives further flexibility for would-be punters. Live betting is another highlight for this platform thanks to solid odds and responsive inputs.


The selection of Aussie rules bet options at UniBet is huge. The platform is perhaps best known for offering a large variety of different sports aside from the usual suspects which is perfect for Aussie rules. 

As is expected, UniBet provides live betting options so you can back selections in-play at your leisure. The in play AFL betting section of the website allows you to follow the action live with changing odds and updating scores. 

This is certainly an impressive sportsbook with a lot to offer and should definitely be considered for punters looking for a new platform to bet on and this is maybe the best australian rules betting site.


FortuneJack is a reliable online sportsbook platform with a strong emphasis on security. Once again, you can use cryptocurrency to make deposits as well as other more commonly used banking methods. This makes FortuneJack a flexible option for punters who want to use BitCoin.

There are lots of betting options on FortuneJack with plenty of sports aside from Australian rules. The sportsbook has built a strong reputation since being established back in 2014 and continues to move with the times.

The platform is easy to navigate and user-friendly. FortuneJack is worthy of consideration if you’re after a new place to back your team. The Australian rules betting odds on this site are comparable to other best australian rules betting sites so you won’t be left feeling shortchanged.


If you are keen to find a sportsbook with a modern aesthetic for a mobile-optimised sportsbook, Cloudbet will surely deliver. The layout and interface is excellent and the site is very responsive.

AFL betting odds Grand final found on Cloudbet offer strong value, also particularly on the most popular sports. You will likely find that the edge is slightly reduced in less popular sports like Australian rules. 

The customer service at Cloudbet is reliable and efficient and there are few better options if you’re looking for a quality sportsbook with crypto options to bet on Aussie rules through.


This is one of the top sportsbooks to come out of South America. Although primarily targeted at Brazilian punters, the platform is accessible from outside the country. 

There are lots of different sports betting markets and Brazino777 has a helpful customer service team that can be reached via live chat. Customer assistance is available around the clock with whatever you may need.

The online sportsbook offers a variety of easy-to-use payment options and solid bonuses and promotions. They are absolutely worth your consideration if you are after a new sportsbook platform, but our verdict its not the best australian rules betting online place.

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