Telegram Sports Betting Groups 2024

This comprehensive guide explores Telegram sports betting groups and channels dedicated to betting tips.

We discuss the top options available, offer insights on selecting the one that suits your needs, and break down how these groups and channels function.

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Key Considerations

Here are six key insights into Telegram betting groups, providing a snapshot of what they offer, how they operate, and what to consider when joining. 

  • Variety of Betting Tips: Top Telegram groups offer diverse betting options, including sports, casino games, and specific markets like UK sports or global football.
  • Subscription Models: Many groups provide free essential tips, but access to comprehensive information often requires a VIP subscription, allowing users to try before fully committing.
  • Expertise and Reliability: Groups with a proven track record, such as TipMan Tips, are preferred for their reliable and expert betting analysis.
  • Community Interaction: Telegram sports betting groups enable active member participation and discussion, creating a community atmosphere.
  • Legal Operations: These groups operate within legal boundaries, focusing on sharing tips and guiding users to betting promotions rather than direct betting services.
  • Easy Joining Process: Joining these groups is simple, with many offering a preview option to evaluate the group’s content before committing to a subscription.

What Telegram Sports Betting Groups to Join?

With so many Telegram betting tips groups online, it can be challenging to pick the best. 

Here, we highlight the top betting channels for you:

Mega Dice

Mega Dice is a Telegram group that offers betting advice for sports like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. They claim to have experts providing analysis and betting tips for these sports. 

Here’s what they offer:

  • Expert Tips: They provide daily betting tips and picks for various sports.
  • Analysis: Members get detailed analyses of upcoming games to help make better bets.
  • Strategies: The group shares betting strategies to improve betting outcomes potentially.
  • Community: It’s also a community where members can exchange betting advice and support.

Although they claim a high success rate, specific statistics must be provided. However, they have testimonials from members who say they’ve made money from the group’s tips.

SBS Telegram Channel

The Telegram sports betting group has football experts giving tips and analyses on upcoming games, covering betting markets like match results, goalscorers, and correct scores.

They provide analysis and betting tips for basketball games, including markets like match results, handicaps, and over/under.

SBS Telegram Channel also offers expert picks, analysis, and betting strategies for tennis and cricket.

The SBS Telegram Channel betting group offers its members a variety of features, including:

  • Free tips: The group provides free tips for various sports daily.
  • Premium tips: The group also offers premium tips for various sports. Premium tips are supposed to be more accurate than free tips.
  • Betting analysis: The group provides betting analysis for all of its tips, which helps members make informed betting decisions.
  • Betting strategies: The group offers its members betting strategies that can help them to improve their betting results.
  • A community of bettors: The SBS Telegram Channel betting group is a community of bettors who can share tips, advice, and support with each other.

The SBS Telegram Channel betting group has a high success rate, though they have yet to share specific data to back this up. However, they have several testimonials from happy members who say they’ve profited by using the group’s betting tips.


⭐ How can I find telegram betting channels?

Finding the top Telegram channels is straightforward. You can discover public channels by searching for a term like “betting tips” and then selecting from the results that appear.

⭐ What is the best betting tips channel on Telegram?

The choice varies based on your needs. Several channels and groups assert themselves as the finest tipsters on Telegram. Our top recommendation is the SafeBettingSites Telegram channel.

⭐ Are Telegram groups and channels safe?

Telegram groups and channels come with different security levels. However, it’s important to note that only secret chats between two individuals have end-to-end encryption similar to what WhatsApp offers, not the groups.

⭐ Do betting tips Telegram channels make money?

Telegram doesn’t have a monetization program, but its betting tips channels can function as intermediaries showcasing offers and deals from online bookmakers. Telegram serves as the medium for broadcasting these opportunities to a broader audience. Additionally, some content, such as Telegram betting tips, might be accessible through a paid subscription service.

⭐ What are the benefits of Telegram groups and channels?

A key advantage of Telegram groups and channels is their capacity to disseminate information to potentially vast audiences, as there is no cap on the number of users that can join them.

TipMan Tips

TipMan Tips is known for its impressive seven-year history of profitability and stands as the UK’s largest subscription-based tipping service, boasting a community of over 2000 members. 

Here’s what this Telegram betting channel offer:

  • Daily Tips: They provide daily tips on racing and football, complete with recommended stakes.
  • Live Tracking: All tips are tracked live on their website, offering clear profit/loss statistics.
  • Extra Tools: Members can access the InPlay Bot and Football Statistics software.
  • Free trial: For newcomers, TipMan Tips offers a free 30-day trial, which can be claimed and canceled anytime.

Betwizards Maxbet

Betwizards Maxbet is a top Telegram group for football betting in the UK, with nearly 90,000 subscribers. It stands out for its exclusive focus on football, the most bet-on sport in Britain, and is possibly the leading tipster group on Telegram for football.

Here’s what makes them stand out:

  • Dedicated to Football: They solely focus on football betting.
  • Commitment to Subscribers: The group is known for its high level of subscriber satisfaction, especially for VIP members.
  • Global Betting Options: They excel in identifying promising football betting opportunities worldwide.
  • Large Subscriber Base: Nearly half a million people benefit from their tips, showcasing their effectiveness.

Betway Sports

Betway Sports specializes in sports betting with a focus on soccer. Their team is experts in betting strategies, fixed game models, and scientific research, dedicating daily to providing you with the most effective winning tips.

What do they offer?

  • Skilled tipsters: to provide insights and tips on various sports in the Betway sportsbook. 
  • Less mainstream markets offer group members unique insights into lesser-explored sports and betting options. 
  • VIP subscription: Subscribers gain the most benefits, enjoying full access to the chat functionality in this Telegram betting group for enhanced value.

Jain Reports

This UK-based tipping service on Telegram gives its members free picks and a paid subscription for VIP subscribers. 

The best tips are usually reserved for paying subscribers, which is typical for such services. Jain Reports announce 90% win rate in bets.

They offer football, cricket, and tennis betting tips. In this channel, you can find:

  • Daily fixed tips
  • Quality tips
  • Chat for paid tips @smashbookies

Toss Match Prediction

The Toss Match Prediction focuses and specializes in several sports:

  • Cricket: Predicting tosses using the venue, team history, and match tips.
  • Football: Providing match tips considering team form and history.
  • Basketball: Offering betting tips based on team performance and player stats.
  • Tennis: Giving tips based on player form and court type.

The Toss Match Prediction group offers various services, including daily free toss predictions for cricket matches and more accurate premium tips across multiple sports, which are available for a fee. 

They also provide detailed betting analysis to assist in decision-making, alongside advice on improving betting results. Additionally, they have created a platform where members can share tips and offer support to each other.

The group claims a high success rate but doesn’t provide specific statistics. However, they share testimonials from members who have profited from their tips.

Understanding Telegram Betting Channels

Telegram groups are social media platforms focusing on specific topics, like betting tips for success in gambling through apps or online sportsbooks. 

Admins manage these groups, controlling membership and content to maintain a respectful environment. Members can actively participate by creating and commenting on posts.

Creating a Telegram Channel

Setting up a Telegram channel is straightforward. Once you’re in the Telegram app, select ‘New Message’ then ‘New Channel’. Channels are private initially but can be made public by admins.


Telegram Bots

Telegram bots are third-party applications within the platform, allowing user interaction through commands and messages. 

You can control bots via HTTPS requests, with functionalities including: 

  • Customizing news
  • Processing payments 
  • Creating games
  • Building social services 

Interaction with bots can be direct or by adding them to groups.

Betting Channels Criteria

Having discussed the benefits of top betting tips in Telegram groups, let’s focus on how to choose the best ones. 

With many channels claiming to be the best, here are essential factors to consider:

  • The reliability and accuracy of their betting tips.
  • Value for money of the recommended bets.
  • Subscription fees and whether they’re reasonable.
  • A free trial to test the channel is available.
  • Access to customer support.
  • Regular monthly reports for tracking performance.

Many of these Telegram channels and groups offer a preview option, allowing you to explore their services before committing to a subscription. 

This is a great way to gauge if their betting recommendations align with your preferences, such as expertise in correct score predictions or handicap betting.

If you’re curious whether the top Telegram betting tips groups are free and legal, here’s some clarity. 

While many of the best Telegram channels offer some betting tips for free, complete access to all their recommendations usually requires a VIP subscription. This subscription could be on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis and should be priced reasonably.

Operating betting-related Telegram channels and groups is entirely legal. The admins of these channels don’t provide betting services or free bets themselves. Instead, they guide you to various offers and promotions. 

Their daily betting tips on Telegram are akin to expert analysis and advice, similar to what you would expect from any professional tipster.


Telegram sports betting groups offer a diverse and dynamic environment for betting enthusiasts. From specialized groups like Mega Dice and SBS Telegram Channel to broader platforms like Betwizards Maxbet, these groups cater to various betting interests with a mix of free and premium tips. 

With options for active community engagement, legal compliance, and easy access, these groups provide novice and experienced bettors with valuable resources and a community for sharing insights and strategies.

The group choice can be tailored to individual preferences, ensuring a rewarding betting experience.

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