Beach Volleyball Betting Tips 2024

Beach volleyball is a little sister to regular volleyball. But during its existence as an independent sport, beach volleyball has managed to attract a huge fan base from around the globe, including those interested in beach volleyball betting.

The sport attracts fans with its unpredictability, the tanned bodies of players and excitement.

Beach volleyball is popular in countries with modern resort areas. However, the internet has made it popular globally.

And as a result, viewers and bettors can access any information about the sport, including insights for crypto sports betting. Currently, many sportsbooks allow beach volleyball enthusiasts to watch live events and place bets anywhere, anytime.

As the number of major events increases, more and more sportsbooks are starting to offer beach volleyball bets.


🏐 Where did beach volleyball originate?

Beach volleyball most likely originated in Southern California, United States, during the 1920s as an evolution of indoor volleyball, played by beachgoers in places like Santa Monica. It has since grown into an international sport with professional leagues and became an official Olympic sport in 1996.

🏐 What are beach volleyball rules?

Beach volleyball is played with two teams of two players each, aiming to score points by sending the ball over the net and into the opponent’s court while following rules such as no more than three touches per side and no open-handed tipping or carrying. The first team to reach a set number of points (usually 21 or 15) with a two-point lead wins the set, and the match is typically best of three sets.

🏐 When is beach volleyball season?

Beach volleyball season typically occurs during the warmer months, starting in the spring or early summer and extending through the autumn or early fall. It can vary depending on the location and climate, with some regions having a year-round beach volleyball season due to their consistently warm and sunny weather.

🏐 How is beach volleyball different than indoor volleyball?

Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball differ in several key ways. Firstly, beach volleyball is played on sand with only two players per team, while indoor volleyball is played on a hard court with six players per team. Secondly, the rules and strategies vary between the two versions, with beach volleyball typically requiring players to rely more on individual skills and adaptability due to the smaller team size and challenging sand terrain.

🏐 Why beach volleyball players wear bikinis?

Beach volleyball players often wear bikinis due to tradition, comfort, and practicality. The bikini’s design allows for ease of movement and helps players cope with the heat on the sandy beach courts, making it a popular choice for many athletes in the sport.

For beach volleyball bettors to make informed wagers and increase their bankrolls, they need to find the best predictions and expert-proven tips.

Luckily, if you’re one of them, there is no need to look elsewhere, as this page has everything you need to know!

On this page, you’ll find free beach volleyball forecasts and betting tips for major events, including the 2023 Beach Volleyball European Championships. Continue reading to discover the best predictions and expert tips.

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Basic Beach Volleyball Betting Tips

Smart beach volleyball betting requires bettors to learn more than the game’s rules and how to place wagers. In line with this, you must thoroughly research and familiarise yourself with various beach volleyball betting aspects.


With that in mind, here are the basic beach volleyball betting tips and strategies to remember any time you want to place an educated bet.

  1. Choose a dedicated beach volleyball betting bookmaker: The first step towards an informed beach volleyball bet is to find a bookmaker that offers everything you need regarding the sport. From competitive odds and lucrative bonuses to a vast range of markets and events to pick from. 
  2. Keep up with weather forecasts: Beach volleyball is an outside sport, meaning it depends heavily on weather conditions. A good example is how wind affects the ball’s fight since it is lightweight.
  3. Follow beach volleyball tipsters: Nothing beats an informed tip or prediction from an experienced beach volleyball expert when placing a bet. Predictions from expert tipsters offer valuable insights, especially when it comes to making challenging bets. Once you obtain a tip from a beach volleyball expert, try your best to research before you can utilise it.
  4. Keep in mind important factors that affect beach volleyball results: When deciding how to place a bet on a beach volleyball game, it’s important to consider various factors. They include players’ illnesses and injuries, the quality of sand, team dynamics, and tournament schedules.
  5. Take advantage of sports betting promotions and bonuses: Beach volleyball betting bonuses and promotions allow you to increase your bankroll without breaking the bank. Find bookies that offer generous promotions that feature player-friendly terms and conditions, including wagering requirements.

Beach Volleyball Rules

Be sure to understand key vital rules of the beach volleyball game before you can start betting. These key beach volleyball rules include the following:

✔️ A team is always looking to ground the ball on the opposition’s side.

✔️ A point is only won by a team that manages to ground the ball on the opponent’s side.

✔️ A fault is committed if a team illegally sends the beach volleyball ball.

✔️ Different players can make consecutive contacts before a team can send the beach volleyball ball to the opponent’s side. Only three touches are accepted for a team before it can send the ball to the opposing side.

✔️ The playing ground must be made of sand. Debris and rocks are usually removed. The level of sand needs to be 40 centimeters deep; however, it can increase based on the tournament.

✔️ Each team is made up of two players, meaning only four can play in a single match.

✔️ Open-hand touches aren’t accepted in beach volleyball.

✔️ The scoring system in beach volleyball is interesting. The best of three sets are played between players. A beach volleyball team can collect a maximum of 21 points to win a game. If the game is moved to the deciding or third set, the maximum points are reduced from 21 to 15.

How to Bet on Beach Volleyball

Betting on beach volleyball provides you with plenty of different techniques to get your stake in a match.

The most common beach volleyball betting strategy include the outcome (team A or B to win), the final score (the best of three games 1-2, 0-2, 2-1 or 2-0), and set wins (pick which team wins each specific set).

 Other popular bets include handicaps and spreads, futures and outrights (which team will win the competition) and live betting (placing bets on ongoing beach volleyball games).

The Difference between Indoor Volleyball and Beach Volleyball in Terms of Betting

Bets on beach volleyball and indoor volleyball have nothing in common. The main differences originate from the sport’s codes, which the following table provides.

Beach VolleyballIndoor Volleyball
Team Size 2 players without substitutes6 players and substitutions accepted
Scoring21 points to win a set – first to 2 sets 25 points to win a set – first to 3 sets
WeatherMother nature determines playing conditionsDoesn’t have weather conditions to compete with – a roof, four walls and air conditioning are available to control the climate for fans and players
The BallIt is softer, marginally bigger and lighter, allowing for crazy diving plays and closer distances between playersIt is softer, marginally bigger and lighter, allowing for crazy diving plays and closer distances between players
Court Size 26 feet (8 metres) by 52 feet (18 metres)29.5 feet (9 metres) and 59 feet (18 metres)

2023 Beach Volleyball European Championship Favourites 

The European Championship Beach Volleyball tournament is where the best teams go head to head to lift the trophy. That means each team isn’t an easy one to beat. While each team is competitive, there must be a winner, and here are our beach volleyball predictions:

CompetitionThe FavouritesDescription
Women’s CompetitionSamoilova/GraudinaAnastasija Samoilova and Tina Graudina are the current reigning champions. After winning the 2019 European Championship, they defeated the previous European Champions in 2021. 

In 2022, they defeated Nina Brunner and Tanja Huberli, the most celebrated beach volleyball players, in impressive three sets lifting the trophy once again.

They’ll be looking to defend their trophy again in the 2023 Beach Volleyball European Championships to make history.

Men’s CompetitionMol/SorumNo team in the men’s competition deserves the title “beach heroes” more than Anders Mol and Christian Sorum. These two beach volleyball players not only managed to dominate the 2022 tournament, but they have achieved that for several years.

After their huge success in 2018, it seems like there’s no limit for Vikings Anders and Christian Sorum. They already belong to one of the greatest beach volleyball teams in Europe and globally.

Mol and Sorum can call themselves Olympic champions, world champions, A1 CEV Nations Cup Vienna 2023 winners, European Champion winners, and the reigning world number one. Since they’re fit and still competitive, they’re more likely to continue with their winning streak in Vienna in the 2023 Beach Volleyball European Championships tournament.

2023 Beach Volleyball European Championships (Dates/Place/Format)

The Beach Volleyball European Championships are a yearly unisex sports tournament for national teams. European Volleyball Confederation organises and manages the tournament. The 2023 Beach Volleyball European Championships competition will take place between August 2nd and 6th, 2023. 

After delivering the CEV Beach Volleyball Nations Cup in 2022, EuroBeachVolley in 2021 and the 2017 World Championships, Vienna, Australia, will welcome the next EuroBeachVolley. The competition will have 32 teams per gender, and the prize money is €100,000 for the winner. 

In terms of format, the group phase will take place in a modified pool play format. The best three beach volleyball teams will proceed to the knockout phase up to the final. Here is a summary of the 2023 Euro Beach Volleyball tournament.

CompetitionMen’s CompetitionWomen’s Competition
Date3rd to 6th August 20232nd to 5th August 2023
Reigning ChampionsAhman/Hellvig (SWE)Samoilova/Graudina (LAT)
Teams64 (32 per gender)
VenueRed Bull Beach Arena – Centre Court 
Prize Money€200,000 (€100,000 per gender)
FormatPool play – Elimination/Round of 16 – Quarterfinals, Semifinals – Medal Matches

We hope that you enjoyed our article on Beach Volleyball Betting!

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