FIFA Women’s World Cup Betting Predictions 2024

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is set to be the biggest women’s football competition, so we prepared some interesting Women’s World Cup betting predictions for you.

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World Championship Women

World Championship Women


Held in New Zealand and Australia, the tournament is scheduled to take place between 20th July and 20th August 2023. The current champions, USA, are in the same group as Vietnam, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

Europe’s champions England, are in Group D with Haiti, Denmark, and China, while the co-hosts Australia and New Zealand will be in action on the opening day of the tournament. They’ll play against the Republic of Ireland and Norway, respectively.

With each of the 32 teams looking to compete in group stages and other levels of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup competition, who’re the favourites to win? Let’s discover which team can win each group and find the best football betting sites to place our winning bets.


⚽ How often is Women's World Cup held?

The FIFA Women’s World Cup occurs every four years, just like the men’s tournament. However, to prevent any overlap, the events are scheduled for different years.

⚽ What are Women's Football World Cup 2023 dates?

Mark your calendars! The FIFA Women’s World Cup is scheduled from July 20th, 2023, to August 20th, 2023.

⚽ How much are Women's World Cup 2023 tickets?

Individual tickets for the 2023 Women’s World Cup are now available. Prices start at $10 for children and $20 for adults, while the final match tickets are slightly more expensive, starting at $20 for children and $40 for adults.

⚽ What countries have won the Women's World Cup?

The following countries have won the FIFA Women’s World Cup:

  1. United States: The United States has won the Women’s World Cup a record four times. They succeeded in 1991, 1999, 2015, and 2019.
  2. Germany: Germany has won the Women’s World Cup two times. They emerged as champions in 2003 and 2007.
  3. Norway: Norway won the Women’s World Cup in 1995, becoming the first European team to claim the title.
  4. Japan: Japan won Female World Cup in 2011. 

⚽ How can I buy the Women's World Cup tickets?

When ticket sales become available, you can visit the official FIFA Women’s World Cup website or authorized ticketing platforms to purchase tickets.

⚽ What are Women's World Cup 2023 odds for outright winner?

The USA is the top pick to win the tournament with odds of 3.75, but England (4.5), Spain (7.5), Germany (7.7), and France (8.5) are also strong contenders for the title as per FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 predictions.

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Group A Prediction

Group A features some of the most interesting fixtures and teams. It includes the following:

Group A Teams
New Zealand

Norway is leading the pack as the favourite to win Group A with odds of 1.333 at leading 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup betting sites.

With Norway’s history submerged in triumph, including the 1995 World Cup victory, it enters the group stage with higher expectations. 

With top-rated players such as Ada Hegerberg and Anna Josendal, one of the rising stars in women’s football, Norway has a healthy mix of youthful energy and much-needed experience that could prove vital in the Group A stage’s first position. 

Another team that can join Norway in the knockout stage is Switzerland, with odds of 1.65. Making its second FIFA World Cup appearance, Switzerland’s women’s football team will be looking to impress its fans.

Led by Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic, Ramona Bachmann and Lia Walti, Switzerland has shown potential in recent games and could pose a massive challenge to the group’s first spot. Experts consider the Philippines and New Zealand underdogs.

Group B Prediction

Group B is made up of the following teams:

Group B Teams
Republic of Ireland

Experts believe that Group B is a two-horse race between Canada and Australia.

While Australia, also known as “The Matildas”, are playing at home, meaning they have an advantage, Canada has managed to defeat them twice on their home ground in previous fixtures. 

Despite that, Australia are the favourites to top Group B with odds of 1.5. They have been a stronger force in international women’s football, with top players, including Sam Kerr, regularly appearing in headlines for their professional performances.

The 2015 hosts Canada, and bronze medallists aren’t to be ignored. With Christine Sinclair leading the way with 190 international goals under her name, Canada is the favourite to join Australia in the knockout stage with odds of 1.22.

Ireland and Nigeria will be looking to cause upsets on Canada and Australia, but they remain Group B’s underdogs.

Group C Prediction

Group C will have the following teams competing for the first spot and space in the knockout stage.

Group C Teams
Costa Rica

Similar to Group B, Group C’s two teams are most likely to dominate: Japan and Spain. While the two teams are the strongest, Spain is considered the favourite with odds of 1.167.

These odds represent Spain’s dominance in women’s soccer. Ranked number six globally, Spain is in a very promising form.

The 2011 World Cup champions Japan is the second favourite team, thanks to its excellent performance in the tournament as history presents.

With several top players like Yui Hasegawa and Aoba Fujino, the Japanese women’s soccer team is well-known for its tactical acumen and disciplined play. In line with this, Japan could pull the tournament’s surprise and top the group with odds of 5.

Zambia and Costa Rica are, without a doubt, the clear underdogs. But they have some great players who can hurt Japan or Spain, reducing the chances of either side grabbing Group C’s first position.

Group D Prediction

With European champions England, Group D also features the following women’s soccer teams:

Group D Teams

Reigning champions of Europe, England will be looking forward to dominating Group D, side-stepping a potential knockout stage showdown with the hosts, Australia. With odds of 1.03 at most leading betting sites, England is the clear favourite to grab the first position.

It has one of the strongest line-ups in the entire tournament, with Keira Walsh leading. While some key players will miss the tournament, including Beth Mead, England has the potential to walk through all the levels of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup competition.

Denmark’s blend of young and experienced talent makes it the second-best team. It has odds of 1.33 to join England in the round of 16. Since 2007, the Danes have been among the world’s elite women’s soccer teams.

While China is one of the underdogs, alongside Haiti, it has players who could help it cause an upset to Denmark and grab the second position. If China manages to do that, it could proceed to the round of 16 with odds of 3.2.

Group E Prediction

Group E sees the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup finalists, the Netherlands and winners USA competing for the top position. These teams will compete against Vietnam and Portugal.

Group E is undoubtedly the Group of Death! The USA is the clear favourite with odds of 1.286, but the Netherlands could trigger a surprise and top the group with odds of 3.5.

Group E Teams

With a killer squad, including Megan Rapinoe, the sport’s icon, and huge stars like Lindsey Horan and Alex Morgan, the USA could lift its third consecutive FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy. 

The 2019 runners-up, the Netherlands, is a team to look out for as well, with Jill Roord and Oranje offering great leadership. Vietnam and Portugal both have a slimmer chance of making an upset against the champions and the runners-up in this Group of Death.

Group F Prediction

Group F will see the following teams battle it out for the first position and the knockout stage:

Group F Teams

Ranked eighth and fifth globally, Brazil and France are set to dominate Group F. With most top-rated sportsbooks awarding odds of 1.5, France is Group F’s favourite to win.

Brazil should be able to join France in the knockout stage with odds of 1.08. If France slips a little, Brazil could top Group F with odds of 2.5.

Jamaica is likelier to exit the tournament at the group stage, despite having one of the best strikers, Khadija Shaw, who plays for Manchester City. With the first FIFA Women’s World Cup debut, Panama will struggle to make an impact in the tournament.

Group G Prediction

Group G will have the following teams playing against each other to determine the group’s leader, as well as who could compete in the knockout stage.

Group G Teams
South Africa

Another Group of Death, Group G, is worth considering when placing a bet on any fixture. While Sweden is the favourite to top the group with odds of 1.167, the second position seems to be a two-horse race between Argentina and Italy. 

Italy are slight favourites for the second position with odds of 1.25. However, with odds of 4, Argentina will be desperate to qualify for the next round for the first time.

South Africa depicts a longshot wager and is, to some extent, the dark horse.

Group H Prediction

Group H features the following national teams:

Group H Teams
Korea Republic

Germany is the top favourite with odds of 1.05. The 2022 European Cup runners-up come to this tournament with an excellent record, winning all nine qualifying matches.

World-class players, such as Alexandra Popp, Lea Schuller and Sara Dabritz, will lead the team and hope to advance and even lift the trophy.

Colombia is more likely to join Germany in the round of 16 with odds of 1.75. South Korea will depend on their match against Colombia to know if they can reach the knockout stage.

Morocco are playing their first Women’s World Cup tournament, making them massive underdogs.

2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Team to Reach the Final

One of the best bets you can make as a punter is to predict a team that will reach the finals. Whether a team wins the trophy or grabs the runners-up medal, you’ll win your bet if your FIFA Women’s World Cup predictions are correct. 

Women’s world cup favorites to reach the final is USA with odds of 2.25. To enjoy these competitive Women Football World Cup betting odds, be sure to sign up with a leading soccer sportsbook.

Tournament Structure and Dates

Held in New Zealand and Australia, the FIFA Women’s World Cup will run from 20th July 2023 to 20th August 2023. Here are the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament key dates:

  • Group Stage: 20th July to 3rd August
  • Round of 16: 5th to 8th August
  • Quarter Finals: 11th to 12th August
  • Semi-Finals: 15th to 16th August
  • Third Place Game: 19th August
  • Final: 20th August

Tournament Structure

In July 2018, the FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, proposed expanding the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament to 32 from 24 teams and doubling the prize cash.

The proposal came after the success of the 2019 tournament, where 24 teams participated after increasing the number from 16. After increasing the number of teams, the amount of attendance increased significantly.

female women's world cup 2023 betting odds favorites

Expanding the tournament to 32 teams provides room for eight additional participants providing more member associations with a greater opportunity to qualify and compete in the final competition. This enhanced the increasing women’s football game reach and professionalisation.

In late July, the FIFA Council approved the proposal allowing 32 teams to participate, which was good news to punters.

That means the 2023 edition will provide more betting markets and opportunities, from group stages to the final game. After qualifications, the FIFA Women’s World Cup opens with eight groups, each consisting of four teams.

The top two teams from each group qualify for the round of 16 knockout stages, which is followed by the quarter-finals, semi-finals, third-place game, and the final.

what countries have won the womens world cup odds betting

Increasing the number of teams means the number of matches played across the tournament increases to 64 from 52, replicating the current men’s FIFA World Cup format.

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Football Betting

Women’s football is gaining supporters and bettors worldwide, raising queries about the differences between the two sports. While they are, in most cases, compared depending on the physical attributes of players, there are several other factors to keep in mind which affect the outcome of games and bets.

Women are usually more emotional than men, making organising any football tournament and games challenging. While their events are challenging to organise, they feature unexpected but fewer mistakes. Another massive factor that affects the outcomes of women’s football games and wagers is mood swings. 

Women’s mood changes within a shorter time, which can either boost or reduce the game’s intensity, affecting performance on the field.

women's football world cup 2023 tickets predictions dates

Most women’s football matches are smoother and aren’t interrupted as often as men’s. There’re fewer fouls and injuries in women’s football games than in men, who usually fake things and stall for time.

Women aren’t willing to take risks when playing football and are usually honest. There is very little pushing around and swearing. Women’s football games are also slower, so you should not expect fast games, and they respond slowly to scores, that’s why it’s rare to score goals within a few minutes of play.

Women are also prone to getting tired faster than men, and that is why there’s usually more space for attacking on the field. Also, women defenders don’t defend the entire penalty area, so their football matches usually have many goals.

The last FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament showed that there can be much enthusiasm in the sport as in men’s football.

Stadiums were fully packed, and fans were delighted to see the high-intensity and world-class games, while bettors had great opportunities to place bets and win a significant amount of money.

As a sports bettor, it’s important to remember these differences when placing bets on the FIFA Women’s World Cup competition. They can help you make informed decisions, boosting your chances of increasing your bankroll and taking your betting experience to a new level.

Identify Profitable Women’s World Cup Betting Markets

Numerous markets are available in the FIFA Women’s World Cup betting space. As a result, it might be challenging to know which is more profitable and best fits your needs and requirements. 

If you’re new to Womens World Cup betting, there is no need to worry since this section has some profitable markets to pick from. Here are top expert picks from the many FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 profitable betting markets.

fifa women's football world cup betting predictions odds

First Team to Score

A first-team-to-score bet is easy to predict and offers significant Womens World cup odds and profits. It requires you to predict which team will score first in a given FIFA Women’s World Cup match. You need to research before placing your bet to ensure the team you’re backing has an excellent scoring record. 

Take your time to review the team’s previous results, especially in qualifying rounds, to know how it scores goals. It’s also worth considering the history and past performance of the women’s World Cup teams playing against each other, as this will help you predict the pattern.


Another profitable FIFA Women Football betting market is the over/under. This market requires you to predict if a football match will have a certain number of games. Women’s football games tend to have many goals, which means you should pick a significant number. 

But also, you need to research thoroughly to ensure the two competing teams have a history of scoring goals. Consider their scoring form and find an average number of goals before making your Women’s World Cup predictions.

The over/under market is more likely to be profitable during the group stages, especially in games between clear favourites and underdogs.

fifa women's football world cup 2023 betting predictions

Draw No Bet

One of the most profitable markets is the draw-no-bet. If you’re sure that a favourite team will win a given game, this is an excellent way to make extra money.

You’ll lose nothing by placing this bet, especially when you are sure the favourite will win the FIFA Women’s World Cup game. If it wins, you’ll collect your stake plus the profits. And if the game ends with a draw, you’ll get your stake back. We

We hope that you enjoyed our FIFA Women’s World Cup Betting Predictions!

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