Table Tennis Betting Strategy

Table tennis is not only a dynamic but also a fleeting game. Whether you are new to table tennis betting or you’re an experienced bettor, you should be sure to go through the whole of this guide (read this – cryptocurrency sports betting).

By the time you complete going through the guide, you will be in an excellent position to understand all the table tennis betting markets, value betting table tennis, and top sites that you can sign up with and enjoy the best betting bonuses and gambling services.

If you have already studied all the basics of sports betting, it is well enough. It is now a perfect time to dig deeper into some of the proven strategies and what you need to look out for. In terms of picking the right table tennis betting strategy, opinions differ from one individual to another.


🏓 How to bet on table tennis?

Starting betting on table tennis is very simple, just open an account in table tennis bookmaker, search for markets and make bets. Most popular betting markets on table tennis is moneyline on player victory, number of sets or games totals and handicaps.

🏓 What is best table tennis live betting strategy?

Best live table tennis betting strategy is when the match starts, stick to your betting plan which you had before the game and try to be unaffected by your emotions and that you see in the game.

🏓 What is best table tennis betting app in UK?

Best table tennis betting online app from UK companies has Betfair, William Hill and 888Sport. Here you can find a list of UK bookmakers online 2024.

🏓 What is main table tennis betting rules?

First of all, each player serves twice and the serve itself does not give the player any advantage as in volleyball or tennis. Each game is played to 11 points, if a game is tied at 10-10, a player must win by 2 points.

🏓 How many sets table tennis?

The length of a table tennis match, i.e. how many sets will be played, depends on the tournament itself – you can play up to 3 matches won or 4 (total 5 or 7 sets possible).

🏓 How much do table tennis players make?

Table tennis players can make from $3,000 to $40,000 per win during regular season matches. Most famous Chinese player globally, Ma Long net worth is about $20 million.

🏓 Where is table tennis most popular?

Table tennis is most popular in China and this country has the best players in table tennis history which have dominated the world championship competitions for a very long time.

🏓 Where to watch Russian table tennis live stream?

If you want to watch Russian table tennis or any other league matches, you need to have an account on the bookmaker website. Because bookies stream a lot of table tennis matches, which you can watch for free and on HD quality.

Your current opinion does not matter as experts have prepared for you the best and most proven table tennis betting strategy for enhancing your sports betting profits over time.

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Bet Ping Pong: Table Tennis Bet Markets

The most common table tennis types of bets are moneyline betting, totals, and spreads. These bets can be made for the overall performance of the game as well as for the specific set. Betting sites with an excellent selection of bet ping pong markets also provide wagers on the totals of individual tennis players in a game or a set. In the bookmaker lines of table tennis standard, different bet types are offered, including the likes of: number of sets/games scores handicap forms

Placing bets on the totals and handicap can take place both on the number of sets and the number of points scored. Accordingly, the table tennis betting strategy will change based on the bet type. It’s vital that before placing a wager on a total or a handicap, ensure that you know the number of sets that will be played.

betting on russian table tennis live stream

In table tennis, games can consist of 5 or 7 sets, that’s 3 or 4 wins in matches, depending on the tournament length.

Additional types of bets that you will find in the table tennis bet world are; the outcome of the first game and the outcome of the entire tournament. The bet ping pong on the first match provides punters with the chance to wager on a player’s success in a game with enhanced odds. This is a great type of bet, especially when you are sure that the competitors are motivated.

Table Tennis Betting Strategy: Value Betting on Table Tennis

Value betting is one of the proven strategies. This table tennis betting strategy is similar to arbitrage wagering. But you need to sport the sportsbook with wrong table tennis odds. Since table tennis is a relatively small sport compared to the likes of football and horse racing, most bookies make mistakes when providing table tennis betting odds. 

If you can find such sites, then you are sure to generate serious betting on table tennis profits. Betting only on overpriced odds and not taking into account other results will guarantee an excellent profit in the long run. If you can place wagers on betting odds ping pong that are higher compared to the real probability of that result, your winnings will be massive than losses.

how to bet on table tennis gambling

Most successful punters have used arbitrage and value betting websites across the past years, and they have enjoyed the sweet fruits that they provide.

Additional tips that you can include in your table tennis betting strategy are; research before playing, find the right sportsbook, understand the events, know all the types of tennis bets available and take advantage of bonuses and promotions.

Best Table Tennis Betting Sites

Many punters enjoy placing bets on different table tennis tournaments and games. The main reason is that the sport is full of action-packed games that are fun to watch. In this section, you will only find the best table tennis betting sites where you can place wagers on the sport without any worries. 

All of the bookies mentioned below have been reviewed by experts, meaning they only offer top-notch betting services. When you sign up with any of them, you will be sure to claim the most generous promotions, quick withdrawals, instant deposits, state-of-the-art security, and the best customer support service. 

how many sets table tennis betting rules

On top of all these, the sites are compatible with different mobile devices and offer many markets that you can choose from. Here are the best table tennis betting apps that you can open an account with and take your table tennis gambling experience to another level.

888Starz: 888Starz is a DeFi igaming betting platform with profitability of about 218.50%. The platform supports not only betting services but also mining tokens, collecting exchange commissions, staking, and farming crypto tokens.

888Starz also offers a top-notch online casino section that features top games from only the leading providers in the world. Bonuses and promotions are also available for you to take advantage of. is another popular betting website that offers the best online table tennis betting experience. The sportsbook offers a welcome bonus that you can use on your favorite tennis event as well as other sports.

Apart from sports, you can also play some top slot machines and live casino games. If you join this sportsbook, you are sure to enjoy quick withdrawals through safe and secure methods of payment.

22Bet: 22Bet is known as the trendsetting betting website in the world. Millions of gamblers trust the sportsbook with their bets each day. The betting company understands that table tennis choices are everything and all of its players want to place bets on a safe table tennis betting site. Additionally, it offers some of the most generous table tennis bonuses and promotions.

What is Russian Table Tennis Betting?

A few years ago, punters knew almost nothing about Russian table tennis betting. Currently, sportsbooks say that the sport is keeping its lights on. Russian ping pong betting is simply placing wagers on the Liga Pro events and table tennis games. 

Liga Pro is the leading table tennis league in Russia, where you can find the best players from across the world. The league offers lots of betting on Russian table tennis markets that punters enjoy choosing from. Whether you are new to table tennis sports betting or an experienced punter, you will find this league a perfect place to start.

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