Horse Racing Starting Price

For anyone new to betting on horse racing, you will notice that there are some aspects of racing that are a little different from other sports such as football and tennis. One of them is the horse racing starting price, which is returned at the end of the race and determines the odds for some people.

horse racing the starting price sp betting

The starting price is important, and something you need to know about. Only sports such as greyhound racing and other forms of racing like harness and trotting will have a starting price declared.

If you haven’t placed a bet on these sports before, and you are new to horse racing, here is our look at the horse racing SP betting, giving you all you need to know about it.

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What is the Starting Price?

When you see a horse racing result, at the side of the horses that have placed you will see a price. This is the starting price betting. It is the price that the horses are when the race starts, which is how it gets its name.


🐎 What does starting price mean?

In horse racing the starting price mean just terms the available odds on horse at the start of the race.

🐎 What is SP in betting?

SP in betting mean the starting price, which is using when the race starts in greyhound racing or other forms of racing (harness, trotting).

🐎 Is horse racing fixed?

❌ Horse racing is rarely fixed these days, but it’s inherent to the sport that there’s a lot of inside information.

🐎 Where to find best horse racing odds sp?

One of the best bookmaker for horse racing is Racebets, other bookmakers you can check on horse racing bookmakers rating.

🐎 Best odds guaranteed and sp meaning in horse racing?

The best odds guaranteed in horse racing mean that if you bet a price and the starting price is bigger, you will win your bet with the bigger price.

This is the final price, and if you have placed a bet on the horse without taking an early price, this is what you will be paid out on. The starting price is obviously extremely important for bookmakers because it is how many of their bets are settled.

Starting prices are generated from bookmakers (read this – biggest betting companies UK) who are at the course where the race is taking place. These bookmakers are betting on the race, taking bets from punters at the track and their horse racing prices change depending on the money placed. If a lot of money is placed on a horse, the price will go down, if there is no money, bookmakers will increase the price to attract interest.

This was great when much of the money on a horse race was spent at the course, but with online betting from home taking over, the way that SP horse betting are created is a little dated. This has led to some online bookmakers creating their own SP on horse racing, which they use based on their own bets and what others in the industry are doing, and it would be no surprise to see an overhaul of the system in the near future.

Should You Bet SP or Current Price?

The first thing you need to know about SP bet or using the current available SP odds horse racing is that you will not always get this right, there will be times when you cost yourself money. This is all part of betting and all you can do is try to assess the situation as much as you can.

starting price sp horse racing betting odds

Prices move, and these will go up or down throughout the day until the race begins. If you think your horse will attract support and go down in price, taking the early price is the best option for you. If you think other horses will attract money, so your selection could go up in price then select SP in horse racing and wait for that.

If you choose to take the morning price, that is what you are given regardless of what happens afterwards. If you take 4/1 and the horse returns 10/1, you will be paid out at 4/1 if it wins, that is the risk you take by betting and taking the price.

what is sp in horse racing betting

There is no right answer when it comes to betting SP or using the current price, all you can do is either make a judgement on each bet as you place them, or take the blanket approach and do the same for every horse you bet on.

Why Do Prices Move?

The main reason why prices move is because of money on a selection in the race. When money comes in, the bookmakers will shorten the price of that runner, but to ensure their book is kept fair they have to compensate for that move by making others a little bigger.

What you will find is that rather than one moving in and one moving out, a bookmaker will shorten one but the slightly shorten two or three runners to compensate, rather than one runner moving out in price a lot.

sp meaning on odds in horse racing

This isn’t the only reason, and there are other aspects to look out for. For example, if a jockey or trainer is having a good day, especially if it’s a big name, look out for their other runners to shorten.

If someone such as trainer Aiden O’Brien from Ireland has two winners with his first two runners on the card then you can expect to see his other runners later in the day all shortened.

Best Odds Guaranteed Offers from Your Bookmaker

There are some horse racing offers out there for people who bet online and one of the most popular you will see is the best odds guaranteed offer. This is there to take away the stress of choosing whether you should bet at starting price horse racing or bet using the current prices.

The best odds guaranteed offer means that if you take a price and the SP is bigger, you will get paid out at the bigger price.

For example, back a horse in the morning at 4/1, if it wins at 2/1 then you are happy because you have secured 4/1. If the horse drifts and wins at 6/1, normally you would have lost out because you took 4/1. However, with the best odds guaranteed offer you get the bigger price, so you will get paid out at 6/1.

There is no way of losing with this, you either get the price you take or the SP, whichever is the biggest. Many bookmakers are now offering this to remain in competition with each other and attract horse racing punters to their site.

If you are a racing fan and you are not using this offer then you are missing out on profit. If you bet in exactly the same way as before, but use this offer with your bets, then you will make more profit from your horse racing bets than you currently are doing. Read our horse betting strategy page and find more valuable information about horse race betting.

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