Best Betting Sites in Netherlands 2024

The betting landscape for Dutch players is a little more complex than we see in some other countries, although there is hope on the horizon. New betting laws are expected to come into best betting sites in Netherlands over the next few years, which would make the picture a lot clearer for those who want to get involved with gambling, especially online.  Like many countries, the laws that are currently in place did not anticipate the move to online gaming and the fact that players would want to .. Show more

Betting in Netherlands

Unlike some countries in Europe, the Netherlands has always been a liberal state. But just like other countries in the region, Netherlands has very strict restrictions on online betting companies. It even tried to block its residents from accessing online betting sites Netherlands. 

The funniest thing betting in Netherlands is that Dutch punters can place bets online since it’s not considered illegal. However, their betting freedom is limited to gaming and bookmakers Netherlands sites that are hosted in the country. Gambling on platforms outside the Netherlands is illegal but players still sign up and place bets on them.


💸 Is sports betting legal in Netherlands?

❌ No, sports betting in the Netherlands is not legal, but players still can sign up and place bets on online sports betting sites and companies accept wagers from Dutch players.

💸 What is Dutch betting strategy?

Dutch betting strategy also known as Dutching. It’s a betting strategy when you backing more than one outcome in the same event. Mainly this strategy works on football and horse racing.

💸 What is best Dutch bookmakers for football betting?

Best Dutch bookmakers for football betting are Unibet and 1xbit.

💸 Is Betfair betting in the Netherlands legal?

✅ Yes, Betfair betting is legal in the Netherlands.

💸 Best betting sites Netherlands which accept crypto?

Best betting sites in the Netherlands which accept cryptocurrency is 1xbit and Cloudbet.

The best part is that things are about to change in the Netherlands online betting industry. The Dutch parliament recently announced that it would licence and regulate its betting policy to make online gambling legal. This proposed rule is still an ongoing process, but news has it that it would be completed in 2021.

Just a few betting sites Netherlands operate in this country. And punters who are 18 years and above are allowed to access best sports betting sites Netherlands and place wagers on their favourite sports and markets. With respect to online betting, the country is fairly progressive and has no space for underage gamblers. 

Dutch players age 18 and over have the freedom to access all forms of gambling in the country, including licensed and regulated offshore betting sites. All of the sites that provide betting services in the Netherlands offer a safe, fair and reliable gambling environment.

Winning Taxes in Sports Betting Netherlands

The Netherlands government doesn’t impose a tax on punters who place bets and win in sports betting Netherlands. It understands that before the players win, they must have lost some significant amounts of cash. Also, it does not consider online sports betting Netherlands activities as a profession. So instead of players, the betting operators are taxed.

 Fully licensed and regulated gambling platforms in the Netherlands pay 29 per cent tax on gross betting revenue from all forms of remote gaming. Under the current legislation, Netherlands authorities do not tax winnings from foreign betting sites.

It is legal for punters from the Netherlands to place bets online. Dutch betting sites players can sign up with local or offshore betting sites and start placing wagers. The Dutch government has not given out a single online gaming license, and it has spent a great deal of effort trying to block its citizens from placing bets on foreign websites. But as it is often the case, states that try this have always found it almost difficult to police the internet, and more than 400 online betting platforms still accept wagers from Dutch punters.

Favourite Sports to Bet on in Netherlands Betting Sites

The Netherlands is one of the biggest footballing nations in the world. Its national football team has had some nice moments in the FIFA World Cup. The orange shirts create a sea of enthusiasm as well as loud support wherever they go. 

Aside from the country’s participation in the FIFA World Cup, the domestic Eredivisie football league is well-followed, and it’s one of the greatest deals of sports betting in the country (read this – best sports betting strategy). The Dutch betting football punters place bets in Netherlands betting sites on not only the domestic leagues but also other top competitions in the world, including the Europa League, Champions League, English Premier League and Spanish football.

Field hockey is another popular sport that Dutch players place bets on. The national team for field hockey often performs exceptionally well, which is the main reason why the sports is not only popular among spectators but also punters. Horse racing is also popular in the Netherlands, and there’re several racecourses in the country, including Alkmaar, Wolvega, Wasenaar and Groningen. 

what is dutch betting sites football strategy

While there isn’t the horsey talent on the level of Germany, France, the UK and Ireland, there’s a high level of interest in trotting. Despite the low level of horsey talent in the country, many punters try their luck on the sport through betting. Tennis and golf are also popular, while motorsports, boxing, and cycling are given equal importance in terms of betting and viewership.

The betting websites Netherlands do not let down punters who want to try out something different. They offer lots of other sports and markets, including the likes of basketball, baseball, rugby, esports betting, cricket, greyhound racing, and WWE. Additionally, more niche markets like politics and entertainment are available for selection.

The Future of Online Betting Netherlands

In the online betting Netherlands industry, changes are expected over the next couple of years. Bookmakers in the Netherlands, as well as foreign betting platforms, are rubbing their hands at the prospect of gaining legal and increased exposure to a population that enjoys online gambling.

Operators are already pushing for top positions in the market. The upcoming tax force from the Dutch Remote Gambling Act, which is set to enter into force in 2021, will open up the betting market and will clamp down on punters who use unlicensed sites, with fines imposed for punters as well as operators who ignore the rules and guidelines.

dutch bookmakers netherlands online betting sites

Also, the country is likely to grant online gaming licenses to offshore betting sites, spelling the end for a state monopoly on gaming. However, there will be strict guidelines and rules that each company will have to follow in order to get a license.

Another thing that can happen in the near future is that the government can drop the rate of the tax from 29% to 20% on profits to increase competition from betting sites. Agreements between the government and operators will also be in place to prevent problem players from getting themselves into trouble. The plan for the agreement is to limit user playing time and also monitor gamblers who violet the limits. There will be a national register for punters that will help the government achieve this.

The Dutch House of Representatives has already approved the proposal. It is just waiting for the final approval by the Dutch Senate. The Netherlands is a historically socialist country, and there seem to be genuine concerns from the government to make sure that betting online Netherlands is undertaken in a regulated, controlled and non-detrimental manner.

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Dalius became interested in sports betting at the age of 16, although he could not place bets at that time (bets accepted from the age of 18). However, it was not forbidden to sell betting picks, which is what the author did actively on sports betting forums. Today, he has more than 18 years of experience in sports betting. In school, the auth ..
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