Cosmos Crypto Review in Sports Betting 2023

Cosmos crypto's popularity has been increasing over the past few years. So it is no surprise that many industries have started accepting it, ranging from sports betting and gambling (read more – crypto sports betting sites) to banking and healthcare. As a result, investors are curious to learn more about Cosmos crypto. For a start, dubbed the “internet of blockchains,” Cosmos, besides Ethereum, has the largest blockchain ecosystem. It boasts an expensive list of independent and interoperable .. Show More

Ethan Buchman and Jae Kwon established Cosmos in 2016 to provide an ecosystem of interconnected, customisable and independent blockchains. The most popular Cosmos-based blockchains are THORChain, Binance Chain and

Cosmos crypto's primary focus is on interoperability and customizability, two important features that make it unique from other blockchain networks like Ethereum (read more about Ethereum sports betting).

This Cosmos Crypto Review will help you understand the Cosmos decentralised network, the ATOM token, the top crypto Cosmos bookmaker, how to buy Cosmos for betting and Cosmos Crypto price prediction. So, read on to learn more.

⭐ What is Cosmos Crypto?

The Cosmos blockchain is an ecosystem of networked blockchains that boasts scalability, interoperability, power, and customizability. It is the first blockchain to operate on the Cosmos Network, and its primary role is to connect other blockchains (known as zones) on this network. Once these connections are established, tokens can be transferred securely and quickly between zones.

⭐ Is Cosmos Crypto a good investment?

Cosmos has performed remarkably well in the last seven months, with a return on investment of over 170%. This is despite the overall trend in the crypto market and cements Cosmos Crypto potential as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies.

⭐ Where to buy Cosmos Crypto?

You can buy Cosmos ATOM Crypto on popular crypto exchanges like:

  • Coinbase
  • Kraken
  • Binance
⭐ What is ATOM token price?

ATOM Crypto price as of April 26th, 2023, is £8.93

⭐ What is Cosmos Crypto used for?

Cosmos (ATOM) is a cryptocurrency used to power the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem. The primary purpose of Cosmos is to facilitate communication and interoperability between blockchains.

⭐ What is ATOM coin used for?

ATOM is the cryptocurrency of the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem, and it serves several purposes:

  • Transaction fees
  • Governance
  • ATOM Staking
  • Incentivizing developers
⭐ What is ATOM Crypto launch date?

ATOM Cosmos Crypto was launched on March 14th, 2019. The Cosmos network was created by a team of developers led by Jae Kwon, and the project was first announced in 2016. ATOM's initial coin offering (ICO) was held in April 2017, raising approximately $17.3 million USD in funding.

Cosmos Decentralised Network Explained

Cosmos is popular among blockchain software developers. The Cosmos software development kit, known as SDK, allows developers to create their blockchain applications in their programming language of choice. Interoperability is one of the strongest points of the Cosmos decentralised network. 

Despite having numerous applications, platforms on the Cosmos decentralised network can easily and quickly exchange value, thanks to a collection of dedicated tools.

One of these tools is the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol, which makes it effortless for blockchains on the network to exchange values and data effortlessly.

The Cosmos hub links everything on the decentralised network and also acts as the key relay chain that helps developers create unique applications in a modular technique.

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In short, the Cosmos decentralised network aims to eliminate barriers between different blockchains and make it easier for developers to develop interoperable blockchains.

The ATOM token is the crypto that powers the Cosmos decentralised network. In 2017, the Cosmos network held a fourteen-day initial token offering of the ATOM coin, raising more than £16 million. Currently, Cosmos hosts several projects like Terra, Juno Network and

Additionally, it boasts more than 50 blockchain-based applications and services, of which most of them are IBC enabled.

The Cosmos Technology

Cosmos is a double-layer blockchain. The first layer features packaged networking and consensus that allow developers to focus on the development of applications rather than the underlying protocol complexities.

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For the first layer, Cosmos utilises Tendermint BFT, which transmits consensus and transaction-related messages on the Cosmos network.

The application layer is the second one which allows developers to develop their blockchain applications using the Cosmos SDK, an open framework for creating app-specific blockchains.

These blockchain apps are developed on top of the Tendermint BFT and can interoperate natively with other blockchain applications. Blockchain applications created in the Cosmos ecosystem are independent of each other and have their own governance.

The Cosmos hub is at the centre of the Cosmos decentralised network. It functions like a ledger for other blockchain networks. Also, it performs vital functions like ensuring security by keeping track of all connected blockchains’ states.

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Cosmos takes interoperability to another level by enabling interoperability with other blockchain applications outside the Cosmos system. A Peg Zone, a blockchain that attracts another blockchain's state, is responsible for ensuring interoperability is achieved.

ATOM Crypto Review

ATOM token is the native token of the Cosmos ecosystem. The ATOM tokens are primarily used for voting and staking on the Cosmos decentralised network. All holders of ATOM tokens are rewarded with staking rewards and transaction fees, which are distributed to the Cosmos ecosystem.

According to the Cosmos official website, staking rewards increase as extra services like inter-blockchain bridges and inter-chain security are introduced.

ATOM tokens have three primary use cases in the Cosmos network. They include fees, staking and governance. Similar to the Gas concept of Ethereum, users use ATOM tokens to pay network fees on the blockchain. When it comes to staking, validators use staked crypto ATOM to participate in the network’s consensus. 

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And regarding governance, ATOM token holders can take part in voting on the Cosmos hub. The amount of ATOM tokens that users hold determines their voting power. Currently, more than 280 million ATOM tokens are in circulation. An ATOM cryptocurrency has no supply limit, making it an inflationary coin.

Top 1 Cosmos Bookmaker – 888Starz

If cryptocurrency and sports betting are one of your favourite things, you'll find 888Starz a perfect destination for you. The sportsbook supports both popular cryptocurrencies and native tokens, including ATOM, a native token of the Cosmos network.

888Starz is a unique online sports betting platform, boasting itself as the iGaming Mining Platform. Bittech B.V. and Azimutone Limited, a company with a Curacao licence, owns and operates 888Starz. Remember, Curacao is one of the respected regulatory authorities in the gambling world, which means that 888Starz is legit.

The bookmaker offers everything that a crypto sports bettor would expect from a leading gambling website. While it offers a dedicated sports betting section, punters can always get their hands on popular and new casino games from top-rated software providers.

It doesn't matter whether your favourite games are slot machines, live dealer games or table games; you'll find numerous options to choose from.

In terms of sports, 888Starz has everything to make you a successful punter. The sportsbook features a dedicated live betting section with several categories, including live previews and multi-live.

The most popular sports types that the live betting section supports include tennis, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, and football. Additional sports include table tennis, American football, Aussie rules, and eSports.

888Starz supports more than 40 cryptocurrencies and over ten crypto exchanges. On top of the ATOM token, punters can also make payments through Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dai, Polkadot, Monero, Ethereum, and 888tron, among others. 888Starz ensures that punters who make deposits through these crypto options are eligible for a welcome bonus. 

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888Starz rewards not only new punters but also existing ones. The betting platform is home to numerous ongoing promotions for existing customers, ranging from daily free bets to weekly bonuses.

Punters who are looking for a sportsbook that will allow them to play using the ATOM token or Cosmos crypto should look no further than 888Starz.

How to Buy Cosmos for Betting

You can buy Cosmos coin for sports betting online using a crypto exchange. A crypto exchange offers one of the most straightforward ways to buy Cosmos and any other crypto. You only need a mobile device or a computer to buy Cosmos cryptocurrency coins. Here are the steps you need to buy Cosmos for sports betting. 

Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange: Before you can buy ATOM crypto, you’ll need to open an account with one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase, Kraken and Binance. Before you sign up, ensure your crypto exchange platform supports ATOM tokens.

Open and Fund Your Account: To sign up with your chosen crypto exchange platform, you must provide some information. After filling out the registration form, you must verify your account by providing a photo of your ID. After that, pick your favourite payment option and make a deposit.

A good crypto exchange platform supports several options, including debit and credit cards, electronic wallets and bank transfers, among others.

Buy Cosmos Instantly: Once your deposit reflects in your cryptocurrency exchange platform account, look for the trading pair of ATOM and your fiat currency. After that, enter the ATOM amount you want to buy and confirm your transaction.

You should place a market order if you want to buy your ATOM tokens immediately. A limit order executes automatically in the future when your specified price is reached.

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Deposit Funds to Your Sports Betting Account: Once you have enough ATOM tokens in your crypto wallet, log in to your 888Starz account and navigate to the cashier section. Choose ATOM tokens as your preferred deposit option, enter the amount you want to play with and complete the deposit process.

The funds should be available in your account instantly. Use it to place your first crypto bet.

Cosmos Crypto Review – Cosmos Price Prediction

In 2022, the DYDX announcement to develop its latest version, DYDX 4, on the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus protocol significantly boosted the price of Cosmos. It increased by 1.75%, reaching £13.95 at the end of 2022.

Across 2023, the Cosmos price is expected to be £15.10, and the maximum level the token price can reach is £17.78. The average is predicted to be £15.55. 

In 2024, the minimum price is predicted to be £21.82, the maximum being £25.36, while the average is expected to be £22.60.

Cosmos Crypto price prediction 2025 is that the minimum and maximum prices are expected to be £30.70 and £38.30, respectively. When it comes to the average, expect it to be £32.00.

Cosmos crypto price prediction 2030 is that the maximum price is expected to be £230.99, but its price can drop to approximately £208.50. The predicted average is £214.70. 

Keep in mind that these predictions are from industry experts and are subject to change. However, with the ever-increasing number of blockchain applications on the Cosmos network, you should expect the price to increase yearly.

We hope that you found this Cosmos Crypto Review helpful!


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