Eurobasket 2022 Betting Preview

Similar to the past two tournaments, the Eurobasket 2022 competition will be held in four countries. Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Georgia will welcome the best national basketball teams from Europe. Check best sports betting sites for special offers during this event.

The group stage matches start on September 1st, and the final game occurs on September 18th 2022. That provides fans with 18 days of basketball on the premier level. Eurobasket betting should be just as popular as it always is.

In the European basketball championship tournament, 24 teams are grouped into four groups. That means each group has six teams.


🏀 What is the Eurobasket 2022 location?

The Eurobasket 2022 will be held in four different cities across Europe. The tournament will begin in Tbilisi, Georgia before moving to Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany. After the group stage, the tournament will move to Milan, Italy for the knockout rounds before culminating at the O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic.

🏀 What are FIBA Eurobasket 2022 groups favorites?

Group A looks to be the favorite with Spain being the top team. Group B is less clear cut, but Lithuania, France, and Slovenia are all strong teams. Group C is a bit of a wild card, with Greece being the only clear favorite. Group D is wide open, with Serbia being the only team with a clear advantage.

🏀 What is best Eurobasket betting site?

It is hard to answer, because you need to look at bookmakers which are not restricted in your country. Here you can find some of the best basketball betting sites.

🏀 How much are tickets Eurobasket 2022?

The cost of tickets for Eurobasket 2022 will vary depending on the game and location. However, fans can expect to pay anywhere from €10-€30 for a single game ticket. Tickets can be purchased through the official FIBA basketball website or through authorized ticket vendors.

🏀 What European basketball picks for this tournament?

The favorite to win the tournament is Serbia.  Other contenders include France, Greece, and Slovenia. It is always difficult to predict who will win a tournament like this, but if we had to choose, our money would be on Serbia.

The games in groups A, B, C, and D, will take place at Tbilisi Arena in Georgia, Lanxess Arena in Germany, Mediolanum Forum in Italy and O2 Arena in the Czech Republic, respectively.

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The best four basketball teams in each group proceed to the knockout stage, with all the matches taking place at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany.  

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eurobasket 2022 live stream info

Eurobasket Live Stream Info

Fans of basketball from Europe and across the world are currently looking for the best sites and apps where they can watch all of the Eurobasket stream games live (read this – best live betting sites). If you are one of them, there is no need to worry since many sites and apps will be offering full coverage of this tournament.

There are several options available to pick from. You can watch your favourite game highlights and live press conferences on the FIBA official website and YouTube channel.

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Keep in mind that you may need VPNs to watch this tournament due to geo-restrictions. Other platforms that will offer Eurobasket live streaming services include the following:

Courtside 1891

Popularly known as, Courtside 1891 offers live stream services on all major basketball tournaments and events from across the world. This site is home to all live basketball matches, highlights, schedules, scores and more. 

Courtside 1891 offers not only Eurobasket live TV matches but also allows fans of the sport to watch top tournaments such as  FIBA AmeriCup, FIBA Asia Cup, FIBA Basketball World Cup and FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup, among others.


ESPN offers more than 10,000 live games each year. Among these events, you’ll find top basketball leagues and tournaments. Whether you want to watch the FIBA Eurobasket 2022 live stream, FIBA Basketball World Cup or College Basketball, you’ll find all of your favourite games on ESPN. 

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What you only need to do is to subscribe to the site’s services. You can watch all Eurobasket 2022 games on the ESPN official website or app. The platform is also available through Sling, Hulu Live and YouTube TV.

Betting Websites

A number of betting websites have dedicated live streaming sections. To find one, you just need to search online and pick the best. Before you can open an account with a site that claims to offer live streaming services, you should check reviews of previous users.

Make sure it specialises in offering basketball live streams, especially 2022 Eurobasket online games before you can start using it. 

This option is only ideal for sports bettors since some sites offer FIBA Eurobasket live stream free services through bonuses, promotions or VIP rewards. Not all Eurobasket streaming free services, as you will always need to pay a small fee in order to view top games.

FIBA Eurobasket 2022 Event Guide

Location, Cities and Venues

FIBA Eurobasket 2022 tournament will occur in four countries and in five different cities. These cities include Prague in the Czech Republic, Tbilisi in Georgia, Cologne and Berlin in Germany, and Milan in Italy. 

The venues for the fixtures in the four mentioned countries and five cities are Tbilisi Arena in Tbilisi, Georgia (capacity10,000), O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic (capacity 16,805), Mediolanum Forum in Milan, Italy (capacity 12,700), Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany (capacity 19,500) and Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany (capacity 14,500).


FIBA Eurobasket 2022 tickets of tournament are available on FIBA official website. You can also get your ticket through authorised dealers online. The sale of these tickets will take place in three different phases.

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The first sales phase started on April 30th 2021, after the group draw. This phase included different types of tickets which consisted of Eurobasket Final Weekend, Venue and Team. 

The second phase started on September 1st 2021 and included the Session Tickets and Day Tickets. If you did not get your ticket during the first and second phases, you could apply for one starting from September 1st 2022.

Venue Tickets, Day Tickets, Session Tickets and Final Weekend Tickets are all available on the FIBA official website.

Apart from these types, there are also tier one and tier two game tickets. Tier one FIBA Eurobasket tickets allow you to book VIP seats, where you can have the best experience when it comes to watching the games.

eurobasket 2022 location fiba tickets

The owners of these tickets have unlimited access to the VIP area, where they can enjoy soft drinks, state-of-the-art catering services and wine, to name just a few.

Tier two tickets are available in different categories, which range between A and F. The price for the tickets depends on a number of factors, including the view of the court and the category. Some seats have a limited view, but they all offer the opportunity to enjoy your favourite Eurobasket matches.

Eurobasket Predictions and Groups Review (A, B, C, D)

It is challenging to provide accurate Eurobasket predictions before the tournament starts. However, it’s possible to predict the teams that will advance to the knockout stage.

Depending on the current form of the team and its previous performances, especially during the qualifications, you can make Euro basketball prediction that a team can lift the FIBA Eurobasket 2022 trophy. Below, you’ll find the review of each group.

european basketball picks

Group A

Group A of the tournament is made up of Bulgaria, Belgium, Georgia, Montenegro, Turkey and Spain. The September 1st match-ups in this group include Belgium vs Georgia, Spain vs Bulgaria, and Turkey vs Montenegro. These games will take place at Tbilisi Arena.

The Turkey vs Russia game is expected to be the most exciting, as these teams are among the top in Europe.

The Spanish national team is currently the best in the world, and as a result, it’s likely to grab the first position in this group. Other teams that are likely to qualify for the knockout stage are Montenegro, Turkey and Georgia.

Group B

The participants in this group are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Lithuania and France. Held in Lanxess Arena, the first three group B games will be Herzegovina vs Hungary, Slovenia vs Lithuania and France vs Germany. 

euro basketball prediction

The main event in this group will be the France vs Germany game. Lithuania and France are ranked the highest among the six teams in this group. France is expected to grab the top spot, followed by Lithuania, Slovenia, and Germany.

Group C

Group C consists of Estonia, Great Britain, Ukraine, Croatia, Italy and Greece. The first three games in Group C will occur on September 2nd, starting with Greece vs Croatia, Great Britain vs Ukraine and Estonia vs Italy. 

Greece and Italy are the highest-ranked teams. Currently, they are holding the 9th and 10th spots according to FIBA’s team rankings. Italy has a high chance of leading group C. Greece, Italy, Ukraine and Croatia are expected to advance to the tournament’s knockout stage.

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Group D

Poland, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Finland, Israel and Serbia are the members of group D. The first three matches are Israel vs Finland, Poland vs the Czech Republic, and Serbia vs The Netherlands. 

Serbia is the highest-ranked team in this group, currently occupying the 6th spot on FIBA’s international teams ranking. Serbia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Finland are the teams to proceed to the knockout stage.

How to Find Value in Eurobasket Odds?

Betting Markets

Finding value in Eurobasket odds is one of the best ways to earn profits in sports betting. A bet has a positive value when it is more likely to win than what the betting odds suggest.

To be on the winning side, you need to identify markets in Eurobasket bookmakers that have positive value since those bets are the ones that will make money for you. 

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Remember, these markets aren’t guaranteed to win every time, but the odds in Eurobasket bookies will always favour you. Take your time to assess the likelihood of the possible Eurobasket 2022 possible results and then compare them to the implied odds. Doing so will allow you to find value in Eurobasket odds. 

Be sure to go through all the teams that qualified for the Eurobasket 2022 tournament and do thorough research about them. Identify teams that aren’t ranked highly by FIBA but have the ability to perform better.

Compare the prices of different markets like the outright winner or totals, and pick one with the best odds. That should provide you with value bets.

Eurobasket Betting Offers

Another popular way of finding value in Eurobasket odds is through taking advantage of bonuses and promotions that bookies offer during the tournament. Since online Eurobasket betting sites want to attract as many customers as possible, they offer lucrative welcome deals to use on any Eurobasket event.

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The most common types of welcome deals that bookies offer during the Eurobasket tournament are free bets, risk-free bets and no deposit deals.

Aside from the welcome packages, best Eurobasket betting sites also offer some ongoing promotions for existing customers to claim and use on Eurobasket fixtures. These promotions range from Eurobasket enhanced odds to VIP Club rewards.

To find value in promotions and bonuses, be sure to pick offers that don’t require deposits and those with easy-to-meet wagering requirements and other terms and conditions. And they should allow you to wager on your Euro basket 2022 game of choice.

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