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Sports betting in the Garden State has been legal since 2017. This, in turn, allowed downloads and use of real-money sports betting NJ online applications. This means NJ customers are granted access to their choice betting accounts and place their wager any time, any place. 

There are tons of sportsbooks available in New Jersey at the moment, providing a good variety of sports, odds and promos and it’s all supervised by the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). Thus, all sportsbook in the state is safe, secure and perfectly legal. 

The legalization of online sports betting NJ, in fact, provided many benefits to the state—for one, it adds jobs to New Jersey and produces tax revenue for the state as well. 

However, choosing a good sports betting app can be a challenge particularly for beginners. Worry no more, for this article will discuss all you need to know about sports betting apps accessible for NJ bettors. Get some enlightenment now, and fast. 

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How Do You Choose a Trusty, Safe New Jersey Betting App?

For starters, check if the NJ betting app is licensed and certified by the NJ Gaming Commission. Excellent NJ betting apps feature comprehensive promos, fast payouts, bonuses with straightforward betting requirements, are easy to use and offer the best customer service. Click here if you want to know best horse betting apps in New Jersey.

best nj sportsbook fanduel bonus promo promotions

Top 5 Sports Betting Bonuses and Promos

Remember that not all New Jersey sportsbooks are alike—each has its own terms and conditions thus it is important for every bettor to comprehend the various kinds of bonuses offered. In addition, most bonuses are a one-time, big-time deal thus always check every option you pick. Here are some of the best sportsbook in NJ that you can take advantage of. 

  1. FanDuel
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent Moneyline odds
  • Good range of betting options
  • $500 bets with zero risks

The FanDuel sportsbook one of the best sports betting app NJ. FanDuel promo and sign-up bonus improved and has finally offered a money-back guarantee with up to $500 in initial bets of FanDuel bonus. This means the money the bettor wagered will be placed back in his account once he loses. A win means the bettor can take his winnings as a credit in his account. Players can then place extra bets using that particular credit.

online sports betting in nj new jersey
  1. William Hill
  • $150 match bonus
  • Has the biggest betting limits
  • Excellent mobile application

Imported from the United Kingdom, William Hill is a top favourite among bettors online sports betting in NJ due to their extensive betting limits. Bettors are given opportunities to take in special promos and place them in distinct betting carts. This sportsbook is considered to be the most experienced in the business—William Hill has a solid reputation for more than 18 years. 

  1. PointsBet
  • Bettors can name their own wagers
  • Unique points-betting
  • Day-to-day promos

For innovative sports betting, PointsBet is your key. Sure, they provide the usual wagers and NJ betting online lines but they also present newfangled experiences—PointsBet allows bettors to take advantage of their wagers by using their system’s high-risk, high-reward option. For cash bonuses and free bets, bettors can also check PointBet’s promos page, which is updated every day. 

  1. Fox Bet
  • User-friendly
  • PayPal-friendly
  • Supported by Fox News

The Fox Bet sportsbook provides $500 risk-free bets and deposit bonus NJ sportsbook promos. Bettors can also make use of the sportsbook’s excellent odds boosters and weekly free bets. 

  1. DraftKings
  • $500 bets with zero risks
  • Deposit bonus
  • Odds boosters
  • Live betting bonus

The DraftKings sportsbook is one of the most popular legal sportsbooks in the Garden State and in online betting in NJ. They offer instant risk-free bets of up to $500, big game props pools and a sign-up NJ sportsbook bonus. 

best nj online sports betting app sites

NJ Sports Betting App Deposits and Withdrawal Options

The best sports betting apps in the state provide an excellent range of deposits and withdrawal options. However, each NJ sportsbook has its own terms and conditions for every option. 

Here are some of the most common methods used by bettors in NJ online betting sites:

  • Online wallets
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • PayNeaMe
  • Prepaid cards
  • E-checks
  • Cash

Using Online Wallets

The most popular e-wallet option for sports betting app deposits and withdrawals are PayPal, Neteller and Skrill (read this – best Skrill betting sites 2024 ). This is the fastest way to load or withdraw funds from your online betting New Jersey account.

new jersey sports betting sites online nj

Using Credit/Debit Cards and Bank Transfers

Nearly all online sports betting New Jersey apps accommodate credit/debit card deposits and bank transfers. 

However, you do have to remember that lots of banking institutions are not too keen on permitting money transfers to gambling businesses. Some banks accommodate these transfers. However, they require a specific fee. Check with your bank first if fees are needed for this kind of transaction. 

Other Options

  • PayNearMe 

For bettors who cannot deposit online, they can also use PayNearMe, an electronic payment network which allows customers to put funds in their accounts through credit cards, cash and e-checks. PayNearMe is available in 7-Eleven and CVS branches. 

  • Prepaid cards

Most New Jersey sportsbook also accommodates the use of prepaid cards for deposits. Using this method, bettors can add money on the card using their credit/debit cards or other payment schemes. Once the transaction is done, the money can be handed over to the card and the bettor’s account and vice versa. 

  • E-checks

E-checks are electronic versions of the standard paper check. Money can be transferred between the bettor’s checking account and into their sports betting New Jersey online accounts. 

online betting new jersey
  • Cash

There are NJ sports betting online sportsbooks who can also accommodate cash through their casino cage partners at Atlantic City (click here and find out best sportsbook in Atlantic City). Bettors must come to the casino cage with their sportsbook account numbers and appropriate identification requirements. 

Sports betting online NJ has turned into one convenient, fast system thanks to technology and its legalization in New Jersey. There are also more free promos in online sports betting New Jersey apps, so to try out every day and risk-free bets that won’t leave your pockets dry. 

We have given you the essentials of sports betting apps, and now it’s time to choose the winner. Remember to check your sports betting app options and understand their terms and conditions to avoid headaches. Bear in mind that these promos and bonuses can change plus newer sportsbooks are also cropping up, making things even more exciting for bettors. We wish you lots of luck for the coming big games. 

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⚡ Which NJ betting sites has best NJ sportsbook promotions?

DraftKings and FanDuel give you up to $500 bonus for bets with zero risks.

⚡ Which is overall best NJ sportsbook?

The Book at Bally’s Wild Wild West Casino is probably the best. They have big screens, comfortable seats, good food and drink selection, and promotions.

⚡ How to find NJ legal sports betting online site?

If you want find legal, safe and trusty online site in New Jersey, you need to look up is that site or app licensed and certified by the NJ Gaming Commission.

⚡ Which site has best NJ sports betting app?

Best NJ sports betting app has DraftKings. This company is one of the most popular legal sportsbooks in the Garden State.

⚡ Which NJ betting sites is not legal?

All legal bookmakers in NJ should be supervised by Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) and should have NJ Gaming Commission licence. If you see betting site licenced in Antigua, Costa Rica or any other country, its not good, these bookmakers are openly violating the law.

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