Accumulator Betting on US Sports

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It doesn’t matter what sport you are talking about, accumulator betting is one of the most popular ways of having a wager. Punters love accumulators because they offer the chance to win big money for little stakes, and that is exactly what many people want. Putting on a small bet to win a small return is good, but it doesn’t have the same thrill attached to it as landing a big acca and taking home a big win.

The US sports that we bet on, all lend themselves brilliantly to online accumulator betting, and this is another reason why many punters go this way. Whether it is a Sunday in the NFL, or any weeknight in the NBA or NHL, you will find multiple games on the slate, allowing you to pick out the games you want to bet on, which are all played on the same night. If ou want to find best bookmakers for US sports betting check out – best US sport betting sites 2024 rating. If you prefer betting with cryptocurrencies, we have good news for you, check out best crypto bookies.

The NFL accumulator is the best example of this, with their games on a Sunday. While we have the odd game elsewhere throughout the weekend on a Thursday and Monday, the majority of action is to be seen on a Sunday. Best accumulator bet punters have near enough the whole spread of games to choose from when placing their bets, and they can get their winnings on the same day instead of betting on games across a two or three day period. This is a big plus for punters, we all want to place a bet that we can watch unfold in a day, we don’t want to be betting on six teams, two that play Friday, two that play Saturday and two that play Sunday as this bet takes a long time to finish.

The same can be said for the NHL accumulator and NBA accumulator, these leagues have regular action taking place and more often than not, there is multiple games played together on the day. This means that the US Sports we like to bet on are set up perfectly for accumulator punters, and that is why they are so popular.

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Betting Markets to Use When Placing Accumulators on US Sports

The great news for accumulator punters who are new to American sports is that there are many different markets that you can use to place your accumulator bets. The most popular two markets are the money line and the three way line, and this is where you choose who will win the game. The money line includes any overtime played in the game, while the three way line is just regulation betting, and does not include anything afterwards.

The odds on offer on the money line are shorter than on the three way line, but when you are placing an accumulator and rolling up multiple selections in your bet, you can get away with this and pick shorter selections.

If you don’t want to pick a team to win then there are other ways to bet on accumulators using US Sports. One popular line is the over/under line for the total points scored in a game. This is where you bet on how many points or goals there will be, and the final outcome has no bearing on your bet. If you want an acca but you don’t want to pick out teams to win then this is something you could try out. The odds accumulator on this market are roughly the same for both over and under the line, both just under evens, which means you don’t have to put too many of them together to get a good return on your bet.

Other sports allow you to do this, and we have seen a real increase in the number of punters placing accumulators on alternative markets, where you don’t have to choose the outcome of a game.

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How Many Selections to Put in an Accumulator?

This is the biggest question asked by punters, both new and old, and the answer completely depends on how you view your betting. I think there are three types of accumulator punter, and depending which type you are, depends how many selections you put into your bets.

The first type of accumulator punter is someone who is happy to take risks, which is why they are placing accumulators, but they also want to have a regular win when betting. These punters should always aim to have a lower number of selections in the bet, as the most important thing is having regular winners. By putting in just four or five selections you won’t get the big returns you would if more were put into the bet, but you should get winners on a regular basis if you are a knowledgeable punter, and that will help keep you happy and interested.

The second type of punter is one that is happy to be a bit more patient because they want to land a nice win when they have a winning acca. You may only get one win per season, but you are happy to wait for that one win and you know that the returns will make it worth it. These punters do not crave regular wins like the above, they have a far more patient approach to betting and are happy with just one win per season, as long as the returns are there. These punters should be looking to place accas with seven or eight selections in, this keeps things realistic, but adds more to the bet which in turn increases the returns.

The final punter is one who sees betting as fun, and doesn’t mind whether they win or lose. These people put on bets that are unlikely to come in, but they do so because if they ever do land a winner, they will get a life changing sum of money. They are betting to try and get lucky, and change their lives. These people are better putting 10+ selections in their bets, and while there is only a small chance of them landing, if they do get a winner then it is going to be a huge pay out.

If you want find more information about betting tips and strategies on US sports, visit our US sports betting guide page.

Dalius Mikalauskas

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