Alternative Bets to Football Accumulator Betting

The football accumulator bet is the most popular bet out there, and millions of people around the world use this bet on a weekly basis on what is the most popular betting sport.

Accumulators betting appeal because they offer a high reward for low risk in terms of the money spent compared to the potential winnings. However, anyone who has placed an accumulator bet will know that these are not easy to land, they are high risk in terms of the chances of winning.

For this reason, some gamblers will be on the lookout for another types of accumulator bets, to replace their accumulators with something else that gives them more chance of winning acca. These are multiple bets, that cover many different bets on the selections you have chosen. This could be something small, but this football accumulator betting can stretch into big numbers, where you need to have a small unit stake to keep things under control.


⚽ How do you win big on football accumulators?

To make big win from a football accumulator first of all you need to look for value picks, make solid selections and make sure you win maximum possible from your bet.

⚽ How many bets make an ACCA?

Accumulator bet consists of four selections or more that are combined in one bet and all these selections need to win in order to make profit.

⚽ What is treble in betting?

Treble in betting is when you select three single bets which are combined into one bet.

⚽ What is ninefold bet?

Nine fold betting is an accumulator bet that has 10 selections and you need to guess 9 games out of 10 to get your money return.

⚽ Are accumulator bets worth it?

❌ If you want to make profit from sports betting, you should avoid betting on accumulators. The main reason these bets have no value and have big variance.

But what are the best alternative betting to a football accumulator? Here are some bets you can try in 2024 if you are looking for an alternative to your standard accumulator bet. Punters should check best online sportsbooks.

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Alternative Bets: Bet to Win if One Team Loses

This first bet can be used by anyone, regardless of the number of teams you have chosen and for that reason, it doesn’t have a name. For example, if you have six teams then this would be placing fivefolds on the six teams, if you have 10 teams, it would be nine folds bet on the teams.

The number of alternative bets you place here is the same as the number of teams in your bet, so if you have six teams then there are six fivefolds, so you will be paying 6 x your unit stake.

If you generally stake five unites on an accumulator, a 1 unit fivefold bet on six teams would cost a total of six units, so a similar price.

different types of accumulator bets accumulators bet

The idea with this bet comes from the fact that many acca accumulator players out there will fall one short of a winning bet a few times throughout the season. Betting in this way means that when this happens, you will actually win. The win won’t be as big as a normal one, but it will be enough of a pickup to pay for your next few bets.

If you get all teams correct, rather than having one winning six fold bet you will have six winning fivefold betting. These won’t add up to the same amount as an acca but will still offer a big return.

Accumulator Betting: Split Your Acca into Two Bets

This is a tactic that some people use, but it is only worth doing if you place bets with a lot of teams inside. Effectively here you are going from placing one bet on your teams to placing three.

For example, if you bet on eight teams, you would still place your eight-team acca, but also place two four-team accas by splitting your eight teams into two other bets. How you split is entirely up to you and the flaw of betting in this way is you could have six winners, but three in each of your additional bets, so you don’t get a return despite having six correct out of eight.

fivefold six fold bet betting acca trebles

Using the above example of a five unit acca, you could split this down in a few different ways. You can go with the acca as your main bet still and place three units on that, with one each on the two fourfolds, or favour the fourfolds and put two units on each of those with one on your acca, the choice is yours.

Betting Trebles

Rather than going for the big winning accumulator betting every time, if you have selections at nice prices then put them into trebles. The most common way to do this is with five selections, and in this example, there are a total of 10 trebles that make up the bet.

You need three out of five to win with this bet, if three win you have one winning treble, if four win you have four winning trebles and if five win then all 10 bets are successful.

are accumulator bets worth it

This does change your betting approach more than the other options. Here you are betting to get three winners or more. Three for a small return, four for a nice return and five for a big return, rather than pinning your hopes on the big win every time as accumulator punters currently do.

Trebles betting doesn’t need five selections, you can use this type of bet on any number of selections but the more you choose, the more betting trebles there are in your bet which will increase the cost.

Splitting Your Football Accumulator Up Across Different Days

This is something that not too many people think about, but a good way to lower the risk of betting acca. Ultimately, you are still placing football accumulator on the teams you want to back, but by doing it this way, you are giving yourself the option of changing things halfway through.

With football spread across many days, your acca betting will likely be too. For example, a six-team acca in English football could have four games on Saturday and two on Sunday (read this – betting on goal in English football). Rather than placing the bet in full, place your acca on the four teams on Saturday only.

If this wins, you will have your returns from that part of the bet and can decide what to do next in EPL or other league betting. If you want the acca to carry on in full, place the full amount on the other two teams which are playing on Sunday. However, you have the option here of cashing in on some profit and putting a smaller amount onto the next two teams. For example, if you win 50 units, you could keep half and place the remaining 25 on the next part of the bet. If this loses you have still made a nice enough profit to pay for your next few bets.

Online betting, mobile apps and quick payouts from bookmakers have all made this possible to give you more control over your acca than ever before if you want to keep placing this different types of accumulators bet.

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