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When you are thinking of cryptocurrency, the name Bitcoin immediately stands out to people, even those who don’t know too much about the industry will have heard of this before. Bitcoin Gold is not the same as Bitcoin, it is important to understand that, but it is a hard fork of the original Bitcoin open-source currency.  This instantly gives Bitcoin Gold a head start when it comes to familiarity and reputation, which it has been able to use and build on. Bitcoin Gold can be used for a variety .. Show more

Bitcoin Gold Review: What is Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold, which is also known as BTG when talking about the coin, is a cryptocurrency that originally came as a fork off from the original Bitcoin blockchain. The coin has the same fundamentals in place as Bitcoin, but mining is different.

Rather than mining on special ASICs, which limited who could get involved with the mining of the coin, Bitcoin Gold is mined on common GPUs, so more people can get involved. The method of GPU mining is something that anyone can get involved with, the monopoly that was created by big players on the Bitcoin blockchain is no longer there on Bitcoin Gold, creating a far more level playing field. 

⭐ What is Bitcoin gold used for?

Bitcoin Gold known as BTG coin is used for smart contracts apps, open-source computing technology and payments.

⭐ What is Bitcoin gold price prediction 2025?

Our Bitcoin gold price prediction for 2025 that this crypto will increase by 150% and price will reach $157.

⭐ What is Bitcoin gold prediction 2030?

Our Bitcoin gold price prediction for 2030 that this crypto will increase by 250% and price will reach $283.

⭐ Where to buy Bitcoin Gold?

You can buy Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency with your VISA or Mastercard in Binance exchange.

⭐ How many Bitcoin Gold are there?

Bitcoin gold total circulating supply is 17,5 millions and Bitcoin Gold market cap for today is 1,2 billion.

⭐ Where to trade Bitcoin Gold?

You can trade Bitcoin Gold coin in Binance exchange or Robinhood, Etoro apps.

Bitcoin rewards from mining go to people with big warehouses and full mining operations. The rewards from Bitcoin Gold are sent to individuals all over the world, thanks to GPU mining. 

One of the aspects of Bitcoin Gold that has been worked on a lot recently has been getting exchanges to list the coin, and wallet companies to allow it to be stored. This was lacking in the past, preventing many people from getting involved with the coin but that is no not the case, so don’t be surprised to see a lot more people join in as a result of this. 

What Does Bitcoin Gold Coin Have to Offer in the Crypto Industry

Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency aims to offer a fair place for people to enjoy cryptocurrency. As mentioned above, there has been a lot of focus on allowing people with common GPUs to get involved with the mining of the coin. Although there is a lot more to this coin and Bitcoin than just mining, having this in place is going to be seen as a big positive for smaller players, so more are likely to get involved.

where to trade buy bitcoin gold

Of course, by putting things in place that are good for smaller players is not going to attract the bigger players, which may cause a problem down the line, but it hasn’t yet. 

In terms of what Bitcoin Gold coin can offer the crypto industry, one really interesting aspect is the ability to use BTGPay. This is a way of spending your BTG on a debit card and allows you to see where you can spend any funds you have. When it comes to betting, having something like this in place means that you can place your crypto bets and if you are lucky enough to win, you can easily spend your winnings, rather than having to exchange them for another currency. 

BTG Crypto Advantages and Disadvantages 


Perhaps the biggest advantage of Bitcoin Gold is how it is set up right now. This may not currently be the biggest and best cryptocurrency in the world, but the way things are set up, everything is in place for it to become the biggest if there is enough interest.

Many smaller cryptocurrencies have caps on them, or don’t have things in place, and will only build that after the popularity has come. Bitcoin Gold has got this in place already, so if the currency does become a huge success, much of the framework is already there, such as BTGPay, so users are already getting these quality elements of the service. 

what is bitcoin gold mining price prediction


The biggest disadvantage of Bitcoin Gold is that the way things are set up, many of the bigger players from the cryptocurrency industry will look elsewhere and not get involved here. This is also the case for those who are new to the industry, if they want to create something big and use their wealth to set a warehouse up, they are not going to choose BTG coin because of the way that Bitcoin Gold mining works.

Although there are other features if someone is looking at mining and wanting to create something big, the way that Bitcoin Gold is set up will not attract these people. 

How to Use Bitcoin Gold Crypto for Sports Betting

Using Bitcoin Gold crypto for sports betting is a very easy process. First of all, you need to check if your bookmaker accepts Bitcoin Gold, or find one that does accept it. The payment across into your account is just like others, so you send the funds across via your Bitcoin Gold wallet. 

When it comes to withdrawing funds, you are able to use the BTGPay setup here, to have your funds added to a debit card. This means you are able to spend them easier than ever before, with direct access to spending, and a list of companies and places where you can use this card and the currency on it. 

Bitcoin Gold Availability on Exchanges. How to Buy Bitcoin Gold?

One of the big areas that have been worked on by the people behind Bitcoin Gold is getting it listed on as many exchanges as possible. They have worked hard on making this currency as accessible as possible, and you can tell that.

If you are looking how to buy Bitcoin Gold, you will be able to head across to a wide range of exchanges and make your trade, either buying outright or trading another currency and swapping it for Bitcoin Gold exchange. 

btg to usd eur

Although this currency may be seen as smaller than some, that doesn’t always mean that the currency is not freely available, and that is certainly the case here. If you are wanting to buy or exchange Bitcoin Gold, then you are going to find many places where you can do this and some of them will be exchanges you have used before and feel comfortable using again. 

Bitcoin Gold Review Conclusion

Thanks to keeping Bitcoin as part of the name of this currency, there is already familiarity and confidence behind it for those using it. This is a good positive in this Bitcoin Gold review, even though the currency is a fork off from Bitcoin, and completely different. 

If you are a smaller miner then you are certainly going to be drawn in here, with mining conducted by common GPUs, so anyone can get involved and begin to mine. This is something that many people have complained about with the Bitcoin currency, so good to see this changing here. 

Combine that with the ease of paying thanks to BTGPay and the ability to use a debit card to send payments across when you buy goods and regular people have two big reasons to use Bitcoin Gold. From a betting point of view, these are two positives, and with more and more betting sites accepting smaller cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Gold, it seems sure that this element of the coin will only keep growing and moving in a positive direction. 

Bitcoin Gold Calculator & Converter

[crypto-calculator base_currency=”BTG” title=”Crypto Converter”]

Use our Bitcoin Gold calculator, where you can easily convert BTG to usd or BTG to eur or other 15+ most popular currencies in the world. Crypto prices changes every second, so you can do your math with this Bitcoin Gold converter. If you want read not only about Bitcoin Gold review, but other cryptos or to know crypto betting strategy, check crypto news category.

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