Premier League Relegation Betting

What goes up can also go down. That’s how the Premier League has worked since its invention. A fluid concept that enables ambitious teams to move up the Championship and adds further misery for outfits that slide down the top tier.

Premier League relegation betting becomes significant in predicting which teams might face the challenge of moving down a division.

Relegation is part and parcel of the Premier League football competition. It is not always straightforward to forecast who might be relegated. But there are usually certain teams in the Premier League that’re more susceptible compared to others.

It’s easier to pick teams for promotion than those for relegation. But in the Premier League, promoted teams usually have higher chances of being relegated. The main reason is that they’re going to compete against experienced and well-developed clubs.

From a betting point of view, it is a blend of some numbers, assessing the likely teams, and then trying to apply a strategy to your final choice. Let’s find out more about Premier League relegation betting.

Premier League


Premier League

Key Highlights:

  • Diverse Betting Options: The Premier League offers a variety of betting options, including long-term wagers on team relegation.
  • Popular Relegation Bets: Common bets include predicting specific teams, the three teams, or a team among those to be relegated.
  • Market Variations: Various markets like “To Finish Bottom,” “Not to be Relegated,” and “Treble/Tricast” provide different ways to engage in relegation betting.
  • Innovative Options: Football bookmakers introduce creative options such as “Bottom at Mid-Season” for shorter-term outright bets.
  • Ownership and Managerial Changes: Changes in ownership or management can impact a team’s performance and influence relegation chances.
  • Player Transfers: Selling key players can significantly affect a team’s ability to stay competitive and influence relegation outcomes.
  • Fixture Analysis: Evaluating how teams perform at the halfway stage and assessing the difficulty of upcoming fixtures is crucial for making informed relegation bets.
  • Promoted Teams Struggle: Promoted teams in the Premier League often struggle due to a lack of experience and are at risk of relegation. This was seen in the 2023/2024 season with Luton, Burnley, and Sheffield United.
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How Relegation Betting Works in the Premier League

The Premier League provides you with the opportunity to place bets on almost every eventuality. Whether it can happen in the next two minutes of a match, how the game ends at full time, or what might take place across the entire season, plenty of options to place bets on the Premier League exist.

Long-term wagers are massively popular. With a single stake, a punter can potentially have a great Premier League season. One of these bets is forecasting a team or teams that will be relegated from the competition.

You can place your bet, which is, in most cases, made ante-post or at any stage of the campaign. Several EPL relegation betting options are available.

Outright winner options are popular, with common wagers available, including which particular team will be relegated, the three teams that will be relegated, or a team that will be among those relegated.

Premier League Relegation Betting Markets Explained

Most bettors usually concentrate on the top of the Premier League table and forget about the bottom. Many reputable bookies offer competitive odds and lucrative bonuses for those who place bets on the bottom table outcomes. 

There is a huge range of markets, the major one being whether a certain football club will go down. Before the first whistle of the Premier League season, there are usually some attractive odds and good value bets.


⚽ What is Premier League relegation?

In the Premier League, relegation refers to the three teams at the bottom of the league table who will be demoted to the EFL Championship for the following season. This system is a crucial aspect of the English football pyramid, where teams strive to avoid relegation to maintain their top-flight status and the financial benefits that come with it.

⚽ What are Premier League relegation rules?

Premier League relegation rules dictate that the bottom three teams in the league table will be relegated to the EFL Championship at the end of the season. Teams’ positions are determined by points earned in matches, with goal difference, and then goals scored are used as tiebreakers in case of equal points.

⚽ Where do Premier League teams get relegated to?

Premier League teams that get relegated drop down to the EFL Championship.


⚽ Who are Premier League favourites for relegation in 2023-24 season?

Premier League favourites for relegation in 2023-24 season are: Sheffield Utd, Burnley, and Luton.

⚽ Who has never been relegated from the Premier League?

Six clubs have never been relegated from the Premier League since its inception in 1992. These clubs are Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur.

⚽ Who got relegated last season from the Premier League?

Leicester, Leeds, and Southampton were relegated from Premier League in season 2022-23.

Some punters usually wait until the Premier League season is underway or after the transfer window has just ended to make their assessments and bets. Apart from just picking a team that will get relegated, you can look for more competitive odds by picking one of these markets:

To Finish Bottom

Do you think a Premier League team is nailed on for the drop and want to earn massive profits? Back that particular team to finish the Premier League in the 20th position. While this option works like the main relegation one, your team of choice must finish the Premier League rock bottom for your bet to be successful.

Not to be Relegated

Some sportsbooks list this market as To Stay Up. It’s the opposite of the main relegation wager. Instead of backing a side to be relegated, you’re betting on it to finish the league outside the relegation zone. That is why it’s sometimes known as Stay Up.



To increase your odds massively, you can try and forecast all the three teams that’ll be relegated. This will, in most cases, be offered as a wager in the three sides in a correct order.

Alternatively, you can bet on three teams to be relegated in any order. That means you don’t need to mention their exact positions in the relegation zone.

Bottom at Mid-Season

Premier League betting sites are usually innovative. As a result, you’ll find innovative betting options like bottom at mid-season or Christmas. Being bottom at mid-season has, for a long time, been an excellent sign that a team will be relegated from the EPL at the end.

Betting on a Premier League team to be bottom at mid-season is a shorter-term outright that only pays out if your team is bottom of the table before the second leg starts.

To Finish in the Bottom Half

To finish in the bottom half of the table isn’t really a relegation wager. But it falls under the relegation betting category. It involves backing a Premier League team to finish the season in the bottom half of the table. This is another wager you can enjoy if you like the relegation concept.


How to Boost Your Chances of Winning Relegation Bets

When it comes to Premier League betting various things you need to consider before you make your decision exist. Let’s look at these things closely.

Ownership/Managerial Changes

One of the signs that a team can be relegated or will finish in the middle of the table is ownership or managerial change. Let’s look at one of the perfect examples. Aston Villa was initially owned by Doug Ellis. He owned the team between 1968 and 2006. When he took over, Aston Villa was in Division Two. 

Gradually, he saw the club rise through the ranks to compete in Division One, which became the Premier League. Under his ownership, Aston Villa played in the Premier League.

But when Randy Lerner, an American billionaire, purchased the club, which managed to stay in the Premier League for seven seasons, it was relegated. 

The team was in the top ten when purchased, but in the following seasons, it dropped to the bottom of the table before being relegated. 


Selling of Key Players

When you’re placing a relegation bet, you also need to consider selling of players. New managers and owners can both have a significant effect on a Premier League club’s ability to perform.

However, players who play are the ones that decide the result of any given event and over the course of the EPL season, the ability of a team to remain in the competition. 

Selling a striker who scored many goals or a goalkeeper who made numerous saves to keep the team competitive can massively affect the performance, increasing the chances of being relegated. 


The manner in which the Premier League fixtures fall is one of the underrated aspects of a football campaign. It is important to look at how teams are performing at the halfway stage of the competition and then assess the fixtures that the bottom teams are due to play. Does any team have a hard run-in? It’s important to have a flutter on them to be relegated if so.

Final Thoughts

Across the seasons, most promoted teams in the Premier League struggle to remain competitive mainly due to a lack of EPL quality and experience. If you take the 2023/2024 EPL season as an example, Luton, Burnley and Sheffield United have struggled to meet the EPL quality and might be the favourites to be relegated.

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