Arbitrage Betting (Sure Bets) and Problems That May Arise

  • 14 Feb 2018
    2 min. read
Arbitrage betting

In the first part of the article SmartBettingGuide explained you what is an arbitrage betting and how can you count sure bets. This time we are going to discuss problems that you might usually face.

Part I: Arbitrage Betting (Sure Bets) – Guaranteed Way To Win

Despite all the obstacles, it has to be noted that betting arbitrage is an absolutely legal way to bet and make money. Only a handful of bookies have a negative approach towards arbitrage betting while others even suggest to use this type of betting. The reason of that is fairly simple – bookmakers make money of that because odds are balanced and companies take their margins anyway.

We have already discussed how to count sure bets and other important aspects of it. However, we should not forget some risks that may disturb you:

  • You have to have a reasonable budget for betting. Otherwise sure bets will not really interest you because return usually is pretty low. 100 EUR will not be enough. It is recommended to have at least 2 500 EUR.
  • Verified accounts in a lot of best online betting websites is a must! You never know where the opportunity occurs, so registration and verification of your account can take lots of your time and make you late to use that opportunity.
  • You need to make bets in time. Although arbitrage betting seems risk free, but there are some risks. If you want to get certain return, you have to make calculations and bets in time, while odds had not changed. Even small changes of odds can make your profit into loss.
  • Elaborating on the third paragraph, you cannot forget that you will have to deposit money in many different betting websites. Sometimes arbitrage will require you to make bets at different bookies, so in order to save time you must have enough money in your account. If you do not have money in your account, it will take some time to make the deposit and in the meantime odds may change.
  • Calculations take time. You cannot make mistakes if you want to make guaranteed profit. Besides that, if you do your calculations manually, you will spend decent amount of time analyzing various events and odds. You can choose software and internet services that find arbitrage bets and do all the necessary calculations. However, this usually is pricey. Budget needs to be big enough if you want to buy these services, have money for betting and make decent profit.
  • Even if you have big budget, you need to take into an account that you must be able to place required sums on certain events. This sounds simple but in some cases, when you need to use few bookies, one might limit the amount you can bet significantly. Therefore, thus would result in only minor profit which is not worth the effort.
  • Finally, there are some bookmakers which do not want you to make arbitrage bets. Some bookies might limit your possibilities to make profit this way.

Even though this kind of betting is not new and many players make money, this is not one of top choices. Many players get fascinated by quick possibilities that are risky and do not choose what is slower, but has less risks.

If you ever decide to try betting arbitrage out, SmartBettingGuide recommends you to use paid services which will save your time and make error-free calculations. Likewise you can try to use free alternatives like

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