Top 5 Copa America Fan Bases

The 2024 Copa America will be nothing without football supporters. The football tournament owes much of its essence to supporters. It’s among the leading tournaments in the world, reportedly watched in over 643 million homes globally.

As the competition has evolved and expanded since its establishment, various national teams have gained a recognisable level of prominence globally.

These national football teams boast massive fan bases across continents. As a result, they’ll have significant domestic and international support when they enter the next Copa America tournament.

Copa América


Copa America

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Argentina boasts a rich football heritage, which has propelled the national team to become one of the most supported worldwide. Its list of triumphs is awe-inspiring, cementing its status as the fans’ favourite and footballing powerhouse. 

With three FIFA World Cup victories, the latest in 2022, 1986, and 1978, Argentina has showcased its ability to play with unmatched intensity and passion. They can also produce exceptional talent, especially in the 2024 Copa America tournament.


The footballing powerhouse’s huge fan base can be chalked to a perfect blend of gifted individuals like Lionel Messi, uncompromising commitment to the attractive game, and tactical brilliance.

Argentina has lifted 15 Copa America titles, and fans look forward to the 16th victory. The national team stands alone at the top of the list of the most successful teams in the world. 

Argentina’s achievements have been more recent than those of other Copa America 2024 teams. It goes into this tournament as the favourites, having lifted the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. With players like Messi and such a huge array of trophies, you should only be sure of massive support in the next tournament.

The latest supporters of the Argentina national football team are 5.9m on Facebook, 13.2m on Instagram, 5.8m on Twitter, and 221k on YouTube.

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Brazil is another Copa America team with massive support from football fans worldwide. The national team has been cementing its place in the hearts of football fans for years and season after season. It has collected five World Cup trophies in 2002, 1994, 1970, 1962, and 1958.

When it comes to Copa America, it has nine victories. Also, the Brazilian national team has two Pan-American Championships and four Confederations Cups.


With the calibre of talented players over the years, including the 2024 Copa America squad, it should be no shock that the Brazilian national team has a large fan base going into this tournament.

The team has qualified for every Copa America and the FIFA World Cup tournament and has recorded the highest number of beautifully scored goals ever. 

Brazil’s beautiful style of play also attracts the highest number of fans locally and internationally. Ranked highly by FIFA, Brazil is among the teams that could lift the Copa America trophy at this year’s tournament, which is why their fan base has only continued to grow.

The Brazilian national football team currently boasts 12m, 17.1m, 5.7m, and 1.67m supporters on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, respectively. 

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Uruguay has always been a constant threat to some of the footballing powerhouses in this tournament. The country’s huge fan base speaks for itself. It has a rich history of success on football’s biggest international stage, winning 15 trophies at the South American Championships.

Uruguay has mainly enjoyed a massive fan base in the Copa America. Its most recent victory came in 2011 when Uruguay defeated Paraguay in the final 3:0. 


Apart from its South American Championship victories, Uruguay has lifted the FIFA World Cup two times, in 1950 and 1930. However, they have recently struggled to make a massive impact in the competition. It only came closer in 2010 when it claimed a fourth-place finish.

With some top talent recognised globally and its beautiful game, it’s hardly surprising that the national team has so much success and support.

A quick social media scrutiny reveals that Uruguay has 1.4m, 1.1m, 461.6k, and 901k supporters on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, respectively.


⚽ Why is fan support important for the 2024 Copa America?

Fan support is crucial for the 2024 Copa America, enhancing the tournament’s atmosphere and excitement. Fans’ presence and enthusiasm contribute significantly to the essence of the competition, making it more enjoyable and vibrant for both players and viewers.

⚽ How many homes globally watch the Copa America?

The Copa America is reportedly watched in over 643 million homes globally, highlighting its status as one of the leading football tournaments in the world.

⚽ Which national teams have the largest fan bases going into the 2024 Copa America?

The national teams with the largest fan bases going into the 2024 Copa America include Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, and the United States. These teams have significant support both domestically and internationally.

⚽ What are some of Argentina's major football achievements?

Argentina boasts three FIFA World Cup victories (2022, 1986, and 1978) and 15 Copa America titles. The team is known for its rich football heritage, exceptional talent like Lionel Messi, and a dedicated fan base.

⚽ How successful is Brazil in international football?

Brazil is one of the most successful teams in international football, with five FIFA World Cup trophies and nine Copa America titles. The team is renowned for its beautiful style of play and a large fan base worldwide.


It’s surprising that the Mexican national team has a huge fan base and is among the top five 2024 Copa America football national teams. The team is among the most successful in football history and has consistently achieved outstanding feats on an international level.

Under its name, Mexico has eleven CONCACAF Gold Cup victories and lifted the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1999. The Mexican national team always showcases its resilience, passion, and skill for the game.


Its success and huge fan base can be attributed to a blend of tactical astuteness, a talented pool of football players, and a genuine soccer culture within the state and fans. The Mexican national team’s accomplishments have motivated a generation of fans and players.

Mexico has many supporters across social media platforms, showing their massive support. It has the following followers: Facebook 11m, Twitter 7.7m, Instagram 6.7m, and YouTube 99.5k.

United States

Despite initially suffering from a lack of support and popularity in the USA, football has recently been on the rise. It’s currently one of the leading sports in terms of support. It has evolved into a regular competitor at the FIFA World Cup competition, qualifying for every tournament since 1994.


In the CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament, which has occurred since 1991, the USA is the most successful national football team in the competition’s history, with four victories.

With a highly knowledgeable fan base that is increasingly growing with each season and tournament, the USA national football team is a budding country regarding power on the pitch. It is master at supporting its nation’s best sporting athletes and teams.

Whether in the FIFA World Cup, CONCACAF Nations League, CONCACAF Gold Cup, or the Copa America, the USA national team has enjoyed a huge fan base. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, the national team enjoys support from 13.6m fans worldwide.

These five national football teams are going into the 2024 Copa America tournament with the greatest number of supporters. They’re predicted to perform well in the tournament.

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