Oasis Network Review in Sports Betting 2023

We introduce you our Oasis Network Review, where we will analyse the Oasis Network that combines custom-built crypto, confidential computing technology and a programmable blockchain to provide users with a unique digital asset with many opportunities. Primarily, the developers behind this crypto product put a lot of weight on privacy protocols.  The Oasis Network allows DeFi creators to develop more robust apps, especially in the realm of blockchain sports betting, as they can better manage .. Show More

Oasis provides a platform with low latency, lower fees and more scalability by separating consensus from execution. The network has a second layer known as Para Times that makes this process possible.

Data control is another huge issue that Oasis Network solves. It has a Tokenised Data feature that allows users to control all the data they generate.

As a result, the Oasis Network has attracted a lot of interest from the community and investors, and that is why this review was crafted. Read on to discover why Oasis Network Crypto is becoming the go-to investment for an increasing number of investors.

⭐ What is Oasis Network?

The Oasis Network is a blockchain platform known for emphasising privacy and scalability. It enables confidential smart contracts and utilises a multi-chain architecture to enhance data privacy and support decentralised applications.

⭐ What is Oasis Network coin?

ROSE Token is the native crypto of the Oasis Network.

⭐ Which sportsbook uses Oasis Network as its primary deposit option and currency?

BC.Game is a leading sportsbook that primarily accepts Oasis Network crypto for deposits and currency.

⭐ What are Top Oasis Network DApps?

Some of the most popular dApps of Oasis Network include: Ledger, Yuzu Swap, MultiChain.

⭐ What are Oasis Crypto Pros?

The Oasis Network can manage substantial workloads and intricate tasks, bolstering its potential for future enhancements. Its heightened privacy empowers developers and users to create financial applications catering to large user bases while presenting various secure avenues for generating passive income and rewards through staking and farming.

Oasis Network Review

Oasis Labs founded the Oasis Network in 2018. University of California’s professor Dawn Song is the core creator of the Oasis Network Crypto project.

This crypto project develops cross-chain interoperability and DeFi apps. According to its official website, it’s the first privacy-enabled and scalable blockchain ecosystem for a responsible and open finance data economy.

Oasis Network’s regressive compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain platform, released in 2020, allows for the movement of DApps, including Decentralised Exchange (DEX) Uniswap.

Oasis Network ROSE coin is the native utility currency used for delegation and staking at the consensus layer and for paying transaction fees. While its total cap was 10 billion, the ROSE Oasis Network token had an initial circulation supply of only 1.5 billion.

Oasis Crypto Pros and Cons

Oasis Network users gain many benefits. And also, since no crypto product is perfect, Oasis Network also comes with a few drawbacks. With that in mind, here are the pros and cons of Crypto Oasis.


✅ Oasis Network can handle heavy workloads and complex processes, enhancing its future upgradability

✅ The extra privacy allows developers and users to develop and use financial applications to serve millions of customers

✅ Oasis offers multiple ways to secure passive income and rewards, including staking and farming, which are low-risk wealth-generating techniques


⭕ The Oasis Network platform is relatively newer than other projects already dominating the privacy industry, which can be seen as a downfall since it’ll take time for the blockchain to establish a community similar to its competitors

⭕ The Oasis Network project is facing some huge and serious competition from the likes of Decred, Zcash and Monero

Oasis Network Analysis

Oasis is a layer-1 proof-of-stake smart contract blockchain network. As a privacy-focused blockchain platform, Oasis Network shields computations and transactions so that applications and users are always in confidentiality.

The main goal of the crypto product is to help hasten decentralised finance adoption, and Oasis Network achieves that by offering a platform that’s more scalable, affordable and accessible than alternative protocols available on the market.

The official website claims that the Oasis blockchain is extremely scalable thanks to its Para Time and consensus layers. It further claims that Oasis Network's Para Time processing is safer than other para chain and sharding operations. 


The Para Time layer of the blockchain network makes it possible for many transactions to take place concurrently, hastening the entire processing performance. Privacy is the key component of the Oasis Network.

It utilises a Trusted Execution Environment to ensure all applications and users remain as private as possible. This secure computing platform guarantees that user data isn’t exposed to developers as well as validators while at the same time safeguarding smart-contract execution.

The blockchain network also offers a tokenised data feature in the form of a digital asset. With this feature, the platform redefines ownership of data in contrast to traditional technology.

Aside from enabling users to enjoy a wide range of use cases, it ensures that applications can handle and manage critical data like health and banking.

BC.Game Accepting Oasis Network Crypto

BC.Game is one of the leading sportsbooks that accept Oasis Network crypto as its primary deposit option and currency.

The sports betting platform also supports numerous other digital assets and currencies, allowing punters to deposit funds and withdraw their winnings conveniently. Read our in-depth BC.Game review for more information.

As a crypto-friendly sportsbook, BC.Game also offers a wide range of bonuses and promotions, including a welcome deal spread across the first four deposits and a VIP program designed to reward loyal customers.

Established in 2018 as a virtual casino, the gambling platform added a dedicated sports betting section in 2022.

BlockDance B.V, a gaming company that holds a Curacao licence, operates and owns this respected gambling platform.

With a BC.Game account, you can play some of the most popular casino games from leading developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming, among others.

You can also place bets on some of the most popular sports, such as football, tennis, basketball and netball, as you enjoy a massive array of competitions to choose from, including the NBA and the UEFA Champions League.

Depositing funds to a BC.Game gambling platform account is easier. Even if you have never used Oasis Network cryptocurrency for online betting, you’ll not have a difficult moment finding a way around it.

After creating an account, BC.Game will present to you a My Wallet feature, which shows you the balance. You need to add funds to your My Wallet account to increase the balance and be able to bet. To deposit funds, follow the following simple steps:

  1. Open the cashier section of the BC.Game gaming website and navigate to the deposit portal
  2. Choose Oasis Network as your primary deposit option
  3. Obtain the address that the site itself generates
  4. Copy the address or scan the QR code that BC.Game provides as it features the wallet address
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit and paste the wallet address
  6. Your My Wallet account balance should reflect the amount you have deposited
  7. Pick your casino game or favourite sports event and place your first bet
  8. Remember, you’ll also receive a first deposit bonus that you can use to gamble

Top Oasis Network DApps

Currently, hundreds of DApps operate on the Oasis Network platform. The most popular ones include Ledger, Yuzu Swap, and MultiChain. Crypto Oasis Network DApps offer different services, from communication and finance to gaming.


As discussed in this Oasis Network review, The Oasis Network provides some serious advantages to the cryptocurrency world. Its privacy and flexibility-focused approach helps alleviate some huge pain points for DeFi users and developers.

As a result, you should expect to hear more about Oasis Network in the coming days, weeks, months, and many years to come. Many investors, users and developers will continue to invest in this crypto product as they take advantage of its unique features.


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