Swimming Betting with Crypto

    Swimming is one of the most popular competitions to place bets in betting companies on during the Olympics and other events such as the European Aquatics Championships.

    With a wide range of races to choose from, including backstroke, freestyle, medley relays, butterfly, relays and breaststroke, swimming makes for a thrilling sporting competition with numerous options.

    Competitive swimming started in the 19th century, and currently, it is a fan/bettor-favourite competition due to its nature. Swimmers aren’t just attempting to defeat other competitors in the pool; they are actively trying their best to smash world and personal records.


    🏊 Is swimming online sports betting safe?

    We can say that swimming is definitely a safe online sport to bet on. There are many reputable swimming betting sites that offer fair odds and accept bets from all over the world. However, as with any type of gambling, there is always a risk involved. So, if you are thinking about placing a bet on swimming, be sure to do your research first and choose a reputable site.

    🏊 Where to find best swimming betting odds?

    The best way to find the best swimming betting odds is to sign up for an account with an online sportsbook that offers swimming betting odds. By doing this, you will be able to view the different swimming betting lines and compare them side by side and competition like Olympics swimming odds or European Aquatics. This will allow you to see which sportsbook is offering the best swimming betting odds for the particular event that you are interested in betting on.

    🏊 Where to watch European swimming championships?

    You can watch swimming live stream of the event in the bookmakers’ live betting section. There will be plenty of action to bet on, so don’t miss out.

    🏊 What is European aquatics?

    European aquatics is a branch of competitive swimming that is governed by the LEN (Ligue Européenne de Natation). It encompasses all levels of swimming, from grassroots to elite. There are four main disciplines within European aquatics: pool swimming, open water swimming, synchronised swimming and diving. Pool swimming is the most popular and well-known of the disciplines, with events ranging from 50 metres to 1500 metres.

    🏊 How often are swimming World championships held?

    The Swimming World championships are held every two years. The next one will be in 2024, and will take place from 2-18 February 2024 in Doha.

    Due to this, competitive swimming will only continue to expand in popularity in terms of spectatorship and betting.

    One of the main attractions when it comes to swimming betting is the use of cryptocurrencies. Crypto swimming betting sites have become more attractive since they offer low fees, instant deposits, fast withdrawals, attractive crypto betting bonuses and a massive collection of markets to pick from.

    olympics swimming betting

    Read on to learn more about swimming betting, including the steps to get started, wagering tips and strategies, types of swimming styles and strokes and popular events to bet on.

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    5 Steps Start Swimming Betting with Crypto

    5 Steps to Start Swimming Betting with Crypto

    There’re a few simple steps involved when it comes to swimming betting with crypto at the best online bookmaker. These steps include:

    Find a Top-Rated Swimming Sportsbook

    The first task you need to accomplish as a serious swimming bettor is finding the best betting website. Currently, it is straightforward to find a reputable online sportsbook.

    You only need to find a list of recommended sites and pick one that blends smoothly with your needs and requirements. 

    Before you can start creating an account, ensure that the sportsbook in question offers all of the essential features such as generous bonuses and promotions, a wide range of swimming markets, fast deposits and withdrawals, a mobile app, a wide range of crypto options and a well-secured betting environment, to mention just a few of them.

    Sign Up at Your Sportsbook of Choice

    After identifying the best betting site that accepts cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to sign up. You should not worry since experts have tried the betting websites before recommending them, which means they are worth your hard-earned cash and precious time. And on top of that, the registration process is straightforward as it only requires a few details.

    Set up a Crypto Wallet

    Remember that you need a wallet to allow you to receive, store and send digital coins. Crypto wallets are just virtual storages that protect your digital currencies as they keep them safe.

    Many wallets will require you to download their respective apps before you can sign up and start using crypto for swimming betting. One of the most popular wallets is Exodus.

    olympics swimming odds

    Purchase Crypto Coins at an Exchange

    You will need to have some crypto coins in your wallet to get started. Purchasing digital currencies is done on a reputable exchange platform.

    Coinbase is among the top-rated crypto exchanges. To use this exchange platform, you need to download the app, install it, and sign up. Remember, this procedure applies to all exchange platforms.

    Deposit Crypto Coins in Your Betting Site Account

    With crypto coins in your wallet, you are ready to deposit at your favourite betting website. To deposit funds into your account, navigate to the deposit section, choose a crypto option like Bitcoin and then enter the amount that you want to gamble with Bitcoin.

    You’ll see your coins show up in your digital wallet within a few minutes. Once the funds show up, you can select your favourite swimming event and place a bet on it.

    olympic swimming betting odds
    5 Steps Start Swimming Betting with Crypto

    Swimming Betting Tips

    Similar to any sport, you can increase your chances of winning when it comes to swimming betting. You can only increase your winning chances if you follow these proven swimming betting tips:

    Analyse Previous Achievements: The best way to measure the chances of each competitor in terms of swimming betting is to explore the previous achievements of your selection before placing a bet.

    Previous achievements provide an overview of what you could expect at the coming swimming events.

    Watch Out for Specialties: In swimming, most titles are won by two categories of competitors. The first category is made up of superstars who are exceptional in multiple styles. Another category of athletes you need to be aware of is tight specialists.

    swimming betting odds

    Tight athletes usually focus on one or two events, making them highly competitive. These swimmers have a powerful advantage that you should not underestimate when you’re about to place a bet on swimming events.

    Bet for Value: Wagering on swimming outcomes with a higher likelihood than the prices suggest is the only way to increase your profits in the long run. Always focus on finding betting value and avoid guesswork.

    Keep in mind that stroke matters more than distance.

    Study the events leading up to the European Aquatics Championships and Olympics swimming betting odds market.

    how often are swimming world championships held

    Various Types of Swimming Strokes and Styles

    Swimming competitions feature different strokes and styles, which include:

    Freestyle: Racers are allowed to use their legs and arms without limitations concerning their choice of stroke.

    Backstroke: Instead of racers looking down into the pool while swimming, they face the ceiling. Swimmers lie on their backs, kicking their legs while making circular motions that start at the hips.

    Breaststroke: Of the four swimming styles, breaststroke is the slowest. The heads of racers stay above the water, and players are not allowed to generate power through torso rotation.

    where to watch european swimming championships

    Butterfly: As one of the most challenging swimming techniques, the butterfly stroke requires swimmers to come up on their chests with their heads out of the water. Dolphin kicks with the feet complement the looping arm motions during the butterfly stroke.

    Relays: Relays are made up of four racers, and each one is responsible for a given distance, which is usually a quarter of the race.

    Individual Medley: In individual medley swimming, racers are required to use a minimum of four strokes in a race. Butterfly style is the first, backstroke is the second, breaststroke is the third, and front crawl/freestyle is the last and the fourth.

    Swimming Online Sports Betting Strategy

    Punters who think long-term in terms of winning swimming bets need to pay full attention to the previous performances of swimmers.

    swimming live stream

    For example, if you want to make swimming online sports betting on the Olympics, you must consider the World Championships results. While noting the swimmer that comes first, ensure that you know all the finalists. 

    You should also know how far the finalists finish behind the victor, especially those who’re potential champions in future competitions.

    Always take a closer look at swimmers pushing the victor all the way and ensure you monitor their fitness and form in the build-up to the coming swimming competition.

    European Aquatics Championships 2022 and other Events to make Swimming Bets

    The European Aquatics Championships 2022 will occur in Rome, Italy, between 11th and 21st August. A total of 1,500 athletes from over 50 countries will compete for more than 200 medals in the Foro Italico complex.

    where to watch european swimming championships

    The winners of the previous European Aquatics Championships are also expected to perform excellently in the 2022 event. 

    Katinka Hosszu, Viktoria Mihalyvari and Aimee Willmott are the favourites to win the women’s 400m swimming race.

    When it comes to the men’s 400m freestyle race, Martin Malyutin, Felix Auboeck, and Danas Rapsys are the favourites.

    In women’s 4x100m free relay, Great Britain, Netherlands and France are expected to perform excellently, while in men’s 4x100m free relay, Great Britain and Italy are the favourites.

    olympics swimming betting odds

    These teams and individual athletes won the medals in the previous European Aquatics Championships event in Hungary, which is why they are favourites.

    Aside from 4x100m free relays and 400m freestyle races, other related events to bet on are women’s 800m freestyle, men’s 100m breaststroke, women’s 100m breaststroke and men’s 50m backstroke.

    The favourites for these events are Simona Quadarella, Adam Peaty, Marie Wattel and Kliment Kolesnikov, respectively.

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