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    Stride Price Prediction 2024-2030

    As the crypto tide gradually approaches the much-anticipated bull run season, how much will Stride (STRD) token be worth by the end of 2024, 2025, and even up to 2030?

    Here, we will dive into the future of Stride (STRD) by analyzing its current market trend. We then provide an unbaised price prediction based on our analysis using a combination of fundamental, historical, and up-to-date market data and sentiments for analysis. 

    The ultimate goal is to equip you with helpful information that will guide your investment decision amidst the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market.

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    What Is Stride (STRD)?

    Stride describes itself as the first staking zone platform built on the Cosmos blockchain. It provides liquid staking options for users on the Cosmos IBC ecosystem, allowing them to earn real-time staking and DeFi rewards on their staked tokens.

    The STRD token serves as the governance asset for decision-making in the Stride ecosystem. STRD token holders can participate in voting events and contribute to the security and upgrades of the protocol ecosystem. 

    Stride (STRD) Fundamental Analysis

    Token NameStride
    Current Price$4.48
    Price Change (24hr)-4.7%
    Volume (24hr)$430,464 (+42.90)
    Circulating Supply87,825,728
    Maximum Supply100,000,000
    Market Cap$393,787,816*
    * Stride is currently positioned as the 225th asset in the global cryptocurrency ranking, with a Market Cap of $379,566,778 at the time of writing this piece.

    Analyzing STRD Price History


    On the chart above, the STRD price is $4.54, with an improved 24-hour trading volume of $430,464, showing an increase of 42.90%.

    Future Price Prediction For Stride (STRD)

    YearPossible Lowest PricePossible Average PricePossible Highest Price

    Stride Price Prediction For 2024

    2024 is the halving year, an event estimated to occur on April 19. It is a special year for Bitcoin and the entire crypto community. It is a period in which crypto analysts and investors anticipate seeing the green candles dominate the crypto market charts once again.

    In what most would refer to as the ‘pre-halving’ period, we saw Bitcoin rise past $70,000 on Friday, March 8, to hit a new all-time high before regressing to more than 10%. This indication tends to dictate the price trend for the rest of the crypto market, with Stride (STRD) looking to ride the tide.

    According to expert analysis, Stride has the potential to rise by as much as $7.75 in the bullish market. A decline in the overall crypto market could see it go as low as $3.11.

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    Stride Price Prediction For 2025

    We reckon that market sentiment will significantly influence how the STRD token reacts to our price prediction in 2025. We can expect to see crypto prices display a sign of minor correction towards the end of 2025.

    However, we also expect Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) to gain more popularity due to the many advantages and rewards for token holders across a multitude of DeFi platforms. 

    Thus, we envisaged a significant gain for STRD crypto. At the lowest possible price range, Stride crypto could reach $4.21 and average at $5.70 with an uptrend of around $8.24 at maximum gain. 

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    Stride Price Prediction For 2026

    Going by previous market actions, we can expect that the euphoria of the 2024 halving would have cooled off by 2026. If this happens, we may experience a slight correction in the prices of cryptos across the market boards. 

    In any case, we envisage that crypto adoption will continue to gain momentum and might just be enough to cushion the effect. At its lowest, we predict STRD price to dabble around $6.22, an average value of around $7.41. We also expect the maximum value of the Stride token to stay around $10.78.


    ⭐ What is Stride crypto?

    Stride is hailed as the initial staking zone platform constructed on the Cosmos blockchain. It offers liquid staking choices within the Cosmos IBC ecosystem and facilitates users’ accrual of real-time staking and DeFi rewards.

    ⭐ What are Stride's current market position and token statistics?

    At the time of writing, Stride (STRD) has a market cap of $393,787,816 and is ranked 225th in the global cryptocurrency ranking. Its current price is $4.48, and its circulating supply is 87,825,728 tokens, with a maximum supply of 100,000,000 tokens.

    ⭐ What factors contribute to the future price predictions of Stride (STRD)?

    Various factors shape Stride’s anticipated price movements, including its security features, the trend of increased adoption of liquid staking, and its tokenomics setup, which is designed to enhance utility and foster liquid staking adoption.

    ⭐ What are some potential risks when investing in Stride (STRD)?

    Despite optimistic price projections, it’s essential to acknowledge the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. Factors such as market sentiments, economic events, government regulations, and technological developments could impact Stride’s value.

    ⭐ What is Stride price prediction 2025?

    Market sentiment will significantly influence the STRD token’s reaction to our 2025 price prediction, with a minor correction expected in crypto prices by the year’s end. However, the increasing popularity of Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) across numerous DeFi platforms suggests significant potential gains for Stride crypto, with projections ranging from $4.21 to $8.24.

    Stride Price Prediction For 2027

    We visualize 2027 to be the year crypto will experience a correction. If this happens, STRD, like most crypto assets, will experience a dip to as low as $5.15. Despite that, we predict the average price to be around $8.01 and a maximum STRD price at $9.45

    Stride Price Prediction For 2028

    According to the halving calendar, 2028 is another year for the Bitcoin halving event. Like previous events, most cryptos are expected to experience a significant uptrend. Also, we envisage that crypto innovation and use cases would have evolved further than they are now. 

    We predict STRD’s lowest price will be $5.75, with an average value of $6.89 and a possible new all-time high of $11.40.

    Stride Price Prediction For 2029

    By 2029, the STRD token price could witness an additional increase in value. Many crypto investors would most likely remain bullish as blockchain technology continues to reshape the financial sector. 

    We estimate that the yearly low STRD price will be $7.85. meanwhile, the price of Stride is estimated at an average value of $11.65, with a possibility of attaining a maximum of $12.92.


    Stride Price Prediction For 2030

    We foresee that 2030 will present us with a unique year of another productive crypto environment. Widespread crypto adoption coupled with a push for regulatory maturity will significantly impact the price of Stride. 

    We predict that STRD will appreciate, triggering a new all-time high of $22.11. In its lowest price prediction, we expect Stride to be at $11.45 and an average value of $14.74.

    Other Factors Shaping A Stride (STRD) Price Prediction

    Stride, as a liquid staking protocol, has the potential to break through the league of the best liquid staking platforms. Here are some factors that could contribute to Stride’s price reaction in the coming years.  

    • Additional security features

    Stride is powered by a combination of security protocols. The resilient and battle-tested protocols such as Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) and proof-of-stake (PoS) decentralized Tendermint consensus are implemented to ensure no funds are kept under admin key control.

    In the event of an attack, the IBC rate limiting security consensus will prevent a total drain of assets in the ecosystem. 

    Stride further bolstered its security architecture through the Cosmos Hub security network, enjoying a high level of security economic valued at $2.5 billion. They also introduced a $1 million bug bounty program to strengthen the protocol’s security posture.   

    • DeFi Trend – Increased liquid staking adoption

    Liquid staking is a multi-billion crypto investment hub that continues to intrigue investors. This trend is expected to soar, making it a more attractive investment option.

    It also recorded an all-time high of $53.8 million TVL on November 6, 2023. This strongly indicates its potential to become a profitable crypto investment asset. 

    • Stride tokenomics

    The Stride tokenomics setup is designed to give STRD token holders a critical role in enhancing the utility and fostering liquid staking adoption.

    Maximum token supply is 100,000,000 STRD, with a genesis supply of 9,200,000 STRD. The well-crafted tokenomics approach will ultimately play a significant role in improving the value of the STRD token in the long term.

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