France Ligue 1 Remaining Fixtures

The battle for a spot in the top four of the France Ligue 1 this season looks like it is going down to the wire once again.

While PSG is a clear favourite to lift the league trophy, with a twelve-point advantage, Brest, Monaco, Lille, Nice, and Lens are battling it out for the remaining three spots, guaranteeing a Champions League spot for next season.

It is even more interesting that only 8 points separate the 2nd and 6th teams in the France Ligue 1. Brest is in the second position, while Lens is sixth with 21 points remaining to play for.

So what these five teams can do is collect as many points as possible and hope it’s enough come the end of France Ligue 1 on 18th May 2024 to play with Europe’s elite.

It is a dream scenario for France Ligue 1 aficionados. The stakes couldn’t be higher since the financial gain from Champions League football has never been more vital to France Ligue 1’s cash-strapped football clubs.

So, which teams will secure these precious places in the next campaign’s Champions League? This article analyses each potential contender’s hopes of a top-four spot in France Ligue 1.

FAQ About France Ligue 1

⚽︎ Who are the main contenders for a top-four finish in France Ligue 1?

The main contenders for a top-four finish in France Ligue 1 include Brest, Monaco, Lille, Nice, and Lens. These teams are currently battling it out for the remaining three spots, guaranteeing a Champions League spot for the next season.

⚽︎ How many points separate the 2nd and 6th teams in Ligue 1?

Only 8 points separate the 2nd and 6th teams in Ligue 1, making the competition for the remaining Champions League spots extremely tight.

⚽︎ Which team is currently in second place in Ligue 1?

Brest currently occupies the second place in Ligue 1, demonstrating strong performances both at home and away throughout the season.

⚽︎ What is Brest's home record in Ligue 1?

Brest has an impeccable home record in Ligue 1, having won all 13 of their home games so far this season, showcasing their dominance on their home turf.

⚽︎ Which team has the best home record in Ligue 1?

Lille currently boasts the best home record in Ligue 1, having secured 30 points from their home games, positioning them at the top of the Ligue 1 home table.

⚽︎ What role does statistical analysis play in Ligue 1 betting?

Statistical analysis plays a crucial role in Ligue 1 betting as it provides valuable insights into team performance, goal-scoring patterns, defensive strengths/weaknesses, and trends over the season. Bettors often use statistical data to inform their betting decisions and identify value opportunities.

⚽︎ What criteria define the best football betting sites for Ligue 1?

The best football betting sites are characterized by factors such as competitive odds, a wide range of markets, user-friendly interface, reliable payment options, fast payouts, enticing bonuses and promotions, responsive customer support, and a reputation for fairness and security.

⚽︎ What makes Champions League betting unique?

Champions League betting offers elite European club football, diverse betting options, and heightened excitement.

Table of content

Brest – 50 Points

Currently, Brest is in second place. On the 31st of March, it played against Lorient, winning the game 0:1 away. They have played 34 games overall, winning 19, drawing 9, and losing 6. 35.29% of games that Brest has played had over 2.5 goals.

The sum of scores was greater than 1.5 goals. Both teams scored in 14 fixtures.


Brest has accumulated more points at home than away. With seven games remaining, they have played 13 games at home and accumulated 26 points. Brest has won 13 games at home, drawn five, and lost 1. They have scored 20 goals and conceded 8. 

Brest has played 14 matches away from home, won 7, drawn 3, and lost 4. It has managed to score 17 goals and conceded 12. Brest has collected 24 points away from home, and their remaining games include:

  • Brest vs Metz (at home)
  • Lyon vs Brest (away)
  • Brest vs Monaco (at home)
  • Rennes vs Brest (away)
  • Brest vs Nantes (at home)
  • Brest vs Reims (at home)
  • Toulouse vs Brest (away)

Based on the team’s home and away performances, predicting its final position and points at the end of the season is easier. Brest will likely secure the second spot in Ligue 1 and play Champions League football next season.

Monaco – 49 Points

Monaco is in third place in the France Ligue 1 table. They have previously played Metz away, winning 2:5. Monaco has played 37 games across all competitions. Of these, they have won 18, drawn ten, and lost nine. 

The total goals in 64.86% of the games played had an average of 2.5 goals. In 83.78% of the fixtures, the sum of the scores was over 1.5. In 24 matches, both teams scored. Monaco’s average goals per game is 1.86.


Monaco has played poorly in home games than away fixtures. The team has played 13 games, accumulating only 21 points. Out of 13 games, they have won 6, drawn 3, and lost four. At home, Monaco has conceded 13 and scored 20 goals. Monaco has been excellent away from home. 

They are second after PSG when it comes to the away league table with 28 points after playing 14 games. The team has won 8, drawn 4, and lost only 2. As a visitor, Monaco has scored 32 goals. Home teams have found the net 25 times. Their remaining fixtures include:

  • Monaco vs Rennes (at home)
  • Brest vs Monaco (away)
  • Monaco vs Lille (at home)
  • Lyon vs Monaco (away)
  • Monaco vs Clermont Foot (at home)
  • Montpellier vs Monaco (away)
  • Monaco vs Nantes (at home)

Monaco is only a point away from Brest’s second position. They will hope to improve their home results and collect some points away to ensure Champions League football next campaign.

Lille – 46 Points

Lille is fourth in the Ligue 1 table. Their previous game was against Lens, which ended 2:1 in favour of Lille. Across all competitions, Lille has played 45 games and scored 84 goals, an average of 1.87 goals per match. 

Twenty-three of these fixtures ended up as victories for the team, fifteen were draws, and seven were defeats. The total score in 46.67% of the games was over 2.5. 80% of games had goals greater than 1.5. In 23 games, both teams scored, and the average goals per game were 1.87.


When it comes to France’s Ligue 1 performance, Lille played 13 games at home, collecting 30 points. It’s in the first position at the Ligue 1 home table. Out of 13 games, they have won 9, 3 draws, and one loss. At home, Lille has scored 25 goals, and conceded 7. Lille’s away performance isn’t good at all. 

It’s in the 9th position in terms of away games in the league. Away from home, Lille has played 14 games. Out of these games, it has only won 3. 7 have ended in draws, while four have been defeats. Their goal-scoring form away from home has been horrible. They have only scored 14 goals, conceding 17. Here are Lille’s next matches:

  • Lille vs Marseille (at home)
  • Lille vs Strasbourg (at home)
  • Monaco vs Lille (away)
  • Metz vs Lille (away)
  • Lille vs Lyon (at home)
  • Nantes vs Lille (away)
  • Lille vs Nice (at home)

Lille has an excellent home record, and they are lucky that most of their remaining fixtures will occur on the home ground. That means it can fight for fourth place to compete in the Champions League earlier round.

PSG is a clear favourite to lift the title. Nice will hope to move to fourth place and play in the Champions League or remain in fifth place and compete in the Europa League.

On the other hand, Lens will be satisfied with the sixth spot and Europa Conference League football. They can also pull a surprise and qualify for the Champions League football next season.

If you are a France Ligue 1 devotee and a punter, this information can help you make some informed decisions and boost your chances of placing successful bets. Just pick the best France Ligue 1 betting site to get started.

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