Top 12 AI Crypto Coins to Invest in 2024 & Beyond

    In this article you will find 12 top AI crypto coins to put on your radar for the next 5 years.

    In today’s rapidly evolving environment, Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our communication and work environment.

    Notable developments in this area are ChatGPT, OpenAI’s innovation & Gemini AI, a Google product, designed to provide human conversation-like information and better handle tasks like data processing and query addressing Also AI’s impact is creating waves in the cryptocurrency sector.

    Sports betting with AI is growing in popularity among betting enthusiasts.

    AI cryptocurrencies represent a class of digital assets that use artificial intelligence to improve user experience, scalability, and security in blockchain networks.

    These digital currencies actively support A-based services from predictive analytics to financial portfolio management to robust decentralized markets. AI has tremendous potential in the cryptocurrency industry to detect illicit activity, analyze market trends, predict investments, and handle a variety of other tasks.

    The crypto market is inherently volatile, and predicting future performance is difficult. But many AI crypto coins have strong growth potential over the next five years due to the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence in the industry

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    Top AI Crypto Coins by Market Cap

    AI Crypto CoinsMarket CapDescription
    Chainlink (LINK)$10.14BDecentralized Oracles
    Internet Computer (ICP)$7.32BBlockchain Infrastructure
    Filecoin (FIL)$4.51BData Storage
    Bittensor (TAO)$3.71BAI Blockchain
    Render Token (RNDR)$3.6BGPU Rendering
    Injective Protocol (INJ)$3.09BDeFi Exchange
    The Graph (GRT)$3.01BData Indexing
    Theta Network (THETA)$2.89BMedia Platform (FET)$2.71BAutonomous Agents
    SingularityNET (AGIX)$1.33BAI Marketplace
    Akash Network (AKT)$928MCloud Computing
    AIOZ Network (AIOZ)$870MContent Delivery
    Oasis Network (ROSE)$828MData Privacy
    Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)$661MData Monetization
    Golem (GLM)$528MComputing Platform
    (April 9, 2024)

    SingularityNET (AGIX)

    A well-established platform facilitating the development and sharing of AI applications. AGIX tokens are used to access and pay for these AI services on the network. 

    💰 Market cap: $1.33 billion

    💲 Price: $1.04

    🔐 Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)


    ✔️ WHY: AGIX has a strong potential as a platform for AI development and adoption. Attracting developers and users to its ecosystem is important for success. AGIX has an active community with a foundation that drives adoption & partnerships. AGIX token holders can participate in governance proposals.

    ✅ Strong community❌ Relies on Ethereum, which has its own limitations
    ✅ Diverse AI applications❌ Faces competition from other AI development programs
    ✅ Established platform❌ Value changes a lot with the wider crypto market (FET)

    This one of the best AI crypto coin focuses on building an open-source, decentralized marketplace for AI services. FET tokens are used to pay for these services and participate in the network’s governance. 

    💰 Market cap: $2.67 billion

    💲 Price: $2.57

    🔐 Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)


    ✔️ WHY: FET is promising for decentralized AI marketplaces. Needs to establish itself against competitors and build a strong user base. (FET) has an active developer and user community. FET token holders govern the network by voting on proposals.

    ✅ Decentralized marketplace for AI services❌ Comparatively new project
    ✅ Caters to various industries❌ User adoption is required to reach full potential 
    ✅ Open-source❌ Uncertainty about AI-related regulations

    Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

    This AI crypto token provides a secure & transparent platform for sharing and monetizing data. OCEAN tokens are used to access and pay for data on the network. 

    💰 Market cap: $656 million

    💲 Price: $1.08

    🔐 Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)


    ✔️ WHY: The Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is well positioned to share data in the AI ​​economy. Success depends on the data provided and users’ confidence in the security and privacy of the platform. Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) has many active members. OCEAN token holders claim to protect the network.

    ✅ Secure platform for data sharing❌ Data privacy concerns
    ✅ Valuable for large datasets❌ Complexity can slow down user adoption
    ✅ Enhances collaboration between data providers & users❌ Competition from established data providers (NMR)

    This AI crypto Coin specializes in applying AI to financial markets. NMR tokens are used to access and participate in the Numerai data marketplace. Here users can access financial and economic data for machine learning models. 

    💰 Market cap: $201 million

    💲 Price: $31.93

    🔐 Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)


    ✔️ WHY: AI for finance has vast potential. For this AI crypto coin, success relies on partnerships with financial institutions and the value it brings to their data analysis. Numerai (NMR) has a strong focus on research & development. NMR token holders participate in governance by staking.

    ✅ Focus on AI for financial markets❌ Limited scope compared to broader AI platforms
    ✅ Ability to conduct practical research❌ Highly dependent on partnerships with financial institutions
    ✅ Access to valuable data markets❌ Performance depends on the accuracy of the AI ​​model

    AI Crypto Coins FAQ

    ⭐ What are AI crypto coins?

    AI crypto coins are digital assets that utilize artificial intelligence to enhance user experience, scalability, and security in blockchain networks.

    ⭐ Why are best AI coins gaining attention?

    Crypto AI coins actively support AI-based services, from predictive analytics to financial portfolio management, offering potential solutions for various industry challenges.

    ⭐ What role does AI play in the cryptocurrency industry?

    AI has the potential to detect illicit activity, analyze market trends, predict investments, and enhance security in blockchain networks. Also, you can use AI, such as ChatGPT, for sports betting.

    ⭐ What are the benefits of AI based crypto coins over traditional cryptocurrencies?

    Top AI cryptocurrencies offer improved user experience, scalability, and security through AI-based services and technologies.

    ⭐ What are some top AI crypto coins coins to consider for investment?

    The best AI crypto coins are Chainlink, Internet Computer, Filecoin, Bittensor, Render Token, Injective Protocol, The Graph, Theta Network,, SingularityNET, Akash Network, and AIOZ Network.

    ⭐ What role does AI play in improving user experience on crypto betting platforms?

    On crypto betting platforms AI enhances user experience by providing personalized recommendations and automated betting strategies, tailored to individual preferences.

    Cortex (CTXC)

    Cortex develops an open-source, interoperable platform for AI model training – and deployment. CTXC tokens are used to access computing resources on the network and pay for AI model training. 

    💰 Market cap: $87 million

    💲 Price: $0.39

    🔐 Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)


    ✔️ WHY: This AI crypto tokens open-source approach could foster collaboration in AI development. However, the competition in the AI training space is intense. This top AI cryptocurrency has a growing developer community. CTXC token holders govern network upgrades & resource allocation.

    ✅ Open-source platform for AI model training❌ New project in a crowded space, so need to attract a more users
    ✅ Enhances collaboration between manufacturers/Dev❌ Competition from established cloud providers & other AI companies
    ✅ Efficient resource allocation❌ Uncertainty around project adoption & good future

    The Graph (GRT)

    Undoubtedly, The Graph stands as an important indexing protocol for blockchain data, facilitating easy data querying across multiple blockchain networks. GRT tokens play an important role in motivating data curators and subgraph runners in the network, ensuring protocol efficiency and reliability

    💰 Market cap: $3.06 billion 

    💲 Price: $0.325

    🔐 Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)


    ✔️ WHY: This AI cryptocurrency is essential for efficient querying of blockchain data for AI applications. These Ai coins depend on the development of the blockchain ecosystem. GRT token holders participate to curate data & participate in network governance.

    ✅ Importent for efficient querying of blockchain data for AI❌ Reliant on the success of blockchain technology
    ✅ Benefits from blockchain ecosystem growth❌ Faces competition from other data indexing services
    ✅ Strong Developer’s community❌ Potential changes can be made based on how blockchain data is accessed in the future

    Oasis Network (ROSE)

    This AI Coin provides a privacy-preserving platform for AI training – and development. ROSE tokens are used to stake on the network and govern its development. 

    💰 Market cap: $828 million 

    💲 Price: $0.1233

    🔐 Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH) with its own ROSE mainnet in development


    ✔️ WHY: Privacy-preserving AI is attractive for sensitive data. Adoption depends on attracting companies with privacy-first needs. Oasis Network (ROSE) focuses on secure and scalable AI development. ROSE token holders stake to secure the network & vote on governance proposals.

    ✅ Privacy-preserving AI for sensitive data❌ Needs to attract companies with privacy needs
    ✅ Strong focus on secure❌ Unclear regulatory framework for privacy-protecting technologies
    ✅ Scalable AI development❌ Competition from AI solutions that do not protect privacy

    DxChain (DXC)

    DxChain is a blockchain site designed for AI-powered drug discovery to development processes. DXC tokens are used to work with computing resources on the network and pay for AI-powered drug discovery services. 

    💰 Market cap: $7.18 million 

    💲 Price: $0.000071

    🔐 Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BNB)


    ✔️ WHY: AI-driven drug discovery holds promise. So, the future is bright for this AI token. However, regulatory hurdles remain. DxChain (DXC) focuses on building partnerships within the pharmaceutical industry. DXC token holders propose a safety net & vote on governance proposals.

    ✅ AI-enabled drug discovery to accelerate development❌ Challenges from traditional pharma companies
    ✅ Promising technologies❌ Available on Binance Smart Chain, which have limitations
    ✅ Meets the needs of  a vital industry❌ Legal issues

    iExec RLC (RLC)

    This AI crypto coin provides a decentralized cloud computing platform for AI applications. RLC tokens are used to pay for computer resources available on the network.

    💰 Market cap: $246 million 

    💲 Price: $3.41

    🔐 Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)


    ✔️ WHY: Decentralized cloud computing can support AI applications that require large amounts of processing power. This crypto coin has a bright future. However, there is a huge competition in the market. iExec RLC (RLC) has an active developer team. RLC token holders stake in the security network & participate in governance.

    ✅ Decentralized cloud computing for demanding AI applications❌ Widespread adoption is essential for full functionality
    ✅ Potential to disrupt traditional cloud services❌ Uncertainty about the reliability of decentralized cloud solutions
    ✅ Strong Developer’s Community❌ Decentralized cloud computing is a relatively new concept

    Boson Protocol (BOSON)

    Boson Protocol develops a decentralized marketplace for connecting buyers with sellers in the physical world. BOSON tokens are used to access and pay for the services available on the network. 

    💰 Market cap: $84 million 

    💲 Price: $0.6678

    🔐 Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)


    ✔️ WHY: We all know that; Decentralized marketplaces for physical goods have the potential for disruption. Boson Protocol (BOSON) has a growing community of developers and businesses. BOSON token holders stake to secure the network & vote on governance proposals.

    ✅ Decentralized marketplaces for physical goods❌ Needs to establish trust within traditional commerce
    ✅ Potential for disruption❌ Competition from existing e-commerce platforms
    ✅ Growing developer community❌ Challenges in integrating blockchain tech. with existing supply

    Ontology (ONT)

    Ontology is a blockchain platform that provides identity solutions and facilitates the development of decentralized applications (dApps) powered by AI. ONT tokens are used to pay for gas fees on the network and participate in its governance. 

    💰 Market cap: $306 million 

    💲 Price: $0.3435

    🔐 Blockchain: Ontology Mainnet


    ✔️ WHY: We know that; Identifying solutions and AI-powered dApps have potential. This crypto coin relies on wider blockchain adoption and developer interest in its platform. This AI crypto coin has an active community with a focus on developer tools and integrations. ONT token holders stake to secure the network & vote on governance proposals.

    ✅ Established project with identity solutions & AI-powered dApps❌ Relies on wider blockchain adoption
    ✅ Focus on developer tools❌ Operates on its own Ontology Mainnet, which may have limitations
    ✅ One of top trust worthy AI crypto coin❌ Competition from other identity solution providers in the blockchain space

    Streamr (DATA)

    Streamr is a blockchain platform for real-time data exchange. DATA tokens are used to access and pay for data available on the network. Streamr is particularly interesting for AI applications that require real-time data streams for developers working on machine learning models. 

    💰 Market cap: $58 million 

    💲 Streamr (DATA) Price: $0.0754

    🔐 Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)


    ✔️ WHY: As we know, real-time data is important for many AI applications. This AI based crypto coin has an active developer team focused on building a robust data streaming platform. DATA token holders stake in securing the network & vote on governance proposals.

    ✅ Real-time data which is crucial for many AI applications❌ Competition from other blockchain-based data marketplaces
    ✅ Active developer community building a robust platform❌ Wider adoption needed for value
    ✅ AI System which can provide the low latency❌ Limited adoption of Streamr’s data streaming platform yet
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