Dropping Odds Strategy

For any new punter, it seems strange to see the betting odds dropping. The question “why are they dropping comes naturally and is logical. In this article you will learn the best dropping odds strategy. You can use this odds dropping strategy at the best online sports betting sites.

Many sports bettors know that sportsbooks drop odds because they have last-minute information such as the absence of a key player or a change of a manager. While such information can lead to odds drop and movement, sportsbooks always have plenty of other reasons, and the best part is that this alteration results in lots of betting opportunities.

If you want to bet on dropping odds, you need to sign up with as many sportsbooks as possible. Another important thing is to use a dropping odds strategy. Doing this will significantly increase the number of betting options, and you’ll be in a good position to take advantage of the odds movements.

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What Does Dropping Odds Mean?

All successful gamblers analyse pre-game odds as the primary tool to understand where they’ll place their hard-earned cash. After that, they then choose whether to bet on the favourite or underdog. Betting on dropping odds means placing a bet on a sportsbook that is about to adjust the odds based on the market movements.


📈 What do low odds mean?

Betting companies assign low odds to more likely events. For example, a stronger team. If you win a bet with low odds, then your winnings will be small.

📈 What do high odds mean?

High odds are assigned to events that have a relatively low probability. However, if you win a bet with high odds, your winnings will be much higher.

📈 What are the reasons for the movement of betting odds?

Odds usually fall because many people have already bet on a particular event, and betting companies do not want to take a loss. Other factors cause betting odds to move:

  • the health of the team’s players;
  • various injuries;
  • disqualification of a profitable player;
  • a change of coach;
  • a change of venue.

📈 When should I pay attention to changing odds in in-play betting?

You must follow the 15% rule. If the odds change by at least 15%, you have to pay attention to the changing odds.

📈 Why is it important to have accounts with most betting companies?

Different companies offer various betting odds. Having accounts with several companies will allow you to spot changes in the odds more quickly and place your bets where the odds are most profitable.

For example, if the average odds across sportsbooks are 2.05 for more than 2 goals in a game, and a single betting site keeps the initial odds at 2.40, you can conclude that this is a good bet and purchase it. Sportsbooks offer this type of betting for many reasons, and various factors affect it.

Some inside information about a given team, athlete or player might be transpired, increasing the betting volume selection. Another factor is a rumour that a given game is suspected to be fixed. Additionally, the large bets on a particular probable result can lead to movement of odds.

Betting tickets in pre-game betting odds

In online betting, each trend based on odds movement is determined from the factors mentioned above as well as sportsbooks themselves. Top-rated betting operators define the industry as well as the betting markets probable trends, resulting in movement of odds.

There are various types of odds movements that you will find out there. They include pre-game and in-play dropping odds.

Pre Game and In Play Dropping odds

In-Play Odds Movement: Winning with in play betting odds movement is a little bit complicated when it comes to live betting. You need a clear dropping odds strategy that you will have to follow to the end.

The first thing that you need to do is to follow the games to the end. It is common for the oddsmaker to try and cover potential mistakes in the initial prices. So they will make lots of corrections and alterations. In-play betting odds movement takes place when the game is ongoing.

Dropping odds betting strategy and tips

Pre-Game Odds Movement: To use dropping in pre-match markets, you need to know everything about the league and teams that you want to place bets on. You should check the bookmaker to make sure that you are taking advantage of the odds the moment it provides them for the next matchday.

Understanding the teams and leagues better means that you can easily recognise any mistakes or anticipate the games where the prices will drop before the game starts. Any odds drop could prove to be significant and profitable. That is especially important when Cup or European competitions are involved.

Who Causes Odds Movement?

Sportsbooks play a huge role when it comes to odds movements. And as already mentioned above, they alter the odds based on different factors. In most cases, sportsbooks cause odds to move when they notice that players have placed many bets on a single market. They know that if all of those wagers win, they will lose huge amounts of cash. To balance the books, the sportsbooks will start to move the odds. They do this to make the other side of the betting more attractive.

Another possible reason for the movement of odds is that a huge amount of cash has been placed by a small number of punters. Keep in mind bookmakers do not always set the betting lines that they think are even or fair. It is all about avoiding massive losses. Except for team and player factors, betting websites move odds. They do so because they know that it provides them with the best chances of making profits.

Best Dropping Odds Strategy

If you want to make some cash from dropping odds or odds movement, you will always wonder which could be the best dropping odds betting strategy for you to win. The truth is that there isn’t a proven dropping odd strategy since gambling primarily depends on luck.

However, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of winning. First of all, you must focus on a single sport and event. If you want to bet on many sports, then the odds dropping betting market may not be a perfect match for you.

Dropping odd strategy in odds movements

The chances of winning at dropping odds only increase when you understand all the ins and outs of the league and team. For instance, if you want to bet on basketball, such as FIBA, you can use these dropping odds tips. You need to know that the dropping odds are common in the first games of every season. And the teams are far from their best performance. And the bookies are still trying their best to weigh how they’ll perform.

On the other hand, in tennis, for example, ATP, sportsbooks usually pre provide the odds based on their latest rankings. As the days move, they know who the favourite to win the tournament will be. At this stage, the odds and dropping, meaning the result will verify the movement.

Betting Against Dropping Odds

As a punter, you can also bet against dropping odds if your sportsbook of choice offers this option. Instead of placing a bet on the dropping odds, you simply wager on the increasing odds. The best part is that a wide range of sites across the UK allow their players to bet against dropping odds and offer attractive incentives on top of that.

It does not matter whether you are a pro or a new player; you will always find lots of betting options on dropping odds that you can choose from. Always remember the dropping odds betting tips mentioned in this guide. Keep them in mind when you are betting on dropping odds or against dropping odds.

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