Top 5 Euro 2024 Fan Bases

As football fans approach the UEFA Euro 2024 competition, the makeup of which national teams will compete for the trophy has already become evident.

After the qualification groups and the play-offs concluded, the powerhouses, which dominated their groups during qualification, are expected to have the largest fan bases across different continents and enjoy significant popularity both internationally and domestically.

The ever-changing nature of modern football and the advent of technological developments have boosted these Euro 2024 national teams’ fan bases, providing numerous ways to support them.

Determining the most supported Euro 2024 national team can be subjective and depends on a number of factors like recent achievements, global reach, fan base size, and historical success.

Also, the growth of social media provides a perfect, new way of analysing the fan base size that each Euro 2024 national team has. However, there are numerous other things to consider, including TV broadcasting figures, ticket sales, and the international supporter and betting groups.

European Championship


European Championship

While each of the 24 national teams has supporters, especially from their countries, there are a few with the power to get fans and punters all over the world sitting at the edge of their seats, screaming and shouting with passion and pride every time they play.

Let’s explore the top five Euro 2024 national teams with the largest fan bases.

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Historically, France is the most successful football national team in Europe. Commonly known as Die Mannschaft, the German national team has established itself as one of the most respected and supported teams in the history of the sport.

Germany enjoys a rich footballing culture and a persistent pursuit of excellence. The national team has enjoyed remarkable accomplishments on the international level.


Germany has lifted the FIFA World Cup four times, most recently in 2014, 1990, 1974, and 1954. Additionally, it has reached the FIFA World Cup final on four separate occasions, demonstrating its ability and consistency to compete at the highest levels.

Back to UEFA Euro, Germany has also lifted the Euros three times and the Confederations trophy once.

The German national team’s success reflects its vast fan base both nationally and internationally. Its high levels of discipline, tactical approach, and the availability of highly talented players who thrive both as a cohesive unit and individually are among the factors that make it to the top of the list of the most supported Euro 2024 teams.

A quick scrutiny of the largest social media platform indicates that Germany boasts a vast number of supporters who enjoy placing wagers on the team on their favourite Euro betting sites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have 6.6m, 6.1m, 3.2m, and 663k, respectively.

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England is where football started. As a result, it is home to one of the most passionate fan bases across the globe.

Understandably, the national football team ranks second in the 2024 Euro teams with the largest fan base. England has been and is always a threat in Euro competitions, and this is expected in the next tournament.

While England has come short when it comes to success, only winning the FIFA World Cup in 1966 and without a European championship trophy, it has the largest fan base globally.


England came close at the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament at Wembley, losing the final on penalties. They have ten previous Euro appearances, reaching advanced stages.

As the inventor of modern football and its good performances across the ten appearances, it’s no wonder the English national team enjoys a healthy 16.5m supporter army online, which is evident on leading social media platforms.

Its failure to lift a major international title since the 1966 FIFA World Cup triumph hasn’t taken a hit on its fan base, and if anything, it has only increased in recent tournaments.

The English National football team has 7m, 4.1m, 5.1 m, and 2.46m followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, respectively.

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⚽ Which national football teams have the largest fan bases heading into UEFA Euro 2024?

The national teams with the largest fan bases heading into UEFA Euro 2024 are Germany, England, France, Italy, and Spain.

⚽ Why does Germany have such a large and dedicated fan base?

Germany has a large and dedicated fan base due to its rich footballing culture, consistent success, and impressive achievements. The German national team has won the FIFA World Cup four times and the UEFA Euro three times, showcasing their high level of play and discipline.

⚽ What factors contribute to Italy's fanatical support for its national team?

Italy’s fanatical support for its national team is driven by its rich football history, including four FIFA World Cup titles and two UEFA European Championship victories. The team’s strong performances, tactical prowess, and passionate national pride contribute to their substantial and devoted fan base.

⚽ What are the reasons behind England's large fan base despite their limited international success?

England’s large fan base is primarily due to its status as the birthplace of modern football, its long history, and its passionate supporters. Despite limited international success, with only one FIFA World Cup win in 1966, England’s fan base remains robust due to the country’s deep-rooted football culture and loyal following.

⚽ How did France rebuild its national team's reputation and fan base after periods of underachievement?

France rebuilt its national team’s reputation and fan base through significant victories and the emergence of star players like Zinedine Zidane. Winning the 1998 FIFA World Cup, the 2000 UEFA European Championship, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup helped restore their status as a top footballing nation, attracting a large global fan base.


The French national team had frustrating seasons in which it would underachieve in international competitions.

Then came the mighty Zinedine Zidane, who led the French national team to a 1998 UEFA World Cup triumph, 2000 European Championship victory, and a second-place finish in the World Cup in 2006.

Before the Zinedine Zidane era, the French national team was only victorious in the European Championships in 1984.


Many have been considering France a no longer world-class team. However, the team has proven them wrong, especially in recent international competitions.

Its talented youngsters make it the most recognisable football national team globally. The French national team’s 2018 FIFA World Cup triumph propelled it to the top of the fan base rankings.

The Les Blues were the first football national team to win three of the most important titles recognised by FIFA, including the Olympic tournament, the Confederations Cup, and the World Cup.

Currently, the French national team has 18.6m supporters spread across the leading social media platforms, including Facebook 6m, Twitter 7.8m, Instagram 4.8m, and YouTube 2.22m.


The Italian football national team boasts the most fanatical fan base globally. And there are good reasons for it.


The Italian football national team’s one UEFA European Championship victory and four FIFA World Cup trophies are among the huge reasons why it has a huge fan base. It has participated in ten previous Euro tournaments, most recently in 2020. 

It won the 1968 UEFA European Championship and lifted the trophy for the second time after defeating England on Penalties in 2020. Italy will head to the 2024 Euro tournament with a global fan base. This is already evident in its fans on Facebook 5.1m, Instagram 5.9m, Twitter 939.2k, and YouTube 456m.


The Spaniards are going into the 2024 Euro tournament as one of the favourites. That’s one major reason it already has a huge fan base. It has lifted this trophy on three occasions, in 1964, 2008, and 2012. In 2020, Spain reached the semi-finals.


The Spanish national team has a respectable historical background and a young, talented squad. With the 2024 Euro Championship coming, the Spaniards will look to improve on its 2020 results.

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, the Spanish national team has 4.2m, 4.9m, 2.7m, and 445k supporters, respectively.

These teams already have the highest number of supporters, heading into the next Euro competition. They’re expected to be on top of their game in the 2024 Euro competition. 

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