Trixie Betting Explained

Trixie betting is most popular in horse racing wagers, but it’s also possible across a few sports. Just like a Patent bet, a Trixie wager is a form of hedge wagering that helps improve a winning selection probability. Your winnings depend on the number of successful selections and the Trixie odds of each leg. 

At least two selections must be successful for you to collect some winnings, meaning one of the doubles pays out. To collect the maximum amount, all selections must be correct. This means the treble and all three doubles payout.

If you are looking to know what is a Trixie bet in horse racing, how does a Trixie bet work, including how to calculate winnings, keep reading. The following sections have everything you need to know.

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Trixie Bet Explained Simply. What is a Trixie Bet?

A betting Trixie is made up of four wagers over three different choices. It consists of a treble and three doubles.


🐎 What does Trixie mean in betting?

Trixie betting meaning – this is a type of bet in sports betting, particularly horse racing. It is a multiple bet consisting of four bets involving three selections in different events. This bet consists of three doubles and one treble, so there are four possible combinations which can be made from the selections. The benefit of this type of bet is that it pays out even if only two selections win, however, the potential returns are lower than with other types of bets.

🐎 How many bets in a Trixie?

A Trixie bet contains four bets, which involve three selections. The four bets are three doubles and one treble. A double involves two selections and a treble involves three. This type of bet is sometimes referred to as a ‘full cover’ bet because it covers all possible combinations of the chosen selections. For example, if you were to choose three horses in Trixie bet, your four bets would be a double involving the first and second selections, a double involving the second and third selections, a double involving the first and third selections, and finally a treble of all three selections.

🐎 What is the difference between Trixie and Patent betting?

Trixie bet meaning is a type of multiple bet which involves three selections and four bets, with three doubles and one treble. This type of bet requires all of your selections to win in order for you to get a return.

Patent betting is another form of multiple bet, involving three selections and seven bets – three singles, three doubles, and one treble. With this type of bet, even if only one selection wins you will still get a return due to the single bets. However, your returns will be greater with all three selections winning. This is why patent betting can often be seen as a safer option than Trixie betting, since it provides more potential for profits even if a selection doesn’t win.

🐎 Whats the difference between a treble and a Trixie?

A treble is a bet that involves three selections, all of which must win in order to be successful. A Trixie is also a bet that involves three selections, however it only requires two out of the three selections to come in and still returns a dividend. Trixie betting is considered a more cautious bet than a treble as it provides greater chances of success, but with lower returns. A treble also offers higher odds and bigger returns, however there is less chance of winning. It is important to consider the risk versus reward when deciding between a treble and Trixie bet.

🐎 Can I place Trixie Each-way bet?

✅ Yes, you can place an Trixie Each-way bet. A Trixie each-way betting involves eight wagers and the stake total is twice that of a regular Trixie bet. You’ll receive returns on every horse that wins and each horse that places at each race event if you place an Each-way Trixie bet.

Horse racing fans and bettors love Trixie bets since they offer increased chances of returns being achieved versus an accumulator comprising of singles. When you place a Trixie wager, you’re simply placing four different bets on three selections.

If you want to place a multiple wager but would like additional security that you would get with treble bets and double bets, you should explore this type of bet.

This type of bet works almost the same as a treble wager but provides room for one of the selections being wagered upon to lose and the punter to still get some returns. Check the list of the best horse racing betting sites.

how do trixie bets work betting trixie

Breaking Down the Trixie Bet

While a Trixie in betting offers a reassurance sense, you need to carefully think before you can place one. Making multiple successful predictions isn’t easy. To increase your chances of winning, you need to have enough knowledge about the sport as well as the field you are wagering on.

A Trixie wager focuses on choosing the winner of a race, and due to that, it isn’t possible to place all of them in a single event. Trixie bet example: you cannot place a Trixie wager on a horse to finish; first, another to finish second, and another to finish third in the same competition. A Tricast wager is what allows you to place such a bet.

A Trixie wager must be placed on different races or events. For instance, you can predict three horses to finish first in three different events. One horse to finish first in the first event, another to finish first in the second, and the third to finish third in the third event. 

how many bets in a trixie odds

One main benefit this type of bet offers is the ability to collect a certain amount of returns even if one selection loses. And that’s because of the double wagers. If a third selection fails but the other two win, one of the doubles will pay out.

What is a Treble?

A treble allows you to triple your original stake. If selection B wins, the total returns are carried to selection C, which is then carried to selection D. For example, let’s say you wager an initial stake of £10 on selection B to win at odds of 3/1; the return is £30, and your £10 stake.

This amount is carried to selection C, which has odds of 2/1, the return is £40 x 2, and your stake is £120. The final wager is on selection D, and the odds are 4/1; doing the calculation, you’ll have £120 x 4, and your stake is £600.

What is a Double?

In a Trixie wager, a double is the most basic. It involves placing a bet on two different selections, with the original stake being placed on your first selection. The returns from your first selection are then transferred to the second selection. For this to happen, the first selection must be successful.

If you wager £5 on selection B to win at odds of 5/1, and it does, the total amount you’ll get back is (£5 x 5) + £5 (the initial stake) = £30. This amount will be carried over to selection C. Let’s assume that selection C has the same odds and selection B wins. Your final returns will be £150, and your £30 stake to make £180. If both or either C or B draw or lose, the bet is void.

Trixie Horse Racing Bet – Example of Calculating Winnings

As already mentioned, Trixie bet is common among horse racing fans. The main reason is that bettors can place bets on separate horses in different races. With a Trixie wager, you can choose three horses from available races and combine your bet, increasing your profit margin. 

trixie and patent bets horse racing

After making your selections, just add them to your bet slip and then enter your stake. Remember, you must enter all these details in the Trixie option.

You’ll see the bet slip appear as Trixie (x4) since you’re staking four wagers, which include three doubles and a treble. That means your total stake will be 4x the amount you enter into the box. Your Trixie horse bet will appear as follows:

  • Bet One: Horse One and Horse Two double
  • Bet Two: Horse One and Horse Three double
  • Bet Three: Horse Two and Horse Three double
  • Bet Four: Horse One, Two and Three treble

How to Calculate a Trixie Bet: An Example

In order to calculate the total odds of a Trixie wager, you just need to combine the betting odds from each of the selections within your wager. In a win-only wager, you’ll combine the betting odds from the treble and three doubles. 

trixie bet each way

Sticking to the Trixie bet horse racing example above, after multiplying, add the odds from the treble to the three doubles to get the total odds. Let’s say that all three horses in different races have odds of 2/1, and your stake is £100 on each leg; you will find the following:

  • Treble Bet – (2/1 + 1) x (2/1 + 1) x (£100 x (2/1 + 1)) = Total return £2700 / Total profit £260
  • Double Bet – (2/1 + 1) x (£100 x (2/1 + 1)) = Total return £900 / Total profit £800

To work out the total return as well as profit, simply add the three doubles to the treble. While these equations look relatively simple, they can get more complex once you start introducing different betting odds. To save your precious time, you can use a recommended Trixie bet calculator to do the mathematics for you.

what is a trixie bet in horse racing

How to Use a Trixie Calculator

  • Start by choosing your favourite odds format, which can be American, decimal or fractional odds.
  • Choose whether you want to input the Stake per Bet or Total Stake.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to bet with.
  • Enter the betting odds for each wager.
  • The Trixie betting calculator will work out the equations, and you can choose whether your wager will win, lose or is void.
  • Press Reset to compute another Trixie wager.

How Does Each Way Trixie Betting Work?

An Trixie bet each way involves eight wagers, and the total stake is double that of a normal Trixie wager. If you place an each way Trixie bet, you’ll get returns for every winning horse as well as each horse that places in each racing event. 

Another feature that makes an each-way Trixie bet unique is that the wager costs twice the initial stake of a straight wager. The reason behind this is that with an each-way bet, you’re placing a bet on the place and win. Naturally, then a £5 each way wager will cost £40 instead of £20 that a £5 Trixie (normal bet) would cost.

what does trixie mean in betting

Football Trixie Betting Explained

Horse races are the leading choice for Trixie wagers. But how do Trixie bets work in terms of other sports like football? It uses the same principles irrespective of the sport.

Football is just a step behind horse racing. Regarding football, in Trixie bet football you need to pick three games occurring on the same day. Let’s take a typical football fixtures weekend in the EPL.

Having considered the matches, the selections are Chelsea to win, Everton to win, Liverpool to win, and Manchester United to win. Once the games are over and none of Manchester United, Everton, and Liverpool wins, your initial stake will be lost.

If only one team wins, you’ll not get any return. Similar to horse racing, you need a minimum of two wins for you to get a return. If all teams win, you earn a significant profit.

trixie horse bet meaning explained simply

What is the Difference between a Trixie and a Patent Bet?

Trixie and Patent bets consist of three selections. The only main difference is that Patent bets have single wagers on all the selections, which means it includes seven bets: a treble, three doubles and three singles. 

A Patent bet can be a perfect choice in situations when each of your selections has large odds to make the returns worthwhile. On the other hand, Trixie bet saves you the initial stake from the three single wagers, allowing you to place a higher amount across one treble and three doubles.

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