3 Way Handicap Betting

When many people think of handicap betting, they will usually think of the 2 way lines that are commonly used by many bookmakers and punters.

However, what some people don’t know is that on top of those 2 way bet markets, there are further handicap 3 way betting lines which have three possibilities. These are the 3 way handicap lines and offer a slightly different way into betting if you wish to try something else. If you want try different betting experience with bigger bonuses, anonymous betting and fast withdrawals – check crypto bookies.

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3 Way Handicap Betting Explained

Instead of using a traditional 2 way bet line, a 3 way handicap betting line can be used when betting. This line is handicap betting as we all know it, but instead of just offering you the chance to back on either team to come out on top, you can also bet on the handicap draw.


📈 What is 3 way handicap meaning?

The 3 way handicap betting line offers you to bet not on handicap, but only on team wins, but also you can bet on the handicap draw.

📈 What is 3 way handicap in soccer?

Betting a 3 way handicap in soccer gives you 3 potential bets. This means if you bet on football team handicap -2, you win if your team wins the match with goal difference 3 or more. If a team wins by two goals, you will lose your bet, with a 2 way handicap for this scenario you will get money back. So 3 way handicaps in soccer are more riskier than 2 way, but you will get bigger odds for that risk.

📈 What is best tips for using 3 way handicap bet?

If you want to use a 3 way handicap bet successfully, you should bet on this handicap, when you are very sure of the results, you know the teams and you know that the draw chance in a football game is low.

📈 What is 3 way handicap betting in basketball?

3-way handicap betting in basketball is not a very popular market, because in this sport draw or overtime opportunity is very low. Punters who are betting on basketball using more  3 way bets without handicap markets.

📈 Can I back the draw in 3 way handicap bet?

✅ Yes, you can back the draw in a 3 way handicap bet. This means you are betting on the bookmaker’s prediction, that the bookie made the right 3 way handicap line.

This is a different way for betting and something that is unique to this line as you are backing the draw but using the handicap to level the playing field.

How Does 3-way Betting Handicap Work?

The line works the same as any other line in terms of the handicap, so if you have backed on other handicap lines in the past then you will know how this works. 3 way betting explained – you have three betting opportunities, you can back either of the two teams involved or you can back the draw.

The actual outcome of the game is added to the fictional handicap created by the betting company, and this is used to give the handicap result. 3-way betting is the same as you would get with a 2 way handicap, but in this instance, there are three potential outcomes.

Examples of a 3 Way Bet Handicap

Team A vs Team B

The 3 way handicap line is as follows

Team A +1 – Draw – Team B -1

The score is 3-0 to Team B.

2 3 three way handicap bet betting

When you add the one goal start that Team A were given, Team B have still won the game by a scoreline of 3-1 for the purpose of the handicap line, so Team B would be deemed the winner on the line.

The same game again, but this time the handicap line is as follows

Team A +2 – Draw – Team B -2

The score is 1-0 to Team B.

3 way handicap football betting meaning explained

When you add the two-goal start that Team A were given, they have won the game 2-1 for the purpose of this handicap line, so Team A would be seen as the winner on the handicap. This is despite them actually losing the game, and it shows that when you are handicap betting, you can back a team on the handicap and have a winner, even if they lose the actual game that takes place.

Something else to note with this example is the opposite, for those who have backed Team B on the handicap line. Their team has won the game, but they have not won on the handicap line. This shows that when you are betting on this line, you can back a team that wins the game, but still have a losing bet as they have not won by enough to cover the handicap line.

These two scenarios can happen in any type of handicap betting, not just in three way handicap betting, so if you have placed bets on other handicaps before then it is likely you will have come across both of these scenarios in the past. Those new to handicap betting need to be prepared for this to happen to them, it is a common occurrence when you are using a handicap line in your bets.

handicap 3 way handicap 3-way betting soccer

The final example has a handicap line as follows

Team A +1 – Draw – Team B -1

The score in this game is 1-0 to Team B.

When you add the one goal start that Team A have on the handicap, the outcome of this game for handicap purposes is 1-1. This means that the football game has ended in a draw on the handicap and those backing the draw on the 3 way handicap football line will be deemed to have backed a winner.

This is where the 3 way handicap betting soccer line is different from others, as it works in numbers that mean the draw is a possibility and it can be backed. Although Team B have won the game, they haven’t done so by enough of a margin to cover the handicap, and Team A hasn’t held their handicap advantage enough to win the game on the line.

Backing the Handicap Draw is Backing the Bookmakers Opinion

When a bookmaker creates a fictional handicap line for a game, they are creating a line that is their opinion of what will happen. If you back the draw on the 3 way handicap bet line then what you are actually doing is backing the bookmakers to be correct in their prediction.

Backing either team to successfully defeat the handicap, regardless of which way it is, is you backing against the bookmaker. With the draw, you are backing with them. In the example above that ends in a draw on the handicap line, the bookmaker is giving a one-goal start to Team A because they believe that will be the outcome.

By backing Team A or Team B on the handicap, you are saying the bookmakers have got it wrong, and that either Team A will win due to their head start, or Team B are good enough to win comfortably and beat the handicap line. The draw doesn’t do that, the draw is right down the middle where the bookmakers are expecting the game to go.

what is 3 way handicap in soccer

This is one of the reasons why backing the draw on a handicap line is proving to be increasingly popular. If you fancy this to happen, then not only are you backing your own opinion, but you are also backing that of the bookmaker. These all have multiple people who set their odds and lines and are seen as experts in their field so they are worth siding with from time to time if you want to go and back the draw.

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