Biathlon Betting Guide

Biathlon isn’t one of the most popular sports out there, but it’s attracting more and more followers each year. This’s massively explained by the telegenic nature of the sport: it is not boring, and it is always beautiful since its tournaments are broadcast on most of the popular TV sports channels worldwide (read this – best betting sites with live streaming).

Amazing sports cannot be ignored by bookmakers or biathlon betting fans, meaning that placing bets on biathlon deserves careful consideration, explanation of the basic nuances, and special attention.

From the forecasting point of view, biathlon is also more interesting than its Winter Olympic Games counterparts. Apart from the boring ski runs that some individuals find uninteresting, biathlon races also feature shooting activities that add an extra element of randomness to the outcomes of the tournaments.


❄️ When does biathlon season start?

Normally the biathlon season starts at the end of November and ends next year in the last weeks of March.

❄️ What events are in a biathlon?

International Biathlon Union (IBU) covers 6 types of biathlon sports events. You can find individual races, sprint, relay, pursuit, mass start and team races.

❄️ How to bet on biathlon online successfully?

To bet on biathlon successfully and profitably, you need to know this winter sport well. You have to look at the biathlon athlete’s current form on shooting statistics, motivation, weather conditions and lubrication.

❄️ What betting biathlon markets are available?

The is a numerous biathlon betting markets available, you can place bets on:

  • Race winner
  • Top 3 places
  • Shooting mistakes
  • Higher finishing position
  • Individual total misses
  • Top 6 places
  • Winner country
  • Double total misses

❄️ Where to watch biathlon live online free?

Many bookmakers can offer to watch biathlon live streams for free in their live betting section. Also you can watch biathlon events and races on Youtube, IBU website or Eurosport channel, but not all options are free.

This is one of the primary features that attract many sports fans and punters in biathlon betting. To discover more about winter sport biathlon, keep reading.

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Biathlon Racing Categories

Biathlon racing features various categories. These categories allow punters to place wagers on a range of betting odds biathlon markets. The main categories of biathlon racing are:

betting odds biathlon

Private: As an individual race, the private category occurs on a 12.5-mile course for men and a 9.0-mile course for women. In this racing category, athletes compete for 5 laps with 4 firing lines: the 2nd and fourth standing while the 1st and 3rd lying down.

A penalty minute is added to the normal distance time for every miss. Biathletes with the highest percentage of hitting the target emerge as the winners of the private category races.

Relay: A special line highlights the women’s and men’s biathlon relay races. Each relay team includes 4 biathletes, and each one of them passes the stand and lie down-firing lines. For women, the distance is 6 km and 7.5 km for men.

when does women's biathlon mass season start

The Race with Pursuit: Based on the outcomes of the sprint race, the biathletes start from the point where they finished the sprint. The women’s biathlon race is 6 miles, while the men’s race is approximately 8 miles. In this biathlon pursuit race, athletes overcome 2 racks and beds, which form 4 firing lines.

Sprint: This biathlon sprint racing category includes a distance of 4.5 miles for women and 6 for men. Biathletes shoot at 2 firing lines and three laps, similar to the classics, lying down and standing. For any miss, competitors pass penalty circles. Each circle features a penalty circle that is about 492 ft., taking between 22 and 25 seconds to overcome.

Mass Start: According to the outcomes of the previous World Cup standings, the 30 top biathletes compete in the biathlon mass start. Women and men cover 6 and 9 miles, respectively.

Biathlon Betting Tips

Before you can start placing bets on any biathlon sport competition, you must be able to analyze all of the possible calculations available, also check best crypto betting sites. Keep in mind that pre-race analysis for biathlon races is massively different from tennis or any other team sport since it isn’t single but also hugely dependent on a massive number of random factors. Here are the things that you need to look out for:

where to watch biathlon

The Current Form

You will find the most accurate information when you decide to study the shooting statistics of athletes from the past 6 or 7 starts. This pointer will provide you with a good idea of how perfect each competitor has been feeling the rifle currently. You should also keep in mind the net progress rate as it also has a significant impact on the final outcomes. You can find all of this important information on the IBU site.

Athlete Motivation

Similar to other sports, motivation in biathlon plays a significant role. In most cases, it makes athletes kill at a distance to the conclusion line, saving every second. Don’t forget to study the overall tournament standings before you can place your wager. 

Additionally, biathlon athlete motivation can be massively influenced by things such as changes in personal life and home stages of the races. Generally, Athlete motivation is a crucial element of analysis, and that means you cannot ignore it if you want to place some winning biathlon bets.

what events are in a stream biathlon

Weather Conditions

When placing bets on a biathlon event, weather conditions are of great importance. For instance, if the level of snow increases, pro players prefer riders that are in the 1st half of the opening protocol since by the time the 2nd half kicks off, the course will be damaged, meaning the speed of the competitors starting later will reduce significantly. 

Also, the weather has a massive influence in terms of shooting. If you believe that the weather will be bad during the biathlon event, you can strongly consider athletes that are more suited for racing instead of shooting.


Individuals who are fond of ski racing will undeniably confirm that getting into lubricant is key to a very successful race. It’s possible to know whether or not the representatives of the teams got into the lubricant by taking into account the previous race or pre-race warm-up if it occurred earlier. Normally, representatives from the women’s and men’s teams of a given country use the same lubricant technology, and therefore you can draw conclusions of every team on the race.

Biathlon Odds and Betting Markets

Biathlon betting offers many markets that you can choose from. And the best part is that sportsbooks offer competitive online Biathlon betting odds on the numerous markets available. The different types of bets that you can place bets on are:

  • The winner of the race
  • Who will complete the race in the top three
  • Who’s going to make more mistakes
  • Who finishes higher
  • Individual total misses
  • Top six places
  • Which country will produce the winner
  • Double total misses

Where to Watch the Biathlon Live Stream Free?

Many platforms offer biathlon live stream free services. These platforms range from websites to television channels. The most popular platforms are YouTube, IBU, and Eurosport. In addition to these platforms, many sportsbooks offer live stream services on a range of stream biathlon events and races. Such sportsbooks are a perfect match for individuals who want to take their live betting experience to another level.

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