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Ethereum Classic Sports Betting 2023

Cryptocurrency betting is definitely becoming more diversified, with a range of new cryptocurrencies being accepted by bookmakers and casinos. This is leading to growth in the market, we are seeing more people come on board and more opportunities for those people.  With crypto betting offering people the chance to spend the money they have invested, and that then being passed onto betting companies, betting is providing a crucial element to the way in which crypt works, and is certainly helping .. Show More

Ethereum Classic Review

If you want to bet with Ethereum Classic is a very good choice, because you can get bigger crypto betting bonuses. These bonuses can give you a great start to your new betting account and are certainly worth looking out for. If you are looking for a new cryptocurrency to use when betting, here is a look at our Ethereum Classic review. 

⭐ How to buy Ethereum Classic?

You need to create a crypto wallet and when you will easily buy Ethereum Classic with credit or debit card, also if you have another crypto you can change it in exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance.

⭐ What is Ethereum Classic price prediction 2025?

1 Ethereum Classic today worth around $44 and our ETC price prediction for 2025 that this cryptocurrency will reach $1,500 price.

⭐ What is ETC price prediction 2030?

Ethereum price prediction for 2030 that ETC will reach $4,000 mark.

⭐ What is Ethereum Classic used for?

You can use Ethereum Classic in sports betting and casino sites as currency. Also you can trade ir and exchange to others cryptos.

⭐ How many Ethereum Classic coins are there?
128,541,865.96 amount of ETC coins that are circulating in the market and are in public hands.
⭐ How much is Ethereum Classic worth?

Ethereum Classic crypto market cap is worth around $5,6 billion.

What Makes Ethereum Classic Crypto Unique?

Ethereum Classic emerged in 2016, and the first thing to note here is that Ethereum  vs Ethereum Classic are completely different coins and separate from each other, so do not confuse them. Ethereum has gone on to be more widely available and used, but Ethereum Classic is certainly catching up. Here you can find best Ethereum betting sites 2023 .

In 2016, there was a split in the Ethereum blockchain which caused the creation of this coin. The original blockchain was split into two, the new blockchain created became Ethereum while the old one was renamed as Ethereum Classic and this is what we have today. 

The principle of this cryptocurrency is the same as Ethereum, which is no surprise given how this coin was created. This means the ‘code is law’ is in place, and for this reason, we have self-executing smart contracts and these are capable of running alone, so there is no need for any interference.

ethereum etc vs eth or ethereum classic

While this is not a point that makes Ethereum Classic unique, something that will make it appeal to both punters and bookmakers is how this is set up. Thanks to this, Ethereum Classic works in an almost identical way to both Ethereum and Bitcoin, the two main players in the crypto betting industry, and certainly the two leading lights. 

With this, people will feel confident they can bet with Ethereum or Ethereum Classic, while bookmakers and casinos will feel good about accepting it off players because this works in a very familiar way for them.

Depending on how you look at it, being so similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin could either be seen as a positive or negative. The benefit is this is a tried and tested method, the negative is that it doesn’t offer anything different to ETC vs ETH, so may struggle to find a place on the market.


✔️ Offers Ethereum and Bitcoin gamblers something new but very similar

✔️ Tried and tested blockchain and process, which will gain trust with gamblers and operators

✔️ Long standing cryptocurrency so should avoid huge swings in value while you are betting


⭕ Very similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin, so may struggle for a place in the market

How to Use Ethereum Classic for Sports Betting?

Ethereum Classic may not be as big and widely used as Ethereum, but there are certainly opportunities for punters to use this currency while they are placing their bets. Shop around, and you should find sites that allow you to use this currency with them. 

After finding the site you want, acquire some Ethereum Classic or send across the funds you already have and start betting in the hope of landing a few wins. When sending the money across, if you have gambled with another crypto before then Ethereum Classic works in exactly the same way. Simply get Ethereum Classic wallet details of your bookmaker and send across your funds. When they have been received and processed, they will be added to your account for you to spend. 

1 ethereum classic etc to inr dollar

One of the biggest selling points of Ethereum Classic is the close relationship it has with Ethereum and also with Bitcoin. These are tried and tested cryptocurrencies, with a trust built up from the gambling industry. This works both ways, bookmakers and casinos trust them enough to take them, while gamblers are more than happy to use them because they are proven over time. 

Ethereum Classic comes from the same blockchain as Ethereum, works in a similar method to Bitcoin and although it may not offer anything new when compared to them, being linked closely to those will certainly help trust. 

The final thing to look out for with this cryptocurrency is bonuses. These are becoming more and more common, when you sign up and place bets with a bookmaker using crypto, look out for some big bonuses that you can claim, to get you off to the best possible start.

Where to Buy Ethereum Classic?

People who want to start betting with Ethereum Classic can do so straight away if they wish. The first step is to get some funds in your wallet and there are two ways of doing that. If you don’t have any cryptocurrency and you are looking to get started then the easiest way to access Ethereum Classic is to buy some and pay using your credit or debit card. 

ethereum etc classic future price prediction 2025

Alternatively, if you are already in the crypto industry, you can exchange a currency that you already have and swap it for Ethereum Classic, giving you some funds to bet with. 

For example, if you have some Ethereum, you can go to the exchange and trade this in for Ethereum Classic exchange to give you that to bet with. After you have done this, whatever method you use, it is a case of sending the Ethereum Classic across from your crypto wallet into the wallet of the bookmaker you are using. 

After this has been received and processed, you can start betting with it.

ETC Review Conclusion

We can totally say in this ETC coin review that Ethereum Classic is going to attract a lot of gamblers because it is very similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin in how it works. That brings familiarity and trust, this comes on both sides, so expect to see a lot of crypto bookmakers accepting this currency because of how it is set up. 

1 etc to usd eur gbp aud

While this is positive, it does mean that the currency doesn’t offer anything different, it simply offers more of the same but under a different name. That may mean it doesn’t appeal to some, but if you are looking for a first currency to use when crypto betting and you want to keep the risk to a minimum, this is exactly the kind of currency to do that. 

After splitting from Ethereum a few years ago, Ethereum Classic long term continues to expand and slowly take a piece of the crypto market share. If you are looking for something with a lot of positives and few risks for your betting, Ethereum Classic may be the cryptocurrency that you need to go with.

Ethereum Classic Calculator & Converter

[crypto-calculator base currency=”ETC” title=”Crypto Converter”]

Use our ETC calculator, where you can easily convert Ethereum Classic to dollar or other 17 most popular currencies in the world. For today 1 ETC to USD worth around 44$, 1 ETC to EUR worth 37€, 1 ETC to GBP is worth 32£, 1 ETC to AUD is worth 60$ and 1 ETC to INR is worth 3,300 indian rupee. But Ethereum Classic prices changes every second, so you can do your math with this ETC converter and always count current price. If you want read not only about Ethereum Classic review, but other cryptos or to know crypto betting strategy, check crypto news category. Maybe these articles will help you to predict Ethereum Classic future price.


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