How to Narrow the Field When Betting on Golf

Golf is one of the most popular betting sports anywhere around the world. Many people tune in to watch the action and place their bets along the way.

What makes golf betting great is the fact that events take place almost every week of the year, and more often than not we have at least two events taking place with both the PGA Tour and European Tour running side by side. Bet golf with best cryptocurrecies bookmakers – enjoy bigger betting limits and Bitcoin bonuses.

However, if there is one area that golf punters struggle with it is the sheer size of the fields we see play. It is not rare to see over 100 players taking part in these events and while not everyone has a legitimate claim of winning the title when the first players tee off on Thursday’s, everyone has a chance of winning.

For this reason, there are many different ways to bet on golf and a lot of those involve narrowing down the field. Rather than giving yourself the task of picking between the 100+ golf competitors, there are some markets out there that give you the option to choose from as little as two.

If you are looking to enhance your golf betting, or you are new to betting on golf and want to find ways to bet that makes the sport a little simpler, here are some methods of narrowing the field when betting on golf.

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2 Ball Betting / 3 Ball Betting

The most popular way to bet on golf with a small number of players is certainly by using the 2 ball games or golf 3 ball betting markets. Traditionally, players will play a round as a 3 ball across the first two days and these then drop down to 2 ball golf games over the final two days.

betting on golf action games narrow field

One of the reasons why these markets are hugely popular is because they are easy to keep an eye on. The bet you place is between the players who are playing against each other, so tracking their scores, watching the golf action and seeing if your bet is a winner or loser is very simple.

All you have to focus on is one set of players in a 3 ball or a 2 ball golf betting, and from a betting point of view, all you need to do is pick the winner.

The odds on offer are never huge because you are betting on a match between two or three players. However, if you can find a few players you like and pick out some players to put together in a treble or an golf accumulator then you can give yourself a bet that has the chance to give you a good win.

bet on action golf punters competitors accumulator

The last point worth noting when betting on days 2-4 using this market is that the bet is only based on the day of play you are betting on. It doesn’t matter what has happened previously, the bet involves one day of play and the players in your group only, really narrow field and game time down.

Top Player from Regions of the World

This is another long-standing golf market that is very popular. You can split the field down into categories based on where the players are from. So for example, you can bet on the top USA player, top Europe player, and much more.

While the USA golf category is always a big one, categories such as Europe, UK & Ireland, Rest of the World and more are much smaller. In these instances, you could back a player who finishes outside of the top 10 across the whole field but is a winner on one of these markets.

If you bet on this market regularly then you can keep track of the players and get to know what suits them and how they are playing currently. Forget everything else that is going off at the event and focus on your specific area to succeed here.

Group Betting

Not every bookmaker will offer this, so look around and find golf betting sites that have the most markets available.

Group betting is something that puts together players in fictional groups. Bookmakers will put together players of similar ability into groups and punters can bet on who will win the group. These are usually single figure groups, so you are narrowing down the players a lot.

golf 3 ball betting

One of the most popular groups to bet on will be the one that combines all the big players. Even new golf punters will know these players and have an opinion on them. If you are looking for a simple way in, then this market could be the one. Forget the field, and players you may never have heard of before and stick to the big names who you know and like.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting offers a wide range of ways to bet on golf, but you can use it to narrow down the field. This is by placing a bet in-play on the action golf after a couple of rounds.

At the start on Thursday, over 100 players are in the tournament, all on the same score and anything could happen. By the time two days have been played and things begin on Saturday, half of the field will have missed the cut and gone home while each player will have posted a score.

2 ball golf betting games

Generally speaking, unless something wild happens, at the start of play on Saturday anywhere between 10 and 20 players will be in contention to win. This is another way of narrowing the field, simply let the players do it themselves.

Instead of betting on Thursday when everyone is on the same score, analyse what has happened so far and place a bet on Saturday when fewer players are in contention. The odds on offer will be lower, especially on those who are at the very top of the leader board, but you will have a far better chance of picking out the winner at this stage compared to at the very beginning.


⛳ What is 2 Ball and 3 Ball betting in golf?

These are the groups that golfers play in. Traditionally they play 3 ball for the first two days and 2 ball for the last two. When betting on this, you are betting on the winner involving that group of players only, regardless of their tournament overall position.

⛳ Who are the top players in Golf right now?

Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm and Justin Thomas are the three best golf players in the world right now according to rankings.

⛳ What is Group betting?

Group betting on golf is betting on a selected group of players, who have been put against each other by the bookmakers. These players go head to head in a fictional group, the player with the best score is the winner.

⛳ Can you make profits in golf live betting?

Yes, many people bet in play on golf events, and there is a chance to make a profit from this. You need to know a lot about golf, have good betting knowledge and know when to bet in-play to take advantage of the odds at the right time.

⛳ Where to watch Golf game online?

There are a number of TV companies that have the rights to show live golf and many of these offer an online service so you can sign up and watch golf online where ever you are in the world.

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