Betting Sites that Accept Credit Cards

It is true that you can use your favourite credit card to place bets on sports online. There’re many online sports betting sites that accept credit cards deposits and withdrawals. In fact, credit cards are the most widely used payment method at online betting sites that accept players from across Europe, the USA and other parts of the world. Nearly everyone has a credit card, making this method of payment not only cost-effective but also convenient. Top credit card betting platforms will .. Show more

Betting with Credit Cards

Betting with credit cards work, when you are essentially making a payment on a website. The difference is that this payment goes to your sports bookmaker or casino and they then add the funds to your account for you to play with. A small number of payment methods are not instant, but the good news is that a credit card is, so when you make the payment, you will instantly see the funds available in your account, ready for you to place bets or play casino games (read this – best crypto casino).

There is also no need to create a third-party account for payments, you can just use your card straight away on the site, which is an advantage for some people over methods such as e-wallets. Having familiarity and using betting sites that accept credit cards is something you have used before online is also of help to those who are new to online gambling sites. 


💳 Can you bet with a credit card?

✅ Yes, you can bet with a credit card by making a deposit into a bookmaker account. But not every bookmaker accepts credit card deposits. So when you can make a deposit with an e-wallet (Skrill or Neteller) or start betting with cryptocurency.

💳 Do betting sites have fees for depositing with a credit card?

Sports betting sites very rarely take fees when you deposit with credit card, but some bookmakers can take fees, so you check with each specific betting website.

💳 What is best online sportsbooks that accept Visa?

Best online sportsbooks which accept VIsa is 888Starz, Unibet and 22bet.

💳 What betting sites accept credit cards UK?

❌ Legalisation rules in the UK changed in April 2020 and now players are no longer able to use any credit card. Punters only can deposit with a debit card or with cash.

💳 What is best Mastercard betting sites?

Best Mastercard betting site are Pinnacle and Unibet.

When you decide to use a credit card for betting, you will be able to enjoy lots of benefits, which include the following:

✔️ Credit cards are convenient and fast.

✔️ Credit cards allow for high deposit and withdrawal limits. 

✔️ A wide range of sportsbooks accepts credit cards.

✔️ Credit card transactions are safe and secure.

More about Credit Cards

If used well, a credit card is a safe, secure and flexible way to pay. Also, it is a perfect way to spread the cost of both major and minor purchases. A credit card allows you to spend cash on credit. It is just like having a loan for the amount of money that you spend using a card. Each card has a pre-set credit limit, which can be either a few hundred or thousands of pounds. The amount of credit you can use primarily depends on how confident your card provider is that you will pay it back.

american express credit card sports betting sites

For most credit cards, you will not pay interest on what you have used, especially if you pay off your bill every month. But if you make withdrawals using a credit card, interest is normally charged daily from the day you use your money. So what is a credit card? If you have never used it before, then it is worth knowing what it is, how it works, and the different types available.

What Are Credit Cards?

Credit cards are simply physical cards that allow you to make purchases, pay bills and make withdrawals. The best way to think of credit cards is as a type of short-term loan. Once you open a credit card account, the provider will give you a set credit limit, which is an amount of money the credit card provider allows you to use to pay bills or make purchases. You then pay back what you have spent from the credit limit to the card company.

How Credit Cards Work

You can use credit cards to make online purchases and pay bills. Before you can receive your credit, the provider sends card details to the merchant’s banking institution. The institution then gets an authorisation from the card network to process your transaction. Your credit card provider will then have to verify the information and either decline or approve the transaction.

online betting sportsbooks that accept visa mastercard

If your transaction is approved, then the payment will be made to the merchant and the available credit is reduced based on the amount of the transaction. Your card provider will send you a statement indicating all the transactions that you have made across the month at the end of the billing cycle. The statement includes the new balance, your previous balance, your due date and your minimum payment due.

If you pay your bill in full during the grace period, no interest charges accrue. However, if you carry your balance from month to month, the card provider will charge you interest.

Types of Credit Cards Available

There are four major types of cards that currently dominate the electronic payments industry. These cards include MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and American Express. The four companies process most of the card payments in the world and across different industries, including sports betting. Many online bookies accept all of these cards, but MasterCard and Visa are the most popular.

Visa Betting Sites

Visa is a top contender in the payment sector, and its widespread use continues to grow. Due to its popularity, many betting sites accept it as a deposit and withdrawal method. When you deposit in Visa sports betting site, you are likely to receive a sign-up bonus. 


Visa betting sites support instant deposits, and the withdrawal process takes anywhere between three and five working days. Similar to other betting sites, you will find lots of sports and markets to pick from.

Online Betting MasterCard and Maestro Betting

MasterCard is the second most popular method of payment when it comes to sports betting. Just like Visa, you can use this method to make deposits and withdraw your winnings from a sportsbook account. Another popular card is Maestro. 

List of UK bookmakers and across Europe accept Maestro deposits. This means that you can fund your account, claim a first deposit bonus and place bets when you use either MasterCard or Maestro.

American Express Betting

American Express enjoys popularity across the states but less when it comes to online sports betting. The success rate in the sports betting industry is lower, but more and more bookies have started to accept amex betting as a deposit method. Using this credit card to fund in American Express sports betting account is simple and straightforward. And some American Express betting sites offer lucrative bonuses and promotions for players who use this bet card.

visa maestro amex mastercard sports betting sites

Sports Betting with Credit Card Advantages and Disadvantages

When weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of using credit cards at online bookmakers, it is true that the pros outweigh the cons of betting credit cards.

Credit Card Betting Advantages

✅ Many sportsbooks offer credit card coupons, bonuses and promotions.

✅ Banks and credit card providers offer cash-back opportunities, rewards and promotional benefits.

✅ They are usually no fees associated with card transactions.

✅ Extra layers of safety and security.

✅ Deposits reflect instantly.

Disadvantages with Sports Betting Credit Card

⭕ Some top bookmakers do not accept credit card withdrawals.

⭕ Some credit card providers and banks do not accept payments to sportsbooks.

⭕ Punters in some countries like the United Kingdom cannot use credit cards to fund their bookie accounts.

what betting sites accept credit cards uk

Why does a Betting Site decline my Credit Card?

There are many reasons why your credit card can be declined by your betting site of choice. These reasons include:

✔️ Maybe you have entered the wrong number.

✔️ Your bank or credit card provider does not allow online betting purchases. 

✔️ You are entering either a lower or higher limit that isn’t accepted by your betting site.

Instead of complaining about the issue, you can try the card again, enter the numbers correctly, try a different amount, and try a different card.

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