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best soccer predictionsSoccer is a sport that many people all over the world bet on each week, all trying to win big from the bookmakers. However, predicting how a game of soccer will finish is not always easy. Some people will use their own methods and predict games alone, while others will use soccer tipsters to help them make soccer predictions.

There are many big soccer leagues all over the world, but the very best are mainly in Europe. Here you will find some of the best players in the world taking each other on in big competitions, and there is nothing better than betting on these big games and getting the outcome correct.

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Champions league predictions

The Champions League is a cup competition that brings together the very best teams in Europe to face each other. This competition begins with a group stage, before those who are successful face each other in knockout rounds until we have just two teams remaining. These two will play against each other in a one-off final to determine who is the champion of Europe.

When making your Champions League predictions it can be tough to look at the form and work it out, as the teams taking part are from different countries and they very rarely face each other. A team could be top of their domestic league, but if that league is a poor one they may not be as good as a team who are mid-table in one of the top tier leagues like the Bundesliga or the Premier League.

This all makes life tougher than normal for punters, and it is why the Champions League is one of the hardest competitions to correctly predict the outcome of matches. What we do see in the Champions League though, is some top quality teams, with the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, Juventus, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund all regular competitors at this very high level.

With names like that taking part, there is always going to be strong interest from people in the Champions League, both to watch the game and to place bets on what the outcome will be.

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Premier league predictions

The Premier League is the top league in England, and one of the best soccer leagues in the world. Teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal all battle it out at the top every year to see who can be crowned the champion of England.

There are a total of 20 teams in the league, with those who are at the bottom fighting to survive in the league and play against the big teams for another year. The top six currently dominates the Premier League, and if you are placing a bet on the games in England then it is those six that you will be focusing on a lot of the time.

Those teams all win a lot of games, and when they are playing teams below them in the league, they can often score a lot of goals and win easily. The odds are usually small on them winning unless they are playing each other, but that makes them perfect for putting together into accumulator bets, something that is very popular with English soccer.

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Bundesliga predictions

The German Bundesliga is renowned for being one of the toughest leagues in Europe, and for many years now it has been dominated by Bayern Munich. Another club, Borussia Dortmund, are their main challengers, and beginning to push them close and we could be set for a great few years where these two fight it out to see who can land the Bundesliga crown.

If there is one thing lacking in Germany then it is depth, with those at the bottom really struggling to keep up with the teams at the top of the table. However, as a punter that is something you can take advantage of, as it gives you a perfect opportunity to back teams in an accumulator, or if you want even more value you can look at things like the handicap betting line, where you can back the top teams to win comfortably by two goals or more.

This is a great way to bet in an alternative way, and the German Bundesliga is the perfect place to do that. The teams that are at the top of the league will often really dominate their lower quality opposition, and there are betting opportunities to be found because of that.

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Serie A predictions

The Italian Serie A has changed dramatically over the past few years. Big giants like AC Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina and Sampdoria remain in the league, but they are not in the same league as the big three, Juventus, Napoli and Inter Milan, with Juventus being the dominating force.

Juventus are one of the best teams in Europe, and if a team from Italy has Champions League success over the next few years it is likely to be them. While challenging on the European stage, they are also able to hold an advantage at home and are the best team in Serie A.

The league make up is similar to that in the Bundesliga, where there is a big gap between those at the top and those at the bottom. This means we see some of the teams mentioned above really dominating games, and that goes for them all. While a team like AC Milan are not capable of winning a title just yet, they are still capable of beating those at the bottom with ease.

This means that when you are making your predictions for Serie A, look out for alternative betting opportunities if you are looking to add value. Whether that is half time/full-time betting, handicap lines, or total goals markets, there will be something you can use to your advantage when placing your Serie A bets.

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How to choose the best soccer tipster

If you would like help with your soccer betting then finding the best soccer tipster is something you should consider. A tipster can help in one of two ways. They can either give you tips on leagues that you currently do not bet on, to give you more betting opportunities as you can bet on their soccer tips plus your own predictions. Or alternatively, if you do not have time to look at the upcoming games and make your own predictions then you can use a tipster and place their best soccer predictions instead of looking at your own.

Whichever way you use a tipster, one thing you must do is find a good one, and here is how to do that.

Look into detailed stats before choosing a tipster

The biggest mistake that a lot of punters make when it comes to a tipster is they see a big headline about a winning bet, and jump on the bandwagon without looking at the full picture. This is something you should completely avoid, and it is often those that are trying to pull off a scam that makes big noises about winning bets without following them up with sufficient stats.

There are a number of things you must see before making your decision, and any respectable tipster will happily share this information. If you ask a tipster to see this information and they refuse, that is because they are hiding something and you should avoid.

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This is the most vital statistic of all, and something you simply must know. Don’t be fooled by claims of big point wins, these can easily be manipulated by the tipster to show them in a good light. The ROI% is how much profit they have made as a percentage based on their stakes. For example, a tipster with 100 points staked and 50 points profit has an ROI% of 50%, which is very good for a soccer tipster. A tipster that claims 200 points profit, but has staked 1000 points to get that profit will have an ROI% of 20% on their betting. They may have a larger points total to market, but their betting is worse as it has taken them far more in terms of stakes to make that money. This is what sets ROI% apart from the other stats, as it compares best football tipster on a level playing field.

Number of bets and time of release

This is something that a tipster cannot really market, as it is not a positive or a negative about them, but it will impact whether this tipster will work for you or not. The number of bets in a month is important to know, and from here you can work out your stakes per point. For example, if you find a selective tipster that places 20 bets per month then you will be able to stake more per bet than someone who has 100 bets per month, as they would require a bigger betting bank.

It is also important to know when the bets are released and how that fits with your life. If you are working through the day and that is when the bets are released then are you able to place your bets before kick off? What about if the tipster offers in-play betting, can you quickly place these before the price goes on them? These things do not make a tipster good or bad at their job, but they do affect how good you will work with them and are important factors in deciding who to go with.

Go with a league or country expert

When you are paying a tipster to provide you with selections, you want an expert on your side. Finding someone that bets on numerous leagues from all over the world will not give you that, even if that is what you currently do yourself. Instead what you should look for is someone to offer you expert level knowledge about just one league, or covering just one country. It doesn’t matter if you have any knowledge of that particular league either, because all you will be doing is following the tipsters advice and hopefully making money.

The very best are good enough to sell themselves based on their specialist subject, and they don’t need to add anything else into the deal to get people on board. You may feel like you are getting a better deal if a tipster offers you bets on four leagues compared to one, but being an expert on four leagues is almost impossible, anyone who is can charge a huge amount of money. Instead, look out for someone who can demonstrate their quality while sticking to just a small section of the soccerling world, these are the people you need to be looking for and these are the ones who will help you make money from your soccer betting.

If you want find more information about football betting strategy and tips, visit our football betting guide page.


⚽ What ROI means in sports betting?

ROI means return of investment, and it shows as a percentage. For example, if you bet 100 and return 120, so a profit of 20, you will see a 20% ROI. This is worked out by finding the percentage of profit you have compared to your stakes. 

⚽ How to make a profit in football bets?

The biggest mistake football gamblers make is they try to do too much, and put too many teams in their accumulators. If you have excellent football knowledge and you remain disciplined so your betting is kept sensible, your chances of making a profit are much bigger.

⚽ What is the difference between ROI and Yield?

ROI is profit based on your starting bankroll, and increase over time. Yield shouldn’t increase too much, and is profit based on total stakes, measuring your betting efficiency.

⚽ Why I should use stakes in sports betting?

Stakes keep your betting disciplined and uniformed. By placing the same stakes, there is no emotion attached to betting and no chance of losing out on profit because you lowered stakes. Your profit and loss will look much better if sticking with the same stakes.

⚽ How to choose the best football tipster?

There are a few things to look for when choosing a tipster, but ROI is the most important. Some will claim big points victories, but if you have to stake a lot to receive these then it may not be worth it. Look at ROI, this compares all tipsters on a level playing field.

⚽ What is best football bookmaker for Champions league bets?

The Champions League is the best club football competition in Europe and for this reason, all bookmakers offer bets. This means you can choose the platform that suits you, look for excellent odds and betting offers that existing customers can use to help your betting.

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