Securing the Octagon: VeChain and UFC Team Up

VeChain, a technology that helps track things using digital records, is teaming up with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a popular mixed martial arts organization, to make special gloves fighters use more secure and valuable.

How Works VeChain and UFC Team Up?

VeChain will put tiny chips in the gloves to communicate with smartphones. This technology will help prove that the gloves are real and track information about the fights they’ve been in.

The goal is to stop fake gloves from being sold and to make it easier to keep track of UFC merchandise. This means fans can trust that the gloves they buy are genuine, and it might make it simpler to get merchandise delivered.

At first, they’ll give 12 special gloves to famous people like Joe Rogan, a well-known UFC commentator. The CEO of the UFC, Dana White, will announce this partnership during a live event to let everyone know about it.


Some people are excited about this partnership, thinking it could lead to cool digital collectibles tied to UFC events and UFC betting. Others suggest using QR codes during fights to make it even easier to connect with the technology.

However, some are worried that using this technology might cost too much, which could affect the price of VeChain tokens.

Overall, this collaboration between VeChain and the UFC is a big step in making sports merchandise safer and more valuable using modern technology.


🥊 What is the collaboration between VeChain and UFC about?

They’re teaming up to enhance the security and authenticity of UFC merchandise, starting with special gloves.

🥊 How does VeChain's technology contribute to this collaboration?

VeChain integrates tiny chips into the gloves, enabling communication with smartphones to validate their authenticity.

🥊 What problem does this collaboration aim to solve?

It seeks to combat the sale of fake gloves and streamline the tracking of UFC merchandise.

🥊 What concerns have been raised regarding the technology's implementation?

Some worry about the potential cost implications, which could impact the digital tokens used in the VeChain system.

🥊 What is the overarching goal of the VeChain-UFC collaboration?

It aims to utilize modern technology to make sports merchandise safer, more valuable, and trustworthy for fans.

🥊 How can the integration of VeChain technology benefit users of online betting platforms?

By ensuring the authenticity of UFC merchandise, VeChain’s technology enhances trust and transparency, potentially extending to online betting platforms where users seek genuine and reliable sports-related products.

Dalius Mikalauskas

Sports Betting Expert

Dalius became interested in sports betting at the age of 16, although he could not place bets at that time (bets accepted from the age of 18). However, it was not forbidden to sell betting picks, which is what the author did actively on sports betting forums. Today, he has more than 18 years of experience in sports betting. In school, the auth ..
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