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    Stratis Sports Betting 2024

    The Stratis coin is a cryptocurrency that can be used for various payments. Part of this includes the ability to make Stratis sports betting, so you can wager with the coin and be paid out in the same way.

    The people who are behind Stratis are experts in blockchain technology and for that reason, the advancement and future growth of this coin is something that could take things to the next level.

    We are seeing the betting industry support this coin, others are following suit too and in years to come, we could see a lot of other companies and brand-new industries getting on board with this. 

    Here we take a look at the Stratis coin, what is on offer now, how the coin works and how you can use Stratis for sports betting.

    Top Stratis Sports Betting Platform

    For Stratis sports betting, we are suggesting to use 888Starz bookmaker:


    888Starz is the first professional licensed DeFi gambling website that is powered by revolutionary blockchain technology.

    The team of experts that manages this betting site applies state-of-the-art blockchain technologies and integrates them into the heart and brain of this gaming platform. 888Starz has been operating for one year only, as it was founded in 2020.

    It operates under a license from Curacao Gaming Authority and Azimutone Ltd, and Bittech BV operates and owns it.

    Thousands of new players trust this gambling site each year because of various reasons. Once they join, this platform that is dedicated to offering the best sports betting services and products provide them with a generous welcome bonus.

    And when they keep making deposits and placing bets on their favourite sports, including crypto football betting, basketball, table tennis, motorsports and more, they get an opportunity to enjoy lots of ongoing incentives.

    888starz crypto betting tips

    It manages to offer sports betting services in partnership with 1xBet sportsbook. 888Starz is a unique crypto betting site as it allows players to use cryptocurrency tokens, popularly known as 888 tokens or 888Tron. Crypto betting revolution began with the 888Starz platform.

    888Starz Pros

    ✔️ An impressive welcome bonus is available

    ✔️ A loyalty program is available for VIP club members

    ✔️ Customer support service available 24/7

    888Starz Cons

    ⭕ A little bit difficult to navigate the website

    ⭕ Slot withdrawals

    ⭕ No mobile application

    888Starz Promotions

    888starz offers a number of bonuses to its players. Replaying the bonuses is not easy either, the bets require a bit of luck but it is possible to replay the bonuses. However, if you don’t, you can repeat the deposit and get a second chance. There are also different bonuses available on different days.

    888Starz BonusRequirements to get bonusConditions
    Accumulator of the dayChoose Accumulator and get 10% boostEasy
    First deposit bonus up to 100 EURWagered 5x with accumulator bets. Each accumulator must be with 3 selections with at least 1.40 odds or higherHard
    Second deposit bonus up to 100 EURWagered 5x with accumulator bets. Each accumulator must be with 3 selections with at least 1.40 odds or higherHard
    Tuesday deposit bonus up to 100 EURWagered 5x with accumulator bets. Each accumulator must be with 3 selections with at least 1.60 odds or higherHard
    Thursday deposit bonus up to 100 EURWagered 5x with accumulator bets. Each accumulator must be with 3 selections with at least 1.50 odds or higherHard
    Bonus for a series of losing betsIf you loose 20 losing bets in a rowHard

    888Starz Odds

    888Starz features an average betting margin of 97%, as it offers 95% on Tennis, 98% on the UEFA Champions League, NBA and NHL, and 96% on Euroleague Basketball.

    Bookie and payout %Tennis OddsUEFA Champions LeagueNBA OddsEuroleague Basketball NHL Odds

    888Starz Other Information

    Anonymous bettingBookmaker TypeLicensesAdditional betting selectionsProducts
    NoHigh Odds CryptoCuraçaoPlayer Points Basketball, AH Basketball, Asian Bets, AH Tennis, Cards, CornersE-sports, Live Casino, Casino, Virtual sports, Poker, Bingo, Lottery

    888Starz Accepted Cryptocurrencies

    BookieAccepting cryptocurrenciesNumber
    888Starz888tron, AS Roma Fan Token, Avalanche, Basic Attention Token, BUSD, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, BitShares, BNB, Bytecoin, Cardano, Chainlink, Cosmos, Dai, Dash, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Eos, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Juventus Fan Token, Litecoin, Metrix Coin, Monero, NEM, OMG Network, Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token, Pax Dollar, Polkadot, Polygon, Qtum, Shiba Inu, SIBCoin, Solana, Stellar, Stratis, Terra, Tether, Toncoin, TRON, TrueUSD, Ultra Salescloud, USD Coin, Verge, Wrapped Bitcoin, XBIT, XRP, Zcash. 49 cryptos

    Stratis Sports Betting FAQ

    ⭐ What is Stratis crypto?

    Stratis is a decentralised cryptocurrency which works on blockchain development platform, where businesses develop, test and deploy new blockchain apps.

    ⭐ What is Stratis price prediction 2025?

    Stratis price prediction for 2025, that this coin price will reach $6.10.

    ⭐ What is Stratis coin price prediction 2030?

    Stratis price prediction for 2030, that this coin price will reach $75.

    ⭐ How to buy Stratis coin?

    You can buy Stratis cryptocurrency with your VISA or Mastercard in exchanges like Binance, Bittrex,

    ⭐ What is best Stratis wallet?

    Best Stratis wallet is the Ledger Nano S/X. It’s a hardware wallet, where you can store not only Stratis coin, but many other cryptocurrencies.

    ⭐ Is Stratis mining available?

    ✅ Yes, you can mine Stratis coins. This crypto mining process is through a proof-of-stake and each block produces a block reward of 18 STRAX.

    What is Stratis Coin?

    Stratis is a cryptocurrency, with the two key features of this being that it is decentralised and it is a blockchain development platform. The platform works with enterprises as they create, test and launch new apps.

    The coin began life back in the middle of 2016, so has been around for some years now which is good to see and will offer a little stability to those getting involved.

    Initially, 84,000,000 coins were sold, and then investment came after that which increased the price and value of the coin for those that had already purchased them.

    Stratis is a fork of Bitcoin, like many other cryptocurrencies are, though the way that things are coded is differently here, using C# programming. To show how serious this coin is, Stratis have partnered with Microsoft, a move that saw a huge jump STRAT price when that was announced. 

    From launch to September 2018, after the Microsoft deal was announced, the coin had risen in price by 14,000%. 

    Stratis Crypto Advantages

    The biggest advantage of this coin is without a doubt the potential growth in the future. The coin has seen a rapid rise already, with Microsoft coming on board.

    Either future investment from them again, or another big name coming on board and we could see yet another huge percentage jump in value.  On top of this, thanks to blockchain experts running the show, there will be no barriers in terms of development as this moves forward.

    Those who got involved in the early stages are sitting pretty with their investments now, but there is every chance that this will happen again, so there is still time to get involved. 

    There has been genuine talk in the past that this coin could become capable of being the next Bitcoin or being a challenger to Ethereum, used for betting. Being spoken about so highly, even if that doesn’t come off, shows how people think the future of this currency is going to play out. 

    Stratis Crypto Disadvantages

    If there is one disadvantage of the Stratis crypto at the moment then it is the fact that there are not too many industries that accept this as payment. It is one of the smaller coins and this is replicated with the number of companies dealing in it. 

    If you do buy some and either hold onto it, invest it or bet with it and then you want to spend what you have earned, you may struggle to get what you want. This would mean going back to the exchange to swap this over for a more accessible currency that more crypto betting companies support. 


    How Exactly Does the STRAT Crypto Work?

    Stratis works in a way that will appeal to people who want something nice and simple to understand. Stratis blockchain uses C# programming, and the way things are set up, even if you only have a basic understanding of this, you should have no problem working out what you need to do. 

    The majority of coding is already complete for those looking to get on board as a sidechain. All you have to do is complete the final bit of coding to complete the task, and your sidechain will be up and running. 

    By being able to use a sidechain, companies don’t have to waste time creating their own blockchain, they can get on board straight away, making this a key element for how the Stratis coin works.

    With the STRAT crypto gateway allowing coins to be swapped for USD or GBP easily, businesses are going to be comfortable accepting Statis and this should all help the currency to grow and attract more people. 

    How to Use Stratis for Sports Betting?

    As mentioned above, Stratis is set up in a way that makes it very attractive to businesses. This should help even more bookmakers accept STRAT coin in the future, which means more options for punters.

    Some accept the currency now, allowing you to wager with it, and claim back any winnings you have. 

    Simply send across your Stratis to the crypto bookmaker you use, watch for it to appear in your betting wallet and then you are ready to start betting. With the easy connection for companies turning this into dollars or pounds, Stratis betting should be able to thrive moving forward. 

    Where to Buy Stratis Coin?

    If you would like to get involved with this crypto and want to buy Stratis some then the best place to head is to your favourite exchange and see if the coin is listed here. If not, there are many exchanges that list this coin, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding somewhere to buy from.

    As this is on an exchange, you have the standard options available, which are to exchange other crypto types on there and change them into STRAT cryptocurrency, or you can make a purchase using a debit or credit card. 


    This allows you easy access to the currency and it is also worth saying that if you need to change some back over for any reason, you can simply head back to the exchange with your Stratis and make a trade. 

    The easy access for those looking to get involved mirrors that of many other types of crypto, including all of the big names. If you are already in the crypto business, check out your exchange to see if they have Stratis listed on there as something you can buy or trade for. 


    There is a lot to like about this crypto of this Stratis coin review, and where this currency could potentially head in the future. With big investments along the way, including from names such as Microsoft, this is a currency that many people are behind.

    The way in which things are set up for businesses is a big positive, and this should lead to two further improvements for those looking to bet with Stratis cryptocurrency.

    Firstly, more bookmakers should come on board, as the process is easy, and secondly, more industries and companies will too, offering you more places to spend your funds. 

    The currency is easy to get hold of for those looking to make a purchase and start their time with Stratis, as many exchanges currently list this coin.

    Combine that with the high potential on offer, the way in which the future could turn and how highly many people talk about this currency and it is easy to see why a lot of people are either involved or want to be involved. 

    Stratis is already doing well and could turn out to be one of the major players in the crypto betting industry in the future. 

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